Krishna Chali London 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer rejects the minister’s offer

Krishna Chali London 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer getting troubled thinking of Krishna’s words. Krishna thinks of Radhe’s words and cries. Shukla asks Triloki to manage Radhe’s Tervi well. He says I can’t manage all this, you have to see everything. They cry. Lali comes to Shukla and says I beg of you, grant my wish, accept Krishna in family, else she will die out there, she is remaining outside the house day and night, its been 8 days now, she isn’t eating anything, she is Radhe’s wife, Radhe must be in pain seeing this, the girl he has loved so much, she is in this state. Shukla agrees. He asks Lali to call Krishna inside. Lali gets glad. Shukla says remember one thing, nobody will accept her.

Lali goes to Krishna and wipes her tears. She takes Krishna inside the house. Krishna sees Radhe’s pic and cries. Veer checks for the accident case. Sunaina asks what are you checking. Veer says a man got hit by my car, I had to treat him being a doctor, what if something happened to him. She says put that blame on my head, what do you want then. He says I want to know if that man is fine and alive, then I will feel better. Krishna lives in the house and stays sad. Minister comes to talk to Shukla. He says I m talking about the hospital. Shukla says it has become a burden, Radhe has died at an early age, I don’t want to make any profit, I m worried. Minister says right, but you have a family, you are a father and successful businessman too, you will be ruined while paying 20 crores, Krishna should go back to London and complete her studies.

Krishna says no, I can’t go back to London, the city has snatched my Radhe from me, I have stepped in college with Radhe, this was just my dream, not of Radhe’s dream, Radhe did a lot to fulfill my dream, I lost my husband. She refuses. Minister says fine, if Krishna can’t join the hospital. I will ask someone I know, the doctor is from London, he is a big surgeon. He goes to meet Veer. Sunaina asks him to come in. She calls Veer. Veer meets the minister. Minister says foreigners didn’t do good with you, I m starting a new hospital, if you agree, you can run it as the owner, you have been in London since years, you can earn well here. Veer asks who is he.

Sunaina says he is senior politician. Minister says Sunaina came to us with request, I want you to build our hospital and then I will try to send you back to London. Veer asks hospital name. Minister says Radhe Krishna hospital. Veer gets shocked. Veer refuses to the offer. He says I have spoken in embassy, I may go back to London, thanks for considering me. Minister says fine, keep my visiting card, you can contact me if you want. He goes. Veer goes to embassy to speak to James. He gets shocked seeing the same officer. The man says I was telling James that whatever happened with you was tragic, this happened because of your attitude and arrogant, I had to come here to ruin you completely. Veer gets angry.

Shuklain asks Krishna to get lost. Veer comes to Shukla house. Krishna gets shocked seeing him. Veer asks Krishna where is Radhe. Krishna cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Last week when i seen trp, i was telling kcl should have more trp
    A decent and sweet show
    But what makers did a crap!
    They should have ended
    I am not a regular viewer of show after bepannah
    Today in youtube i noticed kcl promo and read written update
    They replaced a lead actor with cameo role
    How funny????

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    sry about Radhey ? but the dr. is really hott ?

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