Krishna Chali London 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Radhe gets sick

Krishna Chali London 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying Veer wants to meet me, there is nothing else. Bua says maybe you are venting anger on Veer, just think if he is saying rightm Veer also wants to prove that this guy is not Radhe, if its true, Veer has to go back to jail. Bua says I don’t care. The man tells Veer that everything is ready now, if that guy is related to this place, he would be scared that anyone would identify him. Veer says yes, if he refuses to come, it will be confirmed that he is going a drama. Bela says nothing will be proved. Albela comes to her with a bag and jokes, making her angry. Everyone gets ready to go. Shuklain asks Lali did she explain everything to Bela about handling the house. Bela says I m the maid of this house.

Shuklain goes to Radhe and finds him lying on the

floor. She shouts to everyone. He says I m felling like nausea and stomach ache. Krishna asks what did you eat. He says I had this tea, Bela had made it. They see Bela. Krishna smells the tea and says it has bad smell. Bela says I have made tea well. Albela says mum was crying that everyone is going, now none will go. Krishna says its case of food poisoning, call the doctor. Shukla threatens Bela. She says I didn’t do anything and goes. Nayani calls Veer and tells him everything happening at Shukla house. Veer says what, it means that guy did some drama. The man says we have to get that guy out some way. Veer says yes, we will go in puja and then find out.

Doctor checks Radhe and says he had food poisoning, you have to take care of him. He goes. Radhe says your mannat was fulfilled because of me. Shuklain says I know Mata Rani is upset with me, you didn’t fall ill deliberately. Krishna asks her to go and take rest. Shuklain says I don’t trust anyone.

Shuklain goes out to Krishna and says I m feeling restless, I couldn’t take Radhe for puja, when will he get fine, its imp to take him to puja. Krishna says I will tell you tomorrow. Its morning, Krishna gets the tickets and says Radhe is fine now, you should go to temple and pray. Everyone smiles. Shuklain hugs Krishna. Nayani calls Veer and says everyone is going to Indore. Veer asks what, it will be easy to prove Radhe’s lie. He waits for everyone in the temple. The man says maybe that guy informed the people here. Veer looks around. Shukla family comes there. Krishna sees Veer and says what is he doing here. Shukla and Krishna see Veer and go after him.

Veer says I request you to stop Shukla family here, I will expose him. He gets Kusum there. Kusum says Mohan bhaiya and hugs Radhe. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally plsss Krishna belongs to veer she is married to him after widow ppl take series very lightly on marriage part divorce marry again widow marriage dead comes back again change husband holly Molly what’s happening to the world

  2. Krishna hardly remember she got married to veer and she said she forgot suhaaq raath even. Lol. I thought after 5 years at leap was taken to show a kid but nothing

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show has turned toooo slow…
    And this show is proving that criminals are so smart that they can fool doctors as well….

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