Krishna Chali London 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna requests Veer

Krishna Chali London 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying Veer got deported from London because of me, I gave statement against him, his father…. Shukla says you have to listen to me, only then you can stay here, why did you protest there when I have sent you to study, you go and convince that doctor, else you can’t stay here. Krishna worries. Batra says come with me in my car, we will go and meet Krishna. Dubey agrees. Batra says I will not leave any option for Veer to return to London. Sunaina asks Veer not to think about Shukla. Krishna comes to meet Veer. Sunaina asks Veer to wait. She goes to scold Krishna and asks her what do you want from my son. Krishna asks her to listen. Sunaina says you got him deported from London, shall we leave Kanpur also, you want to melt our heart by coming here as a beggar. Krishna says I got affected by your curse. Sunaina says you and your husband Radhe, if you come near me, I will kill you both. Krishna says Radhe is dead. Sunaina and Veer get shocked.

Sunaina asks what. Krishna says Radhe is no more. Sunaina cries and says Krishna… Krishna says I didn’t mean to do this with Veer, you said right, I got a mum’s curse, I lost my Radhe. Sunaina cries and hugs her. Krishna says I know this doesn’t concern you, our family has seen sorrowful times, everyone is shattered, this hospital is their last hope, help me, please join this hospital. Veer says I m sorry to hear about Radhe’s death, you sow as you reap, you are no less, you are like Shukla, you like to ruin people’s lives, you are here to beg me. Krishna says I regret doing it, this hospital is imp for my family. He says I m a bad person, I m heartless, I help none. He goes. Sunaina says I promise I will try to convince him, go home. Krishna leaves. Sunaina says wrong has happened with Krishna, I didn’t wish this to happen.

Dubey meets Krishna on the way and says I had called you home, your professor has come to meet you. She sees Dr. Batra. Sunaina tries to convince Veer to help Krishna. Dr. Batra asks how are you Krishna. She says fine. He says the students are signing petition to call Veer back, I want you to sign these papers and oppose Veer, if London medical association calls him back, you will fight against Veer, please sign this. She refuses to sign. She says I didn’t wish to get him deported, he is ousted from London, its a wrong decision, I don’t agree with this, sorry. She returns the file. Veer comes there and looks on. Dubey asks Krishna should continue her studies, right? Krishna stops Dubey and goes. Batra turns and sees Veer.

Veer says I don’t believe in this, my mum says this if a cat crosses path… Batra says its not good, its not a good news for you, I won’t let you return to London. Veer asks really, a cat’s cry doesn’t affect anyone. Batra says it did, your student Krishna has signed this document, many students signed petition to bring you back to London, this document won’t let you return, Krishna will continue her fight against you. He smiles. Veer gets shocked. Batra asks him to work hard in Kanpur. He goes. Veer says I was thinking I could help Krishna, she doesn’t deserve this, I will destroy Krishna. Shukla asks Krishna did she convince Veer. Bela says he won’t come to hospital. She does a drama and blames Krishna. She throws the bag out. Veer comes there and catches the bag.

Veer accepts the offer and says I have a condition, Krishna has to work with me. He says I will ruin Krishna’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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