Krishna Chali London 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Radhe regains memory

Krishna Chali London 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna asking Veer why did he get the police here, why didn’t he get the aid done, he is still injured. Veer says I m fine, I will prove that this guy is wrong. Krishna says its not the right time. He says this is the only chance to bring his truth out. Shukla and Gajanan come there. Gajanan says we have no respect to give you, just leave else I will beat you up. Inspector asks Gajanan to stop it. Shukla argues. Inspector says let us do our work peacefully. He asks constable to get him. Veer says this man belongs to Mohan’s gang, they had committed a robbery, this man will recognize Mohan and bring out the truth. Shukla says fine, go ahead. The man sees Radhe and says no, he isn’t our man. Veer is shocked.

Shukla says just see, I told you. Veer asks the man

to see Mohan well, why is he lying. Inspector says we have fulfilled the request we got, now we can’t help you. He takes the criminal with him. Gajanan asks Veer to leave right away. Radhe gets conscious. Shukla rushes to see Radhe. Veer asks Shyam to go. Radhe smiles and hugs Shuklain. He gets happy to see Krishna and goes to her. Krishna says you are hurt, go and rest. He takes everyone’s names. He asks how are you all here in London. He sees Veer and says even you are here, you had hit me with your car, you came here now. Veer says stop your drama, imposter…. Krishna says this isn’t London, but India. Radhe asks when did we come to India, my accident happened in London, Veer did it and fled, don’t know where did I open my eyes, it was a strange place, I was caged there for many years and then there was a bomb blast and I was again in the hospital. Shuklain hugs him and cries.

She says I will tell you, Krishna got your dead body from London. She tells how Veer came in Krishna’s life and they got married. Radhe gets shocked. She says you have come back, my prayers got answered. Radhe looks at himself in the mirror. Veer says this guy is fooling everyone, why can’t anyone see this, Krishna say something. Gajanan holds his collar. Radhe stops Gajanan’s anger and says I will talk to him. He says I remember everything now, whatever happened with me and what happened after I left, its been 5 years but your anger didn’t subside, forget it, let it go, you married my Krishna, how much revenge will you take on me, I just met my family and got my memory back, you aren’t agreeing. Veer shouts I won’t leave you and catches his neck. Gajanan beats Veer. Krishna stops them. Shuklain scolds Krishna.

Radhe says please take me home, stop all this. Veer says you are a born actor. Guards come and say nurse reported a fight happening here. They take Veer with them. Radhe says Krishna, I got my memory back, why aren’t you happy, won’t you say anything. Krishna says I need some time. She goes. Lali says Radhe got fine when we got him here to temple. Shukla hugs Radhe. Krishna sits thinking of Veer and Radhe’s words. She says I don’t understand what’s right and what’s wrong. She gets a call.

She answers and says thank God you called me Dr. Rao. She tells him everything. She says I don’t know, I m very confused. Dr. Rao says its strange that he recovered his memory, get him to me when you return home. She agrees and thanks him. Veer says you are also thinking how can this happen. He smiles and says I know, no intelligent person can believe this, never, I called that man to his village to expose him, then suddenly his memory came back, how is it possible. Krishna says you couldn’t prove that this guy isn’t Radhe, everyone denied that he is Mohan. He says I know, what does this prove. She says maybe he is Radhe.

Radhe says you aren’t happy. Krishna says tell me one thing, when I came back from London, I had Radhe’s dead body, then you came after 5 years, how would this happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    becuz he’s Radhe’s twin brother Radha 😐

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