Krishna Chali London 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna and Radhe stay at Saajan’s house

Krishna Chali London 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla saying I have gone mad, I m making Radhe out. Radhe says I m your fav son. Shukla says you were, now you are just Krishna’s husband. Radhe says yes, what’s wrong, you got me married, why are you making me away. Shukla says you forgot the difference between dad and father in law, you become a puppet in front of them, you are are son, my blood runs in your veins, I can’t bear to see it falling down, I can’t stoop low, forgive me now and leave. He taunts Radhe. Shuklain asks Gajanan to explain Shukla. Gajanan says dad… Shukla stops him. Shuklain says forgive Radhe. Radhe begs Shukla.

Shukla says I will not change my decision now, do you remember, I had given you a right before your marriage, you got me a trophy bahu, though its useless, I gave you rights to do my final rites, you will still have that rights with you, do this, if you have any respect, do visit us on occasions and take blessings. Radhe says I want to live with you. Shukla says Gajanan, keep the shop shut today, a relation died in this house today. They all cry. Radhe and Krishna pick their stuff and pack bags. Shuklain cries and hugs Radhe. Krishna looks on and cries. She goes to get blessing. Shuklain says all this happening is wrong, you and your dad are responsible for this. Radhe meets everyone and cries. Shuklain shouts Radhe…. and cries. She opens arms for him. Radhe cries and goes with Krishna. Shukla says I m hungry, give me some food. Radhe and Krishna cry and walk away. She says we shall find any Dharamshala nearby. He sees Saajan and Guddan going on bike. He asks Krishna to come, Saajan is coming from that side.

Krishna follows Radhe. Saajan sees them and asks are you going on honeymoon or tirat that you are shying away. He asks again. Radhe says Shukla has ousted us from the house. Saajan asks what did you say. Radhe asks are you deaf, I have no place to stay, I m searching for a house. Saajan slaps him. Guddan stops him. Saajan says he thinks I m his enemy. Radhe asks what are you saying, I m hurt. Saajan says I was 6 years old when I came to this locality…. Radhe asks why do you say same story always. Saajan says come on, I m taking Krishna home, and you, if I see you close to my house, if you call me for help, I will beat you. He asks Krishna to come. Radhe says you are taking luggage and Krishna also, what will I do alone. He cries.

Radhe recalls Shukla’s words and cries. Krishna sees him. Shuklain asks what shall I do, shall I ignore everything. Triloki comes to have dinner. Bela appears happy and serves food. Shuklain stops them and scolds. She says its Radhe’s fav dish, feed this to cow. Krishna, Saajan and Guddan get sad seeing Radhe. Saajan says what is this, what did Radhe do that Shukla has ousted him, Radhe has never been alone till now, look at him. Krishna says whatever happened today was because of my dad, his anger and worry for me wasn’t wrong, Shukla reacted this way, Radhe is paying a price for it.

Prashant asks how is Krishna. Dubey says she refused to come. Prashant says I m going to meet her. Bua says Prashant went to your inlaws, stop him. Krishna calls Prashant. He reaches Radhe’s house and asks Krishna to come out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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