Krishna Chali London 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna shares her doubt with Radhe

Krishna Chali London 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadda saying Triloki has got non veg home. Shuklain gets shocked and scolds Triloki for troubling her. She asks what do you want. He asks can’t I live my way even when I got separated. Gajanan gets angry. She stops him and asks Radhe to switch on lights on Triloki’s side, at least someone can celebrate, there won’t be any Diwali lights, didn’t you hear me, go. Radhe switches on the lights. Gajanan says you should be ashamed Triloki. He goes. Bela’s mum says I won’t go until my daughter gets married, where is Shukla. Shuklain says I don’t know, spare me.

Bela’s mum says fix the marriage, else I will tell everyone about Shukla’s cheat, happy diwali. Shuklain cries. Radhe goes to her and puts her to sleep. He goes out to Krishna. He says I can’t

believe that you called me here. She says I want to say something, don’t you think Shuklain gets disturbed when Dadda is around. Dadda looks on. Krishna reasons her point. Dadda says if she stays here for long, she will bring my secrets out, its imp that she leaves this place. Radhe stays lost. Krishna asks am I saying a story. Radhe says no, not everyone is like you, its not a big issue. He explains his house’s traditions. He says there are many issues, mum has managed everything well, she is strong, don’t think much. She agrees to him. He stops her and gets some crackers. He wishes happy diwali. He says its our first diwali with you, we can light one cracker. Krishna nods.

He lights the cracker. They smile seeing the sky. TT goes to meet her lover. Radhe and Krishna think she is thief and follow her. TT acts to be sleepwalking. They get puzzled. TT says mum asked me to go and talk to Radhe. Krishna says she is sleepwalking, being in your love. Radhe says you know I can’t love anyone, I just love you. Krishna says we will take TT inside. She smiles hearing TT’s drama. Its morning, Shuklain cries and feels Shukla isn’t with her, and even children aren’t happy. Krishna comes to her. Shuklain says you have all the answers, why don’t you find a solution to my problem.

Krishna promises to make Shukla celebrate Diwali with her children. She prays to save the house from problems. Radhe talks to Matuk. asks what will we do now, i just had this way to get money. Triloki gets imported things. She says Triloki will have wine here, why is Lord testing me in this age. Gajanan asks why are we not celebrating Diwali. Dadda looks on and sings.

Bela’s mum argues with Shuklain. Radhe asks them to light the diya. He asks what do you say Krishna, you wanted to know, everyone’s wish will be fulfilled today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Never seen a story more bizarre, more meaningless, more unrealistic. Strange terrible pop-up new characters (Bare baba- Bade Shukla’s elder brother, new mother-daughter duo staking a claim on Radhe), strange happenings (Bade Shukla suddenly in shackles in Dubai – – – why did he go there?), strange behavior by everyone, and the hint of a revelation that Krishna is really Bade Baba’s son, all making us wonder as to what kind of weed are the writers smoking. And after all the umpteen episodes, we are all wondering if Krishna will ever go to London. Perhaps the title should have been Kaab Jaaegi Krishna London or Krishna London Jaaegi Ya Nahi.

  2. Nope the story is not bizzare or meaningless at all unless you are new to the show.. The only shocking element is bade papa, other entries were already mentioned and created.. Some people didn’t watch it from starting and now blaming it to be meaningless..!! It was already said that Krishna will go to London and radhey will take her.. That’s the tail line of this story..! Stop spread negative things about LCL just coz you don’t like it.. Go and watch nonsense shows like nagin and kumkum Bhagat and make them trps number one

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