Krishna Chali London 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna breaks truth to Shukla

Krishna Chali London 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe dancing around Krishna on Kamariya…. Krishna cries. He stops her. Shuklain asks what’s Radhe doing, did he go mad. Radhe asks what happened, you are jealous seeing me dancing with other girls, why are you shedding crocodile tears now. Shukla stops Shuklain. Krishna says let me go. Radhe takes her for dance. Her file drops. She pushes Radhe down. Everyone gets shocked. He gets up. Bela says she has spoilt all the fun. Radhe asks what’s the problem. She shouts and raises hand. Shukla shouts to scold her. He asks have you forgotten your status, this is my pandal, not of your dad, enough of your drama, leave now, don’t interfere in my family matter. He asks them to resume music and dance.

He takes Krishna with him. Krishna says listen to me once, I wanted to tell about this reports. Shukla asks her to leave. She begs him to listen. Gajanan comes. She says Lali will die. Gajanan gets shocked. Krishna says Lali has cervical cancer, if she isn’t treated on time, she will just live for few months. Shukla and Gajanan get shocked. Gajanan asks what are you saying. Krishna says I m telling you what the doctor said. She checks reports and cries. He faints.

Shukla and Krishna ask him to get up, be strong. Gajanan gets up. He says how can this happen, Krishna help me, I beg of you. They cry. She says everything will get fine, forget everything, I have no relation with Radhe, but Lali is my elder sister, I will do whatever it takes. He says if you go London, I will be left alone to deal with this. Shukla asks why are you begging her, I m alive, I will get treatment done, I m not illiterate, but I know everything, I will have Lali treated. He calls minister’s PA. He asks Gajanan to be strong, Lali is like my daughter, I will do best. He asks Krishna to leave. Krishna says I expected same from you. She says I knew this.

She asks Gajanan to call her for help, and not say this to Lali. She goes. Shukla asks Gajanan to be strong. Radhe stops the auto and asks what’s the hurry. Krishna asks what do you want, did you go mad, go to pandal, I don’t want to talk. He asks why are you coming here, I can see everything. She says you don’t see anything around, do you know about Lali, forget it, you won’t understand anything. He calls driver and asks him to leave. Gajanan comes to Lali and cries. She asks is everything fine. He hugs her and says everything will be fine.

Krishna hugs Dubey and asks will everything get fine. Dubey says don’t worry, Lord will make everything fine. She says I know, how will I go London by leaving Lali alone, what if she needs me, I can stay here and get my medical degree, I will complete my education too, just think about it, maybe while staying here, my relation with Radhe reforms. He gets angry and says I have a better idea, why do you have to be a doctor, I m a petty doctor, you follow my footsteps, we will go to villagers and treat everyone. She says just think with a calm mind, I will stay with you and Lali, and Radhe… He shouts enough, you do anything you want, this was not your dream, your dram was to go to London, now its my dream, you have to decide, which one is more imp, Radhe and his mean family, or your dad. She cries.

Radhe says this time, I will set everything fine, she won’t be able to go London without me. Saajan asks would you sign the divorce papers. Dubey says promise me, you will sign divorce papers. Krishna nods.

Update Credit to: Amena

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