Krishna Chali London 14th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer learns about Mohan

Krishna Chali London 14th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna asking Radhe did he come here before. He asks about the flower plant. Bua says there was such red flower plant. Shuklain says I also remember it, we got baraat here, Radhe got his stomach upset at the time of marriage. Gajanan says he had many samosas. Shuklain says everyone was singing and dancing, Krishna had run away at that time. Radhe asks Krishna not to go anywhere. Krishna looks at him. Veer looks for someone. He sees the girl Kusum and goes after her. He sees her aunt away. He gives chocolates to Kusum and apologizes. He hides from the lady. Kusum smiles and says you are scared of aunt, right. He says yes, a lot, please tell me about Mohan. She says even Mohan was scared, he went somewhere two years ago and didn’t return, one day he disappeared and then my mum passed away, what shall I do now, can you find Mohan, tell him to come and take me along, aunt scolds a lot. Veer says I will come to meet you. He goes.

Krishna talks to Dr. Rao and says I took Radhe everywhere but no use. He says its fine, we have to keep patience, keep me updated. Radhe looks at her. Veer calls Nayani and tells everything. He says something is wrong, Mohan is missing since two years, I m going to find about him, someone would have filed missing complaint. He calls Krishna and says I need to talk. She says tell me fast, I m busy. He asks are you fine. She asks did you had to ask just this. She ends call.

Veer comes to police station to ask about Mohan. Inspector says I don’t know anything, its old case. Veer says you are right, you won’t know anything, if the minister calls you, tell the same to him. Inspector asks about Mohan’s full name to find case details. Constable gives the old case files and asks Veer to find it himself. Shukla asks the servant to clean the bike. Veer checks the files and says how can I find it here, I don’t know much.

Krishna and everyone come back home. Krishna sees Radhe’s bike. Veer says I didn’t get the address. Inspector says I can’t find the case file if you don’t know the full name, go and tell minister that I have helped you. Veer picks the papers. He gets desperate and checks papers again. He gets shocked seeing Mohan’s pic in the newspaper. Mohan was arrested for a robbery case. Shukla pours water on the bike. Radhe looks on and shouts no, don’t burn my bike. Gajanan stops him. Shukla says I was washing it, not burning it. Krishna looks on. Radhe looks on. Veer says Mr. Mohan, game over. Doctor checks Radhe and says he is fine, his BP is normal.

Shuklain argues. Krishna asks Shukla to let the doctor talk first. Doctor says Radhe fainted by stress, his memory was triggered. Shukla says I didn’t understand. Radhe says mummy….. Shuklain says Radhe, how are you feeling now, I will get your fav food. Everyone smiles. Krishna takes care of Radhe. He asks are you not going, I m scared of your leaving. He rests in her lap. She gets Veer’s call. She disconnects. Veer calls again. She gets his message. He asks her to come and meet, else he will come inside the house to meet her.

Veer shows the papers to Krishna and says you wanted evidences, here it is. Radhe slaps Veer. He shouts Krishna is mine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG This story line is just proving how gullable people can be..Blind Faith and all..usually if you dont have a body then the person can be brought back by some twist of faith..But here they actually cremated the person and still believes he is alive..Lol..SMH??

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