Krishna Chali London 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna confronts Prashant

Krishna Chali London 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting to see Prashant. Shukla asks who is he, who spoiled my game, I want all his details, I have given you many gifts and also met the minister, how did this happen, find out and inform me. Saajan asks who is he, you got beaten up and did so much, this guy took all the credit. Radhe says maybe he is Krishna’s relative, why didn’t she tell me. He smiles seeing Krishna. She passes by and goes to Prashant. She says you have come here suddenly. Prashant says I had to come here. She thanks him. She says I didn’t come when you had hope, when you had no hope today, I have come. She cries and hugs, thanking him. Radhe gets shocked. Prashant wipes her tears and asks her not to say thanks. Saajan asks what’s going on here Radhe. Radhe says I m also confused. Bua says you have come here on right time, I was finding a good person to help Dubey, you are a great person and Krishna’s good friend, you did a big thing when it was not your responsibility.

Prashant says you have forgotten me, but I haven’t forgotten you. Radhe says he isn’t relative. Saajan asks is this a joke. Dubey thanks Prashant. Prashant asks Dubey not to think much and hugs. Saajan says go and speak to him, thank him and ask him to leave. Radhe asks Krishna to give him money and… Dubey says Krishna, I m tired, lets go home. Krishna takes Dubey. She stumbles. Radhe and Prashant hold her hand. Prashant takes Dubey. Krishna asks Radhe and Saajan to come.

Doctor checks Dubey. Krishna thanks him. Doctor says you should thank Prashant, he forced me to come here and treat your dad. Krishna says if I thank you, you will get angry on me, I really want to thank you. Prashant says I really want to get angry. He asks Sonal to make Dubey’s fav poha. Saajan says he knows it well, was he a cook here. Prashant asks Krishna to get haldi milk for Dubey. Krishna says I will head to the kitchen and come.

Prashant asks Pyaare to get a mattress for Dubey, its booked on his name, he needs rest now. Radhe asks Pyaare to take money. Prashant says I have made the payment, he just needs to bring it. Doctor asks Dubey to take rest. Radhe sys I will give medicines to Dubey. Bua says your family has done enough for our family, not anymore. Krishna comes. Bua says Krishna and I will look after Dubey. Krishna says give milk to dad, the second glass is for Radhe, he is hurt. She asks Radhe to have the milk, even if he doesn’t like it. Saajan asks Radhe to have it, your wife is insisting. Prashant looks on. Krishna says if you deny, I will feed it. She makes Radhe drink it. Saajan says its fine now, Radhe must be at ease now. Krishna says wipe your face. Prashant asks her to know about medicines. Radhe says this is Krishna’s room, how can he walk in. Saajan says I will beat him now. Radhe says wait, I m also angry, stay calm. Sonal gets poha and tea for everyone. Bua asks where is Prashant. Krishna says he went to my room, I will give him tea. He gives tea to Prashant. He says sorry.

He says I m looking at you, I left Krishna who used to fight with me and ride my bike, who used to dream, now you are clad in saree, with sindoor in maang and holding tea cup for me. She says its not your mistake, even I don’t identify myself now, maybe this was written in my fate. He says you believed in yourself than fate, don’t you like to become old Krishna, who had a dream to go London and become a doctor, what happened. She says you have shattered that dream, we had that dream together, you left it all to me. He says I believed in you, I told you that I would join civil services, I m doing the course, I m fulfilling my dreams. She says you want to decide alone, what about my decision, when I had no hope about you, even then I ran out of mandap because of the promise made to you, but now, time has passed, I have moved on with it, the truth is in front of you, what you did with me, I can never forget it. She cries.

Shukla says Radhe, I m sad to know that someone else paid the bail, the man who got the bail done is Krishna’s ex-boyfriend. Radhe gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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