Krishna Chali London 14th June 2019 Written *Last* Episode Update: Krishna and Veer reunite

Krishna Chali London 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunaina praying and feeling sorry for her mistakes. Shuklain comes. Sunaina apologizes to her. Shuklain says we had to get punished, Shukla didn’t help your husband, person has to pay for bad deeds. Sunaina says no, you are really great, I just taught Veer to walk on right path, I told him not to cheat anyone, even then I have done this, forgive me. Shuklain says forget it, we will make a new start and try to keep both families together. Sunaina nods and hugs her. They pray.

After a week, Lali consoles Gajanan. He says Mohan got a hope for us that he is Radhe, we fell weak. She says I understand, the entire family had that hope. He says I regret that I couldn’t identify Mohan, Krishna told me not to believe him, I didn’t listen to her, she was saying the truth. She says Krishna was always right, when Pinky completes studies and comes back, I want her to become smart and sensible like Krishna. He says yes, we will make her like Krishna, but I m scared, how will I see pain in my parents’ eyes. Lali says you are eldest son and I m eldest bahu, we have to keep our responsibilities and manage everyone, tying them in one string. He asks will you support me. She says yes, sure. They hug. Triloki and Bela dance. She praises herself. He gets tired and sits. She gets annoyed. He praises her. He feels bad for always supporting wrong, against the family and Krishna. She says I also did wrong with Krishna, she is so lovely, she has forgiven me and became my friend. She cries. He says all is well that ends well. He cheers her up. She hugs and says I love you. He says I love you too. Veer says Krishna, see I got a letter. She says don’t say its from London. He says yes, its from royal hospital, we both can work there.

She says everything is sorted, but don’t know why I don’t feel happy, I have you, our life, I m feeling bad for Shukla and Shuklain, Mohan was a fraud, but I wanted Radhe to come back for them. She says Shukla always called him by improper names, I wish they always had this happiness, someone else could give this happiness to them. Veer says okay, they will get their happiness back. He tears the letter.

He says we both will give them the happiness by becoming their son and bahu, Veer Sahay, Civil lines Kanpur, we will never leave them promise. She smiles and hugs him. She says I feel jealous of myself that I got you, really sorry, I have troubled you a lot, I got to know today that it was all the fault of situation, not yours, it was just an accident, can you forgive me. He says on one condition, your anger quota ended forever, there is nothing to forgive, only to forget. She smiles.

Shuklain says you both did a big thing, you saved us and all patients. Shukla says yes, I m ashamed that I fought with them, but they saved my life. Minister agrees. He says its better to let them live as they want, don’t do anything wrong. Shukla says yes, I won’t do anything wrong now, people should believe in science, dead man can’t come alive, person should find happiness in people around. Minister says home minister freed Veer from Radhe’s death case, Veer has bravely saved many lives, he did a great thing. Shukla says we will get them married again and not inform Dubey, I will do Kanyadaan. Everyone smiles. Minister takes a leave. Shuklain says I know my Radhe can never come back, but seeing you two, I feel I have four children even now. They all smile. Triloki says we will take a selfie. He takes a selfie with them. They all smile.

The show ends on a happy note.

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  1. Aafiya

    It was a great show.. Will definitely miss this show..

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Happy ending…?????
    2. I never watched show since start so I shall not say what was show in starting but I was following since Veer came India and Krishna was his assistant which was start for me, so it was nice until leap…??
    3. Bela comedy was soo cute for taking shopping money…??????
    4. Show had so many unanswered things like Mohan’s sister didn’t show up again, Shivani was in contact with Veer’s Mom which only naiyani knew, pinki and bela son, hospital, Ajit, veer doctor licence, Naiyni was pregant before leap and no baby was shown after leap, Dubey ji and Bua ji out of secene etc… ?????
    5. Though many things are not clear, but one thing is that I am happy?? that show ended as show motive ended, otherwise shows keep on dragging with same story with different faces…

    1. krishnaveer fan

      it was my most fav show…for me veer prposing krishna n krishveer moments were just awesome…I also followed show since veer was introduced. N 1 of my fav show ended so m sad bt ys they could do fr another 100 episodes as it had only 282 episodes……bt all is well that ends well?….will always rememberr krishveer moments which were very special….
      1. bt shraddha few episodes befor ending it was said that veer’s licence was given back to him so he could do the surgery of shukla..
      2. n ajit was in life cafe hospital of krishna who was doing job over there….

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Buh-bye doctor ?

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