Krishna Chali London 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Radhe fakes a suicide

Krishna Chali London 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela getting the tea and tasting it to show everyone. Shuklain and Bela argue. Bela says you always blame me for everything, I m not like Krishna. Shukla scolds Bela and asks her to run away. Radhe thinks of Krishna’s words. Shuklain goes to see Radhe. He sees her coming and acts. She comes inside the room and shouts. She sees his cut wrist. They rush Radhe to hospital. Doctor asks them to stay outside. Krishna comes with her family. Shuklain scolds her for the drama. She says you are showing concern, why don’t you marry him. Lali tries to talk to Krishna. Shuklain says leave her, she is mean, let her sit if she wants. She goes to meet Radhe. Doctor says cut wasn’t deep, Radhe is fine, you can meet him if you want.

Shuklain cries for Radhe. Krishna comes there. Dubey see Radhe smiling in a strange way. Radhe sees Shuklain sleeping. He goes to meet someone. Veer comes to meet Dubey. He asks all okay, you had called me. Dubey says I wanted to talk to you, you said this guy isn’t Radhe. Veer says I m sure. Dubey says I feel the same, when I see him, I feel strange. Radhe gets money and smiles. He says I will force Krishna Sahay to become Krishna Shukla in 3 days. Veer says I will find some lie in his story, thanks. He hugs Dubey.

Radhe comes back to hospital and sleeps. Krishna is seen worried. Its morning, Dubey gives prasad to Krishna and asks her to leave things on Lord. Bua asks what’s happening. Krishna asks who has come. Veer asks Shyam to find out the truth of Radhe’s story, he is playing smartly. Shyam says I didn’t find anything wrong in this footage, you can check it once. He goes. Inspector comes to Veer. Dubey argues with inspector and asks him to not listen to Shukla. Sunaina argues with inspector and asks him to arrest Shukla. She asks Veer to stay away from Krishna. Krishna says inspector is just doing his work, there is nothing to worry. Dubey says I will come along. Veer asks Nayani to take care of mum, he will handle it. Gajanan says its too much, what if Radhe knows this. Shukla asks who will tell him.

Shuklain says its because of Krishna, what shall we see, Krishna’s tantrums or Radhe’s happiness. Bela says lawyer has come. Shukla asks Gajanan to come. Bela says I will change my side, now Radhe will be here. She offers help. Krishna says I got DNA test done. Inspector asks what came in the reports. Krishna says his DNA matched with Shukla family. He says why did you two get after this family, answer me, he is Radhe, he is mentally disturbed, you are responsible for this, he has cut his wrist because of you, your case is already famous. Shukla and Gajanan come with lawyer. Dubey says you are a creep Shukla. Shukla talks cheap. Veer hits him. He asks inspector to shut up, he can see the misbehavior with Krishna. Krishna scolds Gajanan, taunting the family. Radhe counts the money. He gets a call.

Lawyer says we want bail for our client. Radhe says no need of bail, I m taking my case back. Krishna says just Radhe can do this, he has a big heart. Radhe smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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