Krishna Chali London 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer gets punished

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Krishna Chali London 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua saying what shall I tell Krishna now, whatever happened… Dubey says I will talk to her. Krishna thinks of Veer and cries. Dubey knocks the door and asks her to talk to Veer once, he has done a lot for her. She opens the door. She says I won’t talk to him ever. Sunaina gets bail papers for Veer. Inspector says its no use, Veer accepted the crime and refused for bail. Sunaina cries. He says Veer will be presented in the court tomorrow. She says don’t be mad Veer. Inspector says he said he will just meet his wife. She says I m his mum. Inspector asks what can I say in this. She asks Veer don’t part ways with me, think about me. He turns away. She cries and goes. Everyone comes in the court. Veer asks lawyer why didn’t Krishna come. Judge asks him to come in the witness box. Veer says Radhe died because of me, Krishna’s life got ruined. Krishna comes with her family. Veer asks can I talk to Krishna once.

Shukla takes permission and comes in the witness box. He says Veer killed Radhe by hitting him by his car, he left him behind and fled, he should be in jail all his life. Lawyer says this appeal can’t be done without proceeding. Veer says he is saying right. Krishna comes in the witness box. He says Radhe was my everything. Lawyer asks about Veer. She says Veer killed Radhe, and then he left him on the streets to die, Radhe died because of Veer, despite knowing all this, he got married to me, but I can’t blame him for all this, even I made a mistake, I was so foolish that I believed his love drama. Veer says I didn’t do any drama, I love you Krishna. Veer’s lawyer says Shukla got you arrested.

Krishna says matter is about Veer, if you wish to judge Shukla, it will be other case, its my problem if I want to file case on him or not, the matter is Radhe died because of Veer, when the truth got revealed, he tried to leave the country, he can’t be forgiven for this. Judge asks Veer does he have to say anything. Veer says it was an accident, it doesn’t matter now as Radhe died by that accident, I m guilty, but I didn’t cheat anyone, I love Krishna a lot, I love her more than anything in this world. He asks Krishna to believe him, he didn’t cheat her, it was just an accident. Krishna goes and sits. Judge says court agrees that Radhe died by Veer’s car, and Veer tried to flee, so court declares ten years life imprisonment to Veer. Veer is handcuffed and taken. Nayani cries and takes him. He says I have failed, take care of mom. Kitni baatein…plays… Veer tries to go to Krishna. She looks on. He is taken in the van. She leaves. Shukla is at home. He gets a call. He says get a new list of medical suppliers, I m going to join hospital and recover the losses. Shuklain comes. Shukla says you are going for a noble cause, smile and come. They leave.

Shukla and Shuklain come to Krishna’s house. Dubey says you here… Shukla says I brought my wife here, a lot has happened in last one year, I know this, everything had my hidden rage, I felt I had lost my Rdhe on because of Krishna, so I kept troubling her, the culprit got punished, we got relieved. Shuklain says Shukla got this for Krishna. Shukla says I used my influence and make arrangements for Krishna’s education, I will handle all the matters. Krishna says I understand but I won’t go to London. Shuklain says I know you lost everything there, don’t go for us and yourself, complete your studies for Radhe’s sake, become a big doctor. Bua says we didn’t imagine that Shukla could do this. Krishna says no, I can’t complete studies by Shukla’s funding, don’t misunderstand me, I can’t bear it now, I will do what I wish, I wanted to become a doctor, but my dad got me married, then everything happened according to you, I got Radhe’s support and that didn’t last long, I tried to start life afresh and then Veer… I don’t want to keep relations with anyone, I don’t need your help, I want to get away from everyone, I will name the hospital to you again, you keep the hospital, please let me live my life.

Krishna sees a baraat procession. Ambulance stops. She breaks a bottle and gets in groom’s car. She asks driver to take car ahead. She clears the way and scolds the groom’s dad. She signs ambulance to get ahead.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Without Veer ..there is no point in watching KCL

    1. Exactly Veer’s charracter is adorable. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Sooooo boring

  3. I still can’t understand how Krishna changes her love at every now and then. Here she says Radhey is her everything. How could she forget the moments she had with Veer. She was refusing to see the innocence n him. Another thing I knew their relation won’t go further. But I was expecting they should have a child. If not theres no point in showing the how far their relation has gone indifferent for Radhey

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Painful episode…

    1. We hardly saw Veer & Krishna together Hardly spent much time with each other Now they are separated I liked their pairing How on earth can a dead man Radhe come back to life How stupid !!!!!

  5. Savithri V Ramani

    Boaring. Changing the mind and veer has become very much adorable and his ma did everything. I also thought that Krishna will have a baby.let us see

  6. 10 yrs imprisonment is too much…both will grow soo old by that time…

  7. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Leap is 5 years and Radhe will come back from the dead ? —> ?

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