Krishna Chali London 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer declares his love

Krishna Chali London 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivani informing the hotel manager that none should be present at the hotel, she is coming with her would be husband. She books a suite for her. She says lets see Veer, I will go London alone or with you. Veer and Shivani meet for dinner. She says I have an early morning flight. He says you didn’t tell me you are going, sorry for the morning incident. She says I m not ready, you thought I told aunty, come on, you don’t want me right, I m still in love with you, but you moved on, I respect this, I knew you will be upset over this, smile at least now, Krishna is a nice girl, I thought you are mine and got jealous of her, I explained aunty that Krishna is nice. She asks him to drink. He smiles and drinks. She throws her drink and gives him another one.


asks did you see Pyaare’s shop. Krishna says yes, I will go there from tomorrow, I m going to sleep. She goes. Bua says she just had half a roti. Veer says Krishna doesn’t understand, I m trying to explain that I did a mistake, I apologized too. Shivani asks him to come. He fails to get up. She says I don’t think you can drive. He says I don’t want to go home, mum will ask me to get married. Shivani says fine, we will stay in hotel rooms and leave in morning, done. He says done, you are really nice. She goes to manager and pays him money. He gives the room key. She does the makeup and says get ready Veer, you will forget Krishna forever, you are going to get lucky tonight. She goes back and doesn’t see Veer. She asks waiter where did Veer go. He says he left. She says where are you Veer….

Guard asks Veer not to drive in drunk state. Veer says I know, but its about my life and death. He drives off and hits some poles. Krishna thinks of Veer. She hears the car horn and goes out to see. She sees Veer inside the car in drunk state. He goes to her. She asks Veer is he fine, is he hurt. He says I m hurt. She asks did you drink and drive, see the condition of your car, did you go mad. He says you are on point now, I m out of my mind, I m hurt, you know what, I m really worried for you. Dubey, Bua and neighbors look on. Veer says I don’t want you to get hurt. He says has anyone told you how beautiful you look, has anyone told you that your eyes are so beautiful, that you are the best…. She pushes him and says this is my house, people live here, my dad and Bua have respect here, you should leave. Veer holds her and says we need to talk, no one’s respect will be tarnished with this, its something respectable. Dubey asks Krishna to come.

She stops Dubey. She asks Veer what is so imp. He says my mum wants me to marry Shivani, I don’t want to do this marriage, you know why, your dad and Bua are here, I want to tell my feelings to you in front of them, so that they don’t feel that I did something wrong, my mum feels I have fallen in love with you, do you know what the truth is, she is my mum and knows everything about me, what my mum feels is the truth. He goes on his knees and opens arms, saying I love you Krishna. Everyone gets shocked. Veer says I love you…. Krishna slaps him and cries. Veer says thanks Krishna, this is what I was afraid of, that you might reject me, I know that you love me, you are in love with me. Dubey asks him to just leave. Krishna says I want to end my discussion with him, you all go inside. Dubey asks how can we go.

She asks Veer to take her answer. She says you are just consoling yourself, I have no feelings for you. He smiles and says you are cheating your heart, I did this and now I m here with my truth, we love each other a lot. She says I don’t know why you are doing this, I don’t care. He says you care about anything that hurts me, that alters my emotions, you get angry when I don’t answer my call, we are made for each other, this is the truth. She says its not necessary that you always say the truth, I m better than you, you are immature in understanding emotions, I m telling for the last time, leave from here, I won’t meet you again.

Krishna says I m a wedding planner and decorator now. Veer says you don’t care if my mum gets me married to Shivani. Krishna says no, I don’t care. He says fine, you will organize my wedding. He says congrats Shivani, we are getting married. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This episode was amazing but left me with mixed feelings. Thank God awful Shivani did not get her hooks into Veer. I loved Veer’s confession to Krishna that he loves her – of course in typical Veer -Krishna fashion when one proposes something the other always reacts in the opposite way but there is still hope that KrishVeer will get together. After all Krishna the wedding planner is going to arrange Veer’s wedding. [Unbelievable, but so typical of these two!!!] The chemistry between the two of them is so amazing, reminds me of Pride and Prejudice. For the first time in a long time I am so looking forward to Monday’s episode.

    1. Chemistry? Wich chemistry? This is one of the coldest on screen couples that Ive seen 🥶 Wonder if we watch the same show. Oh got it youre probably one of this karan vohra fans who are busy nowadays on social media and tries hardly to convince people about his 0 chemistry with Megha I mean even this girl Shivani suits better with him.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nice Veer realised his feelings soon, hope krishna realise it too…. And in start, i thought that Shivani is nice, but she is cunning tooo much

  3. What happened to Radhe?

    1. Priyankashaurya

      Radhe died in London car accident… Which was by mistake hit by veer

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    That Shivani seems to be very haraam, hoping for a one night stand 😡 characterless girl smh

    an intoxicated Veer is still appealing… I think the pre wedding stage would be very interesting… 👍

  5. Yeah what happen to Radhe???

  6. I wish Veer f**ks the shit out of Krishna and leaves the town. And he should cumm in her face.

  7. Oh my God. What will happen when Krishna and the Shuklas will know that it is Veer that killed Radhe?

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