Krishna Chali London 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer fails in his plan

Krishna Chali London 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna acting dizzy. Lali says we should have some food and then go to station. Gajanan agrees with her. Krishna says Veer don’t cheat me this time. She goes with them. They eat the food. Shukla pays the bill. Veer gets Kusum there. Kusum shouts Mohan Bhaiya and runs to Radhe. She hugs him. She thanks Veer for getting her to her brother. Shukla asks who is Mohan. Veer says this guy is an imposter, he is playing with everyone’s emotions, he is cheating everyone. Shukla says I felt you are upto something, I saw you in the temple, why are you after us, you always cross limits. Veer makes Shukla away and warns him. He says Krishna is my wife, she shouldn’t be a part of this. Shuklain asks Lali to see, she supports Krishna always, Krishna isn’t doing with Radhe, he

is with her lover. Krishna says stop it, you can’t tell me anything like this. Gajanan asks why did Veer come here. Veer says Krishna is my wife, she has nothing to do with this family, we are married.

Krishna says calm down now, Veer and Gajanan won’t argue now. She asks Kusum not to be scared, will she eat something. Kusum signs no. Krishna asks do you know him. Kusum says yes, he is my brother. Shukla asks what’s this. Krishna asks him to keep quiet, she is talking to the girl. She asks what’s his name. Kusum says Mohan. Radhe says no, I don’t know her, who is she. Veer holds his collar and says how much will you lie, your sister is waiting for you. Kusum says don’t beat my brother, leave him. Veer says I m not beating him. He asks Radhe to say truth. Shukla asks Gajanan to beat Veer. Veer says don’t you ever dare, if Krishna, Kusum and I are lying… The lady comes with villagers. She scolds Veer. A man records the video. Veer says sorry to get Kusum like this, I got her to Mohan. Krishna asks you kidnapped her? He says it doesn’t matter, this girl recognized Mohan. Shuklain scolds Krishna and him.

Veer says wait a min, you all would be knowing Mohan right, tell me, who is he, all the villagers can’t be wrong. Villager says we don’t know him, who is he. Shukla says we have come to this village, if this was Kanpur, we would have beaten him. Kusum says I came here by my wish, no one will beat Veer. The lady scolds her. Krishna says don’t scare the kids. Village sarpanch shouts enough, now no one shall speak, just I will speak, I know the truth, Kusum has lost her brother and got mentally unstable, this guy is not from our village. Everyone gets shocked. The men catch Veer. Krishna asks them to leave Veer.

Nayani asks where is Veer. The man says he is stuck here. She says nothing should happen to Veer. Sunaina asks where is Veer. The men beat up Veer. Krishna asks them to stop. She protects Veer. Veer looks at her. Radhe asks them to stop this. The lady asks Krishna to move. Veer says don’t dare to touch Krishna. Krishna looks at him. Radhe runs to save Krishna. He gets hit by a speeding car. Everyone gets shocked. He falls down unconscious. They take him to hospital. Radhe gets treated. Veer is injured. The man asks him to get aid done. Veer says we won’t go anywhere, I know well that the guy isn’t Radhe. The man says the guy met with a big accident. Veer says nothing will happen to him, I can guarantee this, this big is not so small as we thought, now I have my last card to show up, come. Doctor says Radhe is out of danger. Everyone happily cries. Krishna asks doctor about his state. Veer comes there with police.

Radhe asks what are you all doing here in London. He sees Veer and says even you are here, you have hit me by your car when I was waiting for Krishna, Veer had fled from there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    It was predictable that Veer plan will fail.. And they are going to drag drama too much and will show hush hush ending….😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 hope they show proper ending

  2. Hmmm..I think the elder brother of Shukla is behind all this..Either he took Radhe and did plastic surgery…Thats why there was a delay in clearing the body from customs when Krishna came back….Lol this conspiracy is great…

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