Krishna Chali London 1st April 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna and Veer get married

Krishna Chali London 1st April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gajanan asking Shukla to leave for his sake. Shukla fumes and scolds him a lot. He takes Triloki with him and leaves. Gajanan asks Veer to give Krishna all the love and happiness in her life. Krishna hugs Gajanand and cries. She says you are really nice. He says we will miss you a lot, don’t forget Lali and me. Lali hugs Krishna. Veer says you are a hero and hugs Gajanan. Gajanan says take care of yourself and Krishna. Veer and Krishna take wedding rounds. Everyone showers flowers. They get married. Everyone blesses them.

Krishna leaves her hand prints on the wall. She hits the kalash by her foot and enters the house. Dehleez pe….plays…. Nayani does their aarti and gets them in. Krishna steps in red colored alta and walks in. Veer smiles. They play the ring finding game. Veer smiles seeing her. He acts that something went in his eyes. She gets up. He gets the ring and smiles. She gets annoyed. He lifts her in arms and takes her. She smiles and winks to him. They come to room. Jiya mai na jiya….plays…. He removes her jewellery. They romance and get close.

Shukla comes to the hospital with Triloki and some men. He asks Triloki to check the boxes and keep them in Veer’s cabin. He says Veer thinks that the movie is over, hero and heroine have united and its a happy ending, but I m still alive, when the hospital is raided tomorrow, Veer will realize his worth, how dare he marries my bahu, I will teach him a lesson.

Its morning, Triloki collides with Ajit and asks for Lali’s reports. Ajit goes. He asks peon to keep the medicine cartons in pharmacy. Triloki clicks pics and sends. He smiles. Krishna smiles seeing Veer and thanks Lord for giving her so much happiness. She checks Veer’s wardrobe. A file falls. Radhe’s car accident pics fall down. Veer lifts Krishna and takes her. He asks why did you wake up so early. She says its morning already. They romance.

Dulaare comes to meet Krishna. Krishna serves him snacks. Veer comes and looks for Krishna. Veer goes to kitchen and hugs Krishna. She says anyone will come. He says we should be busy. She kisses him and says I have to go. He says I won’t let you go. Nayani says the puri is burnt. Veer and Krishna get away. Nayani says I didn’t see anything. Veer says I was just here to get my coffee. Krishna gets shy. Sunaina comes and hugs her. Veer says I told her that Dulaare is waiting, she stopped me here. Sunaina says naughty Veer. Krishna smiles. Shuklain and Bela are in market.

Bela angers her by nonsense talks. Shuklain asks her to come with her. They hear the women gossiping and taunting about Veer and Krishna’s marriage. A man faints down. The people run to help.

Police arrests Veer for distributing poisonous medicines. Krishna goes to police station.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I love this show

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nice episode… But too much lovely will bring negativity… I hope krishna keep her faith on veer… And radhey death should not be out so soon

  3. Show is extremely good after veer entry before I am not even interested to watch the veer added nice classy look to the show.

  4. Karan vohar is extremely talented actor in small screen after I started watching this show I am interested to watch his previous show as well zindaga ki mehak . I have watched show in zee5 app wow what a actor yara.

  5. I do not watch this show any more. I only read your comments. Veer is a killer and everyone is haling him as a hero. This is pathetic. The more I watch Hindu shows, the more appealing Tamil shows become.

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    sweetheart, Veer did not know he killed someone… his mother hid this from him, so that makes him legible… and I am sure once he finds out, he will live with that regret the remainder of his life… even if it means living without Krishna ?

    1. Sweetheart, Veer suppose to be a physician and any physician knowing that he hit someone with a car would be responsible and check on the patient. Is Veer one of those weak men that believes everything Mother says? Pathetic…

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