Krishna Chali London 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe gets electrocuted

Krishna Chali London 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe seeing some men and asking the matter. The men show the sparks in the wires. They ask the electrician to take 10000rs and just repair the wires. Radhe says I will climb up if you pay me 10000rs, I m in love and I want to risk life for her. He sees the current wires. The man agrees and asks Radhe to think once again. Radhe says just keep 10000rs ready, I will come. He calls Saajan and says if anything happens to me, don’t take tension, tell Krishna that I died in her love. Saajan asks what are you saying. He runs from the theatre. Radhe climbs the pole and slips. He tries again. He goes to hold the open wire. The people ask him to be careful. Radhe does the work. Everyone claps. Radhe smiles. He raises hand and gets electrocuted by another wire. Everyone gets shocked.

Radhe falls down. The men say call the ambulance, he is alive. Saajan comes there and holds him. He shouts Radhe. He asks what happened to him.

The man says he climbed the pole for 10000rs and got electrocuted. Krishna washes her clothes. Lali comes to her. Krishna says I m trying to understand, why is everyone adamant here, can I change my clothes now or not. Radhe’s mum drags Krishna’s bag and comes there. Krishna stops her. Radhe’s mum says I will do what I want. She throws Krishna’s clothes and awards in the water. Lali asks Krishna to apologize to mummy ji, she is very angry. Radhe’s mum throws Krishna’s family pic and chunri. Krishna cries and recalls the moment when Dubey made her wear her mum’s chunri and asked her to preserve it. She promises him. Radhe’s mum says you didn’t listen to me, you haven’t spilled on Chobey’s wife, but on our respect.

She scolds Krishna. She says I will throw more things if you want to play holi again. She goes. Bela jokes on Krishna and laughs. Krishna cries. Saajan asks Radhe to wake up. He makes Radhe smell the socks. Radhe says Krishna ji…. Saajan says Krishna has run away. Radhe gets conscious and asks did Krishna run again. Saajan says yes. Radhe asks which way did she run. Saajan scolds him for climbing the pole. Radhe says the man told me he will pay me 10000rs. Saajan says no one will shed ten tears for you if you die. He beats Radhe with shoes and shouts on him. Radhe says its my wedding night and I have to buy gift for Krishna, so I climbed the pole for money, what’s my mistake, sorry. Saajan cries and gets angry. He hugs Radhe. Saajan’s wife looks on and cries.

Radhe says get money from this man, I have to buy necklace for Krishna. Saajan asks the man to pay money fast. The man says I m giving. Radhe smiles. Krishna cries and picks her mum’s chunri from the water tank. She gets her family photo and awards. She takes the things with her and goes crying.

Matuk says all the arrangements are done for Radhe’s wedding night. Krishna looks on. Radhe gets a betel for Krishna. She screams. He screams along with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dishani01

    tnx amena di ????????

  2. I have not seen a more annoying character than this Radhey, god he is so irritating. The way he talks and the idiotic way in which he behaves. Honestly if Krishna is inane enough to be with him then she deserves a moron like him. Seriously he has only one dream in his life and that is to get married, in this day and age. Do you really get families like his – I have never seen one and honestly I would be surprised if they exist in modern India even in the smaller cities what with the exposure from cable TV and the internet, I doubt you would find such a family. This is the worst serial ever and I am definitely not watching it again. By the way give some backbone to Radhey and doesn’t he have a job or has he since failing ninth standard just sat at home and dream’t of getting married. Even girls have more ambition than this idiot!

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