Krishna Chali London 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohan gets arrested

Krishna Chali London 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohan and Krishna going to the room and not seeing Bela. Mohan looks for his phone. Krishna sees Bela hiding under the bed. She says I need to talk to you. He says wait, I don’t know where I kept my phone. Krishna shows his phone and picks it. She says it must have fallen down. Mohan says I had been looking for it since long. Krishna says listen to me carefully now, its been two hours, we didn’t get Sunaina’s video. Bela leaves from there. Mohan says you will get the final video when money gets transferred, this is the new deal. He turns and sees Bela.

Veer follows Bilal. Mohan asks Bela what is she doing. She says Albela is nowhere, I m looking for him, maybe he is under your bed. He asks Albela is here. He checks. Krishna and Bela smile. He says he isn’t here. Bela asks where did he go, I will go and find him. Krishna says we will go to the bank. She also goes with Bela. Mohan messages Bilal.

Krishna hugs Bela and says you are the best. Bela asks don’t you have any problem with me now. Krishna says no, you made a good excuse, once Sunaina gets safe, everything will be fine. She calls Shyam and says call me to inform that Veer and Sunaina are safe.

Lali pacifies Shuklain about Shukla’s condition. She says Veer also said he will get fine. Shuklain says its all about faith, it can make or ruin relations, I m very worried, I have to go with Radhe and Krishna and donate money, why is Lord testing us. Lali says Lord gives testing times to those who can tolerate it. Shuklain says my tolerance level is ending, I don’t trust myself now.

Lali says you don’t talk such things, who knew Radhe will come back. Shuklain says yes, he is back and Krishna is ready to become my bahu. Bela looks on and says Shuklain will be very sad knowing the truth. Gajanan calls Lali. He talks to Shuklain and says Shukla’s condition isn’t good, Krishna and Veer aren’t answering, what shall I do. Shuklain asks how is Shukla. She cries. She says I will be there. She prays and leaves. Bela says let Krishna come, wait. Veer follows Bilal. The manager tells investment schemes to Mohan. Mohan asks him to put the money in the charitable account, he is making a big charity. Krishna waits for Shyam’s call. Veer takes a short cut. Mohan says we will wait for the transfer. Veer stops Bilal’s car. He fights the goons. Sunaina gets freed. Veer holds her.

Bilal points gun at him. Krishna recalls Veer’s words. Mohan looks on. Manager says sign this document, transfer will begin. Mohan signs and smiles. Veer says drop the gun. Sunaina pleads to Bilal. She throws sand in his eyes. Veer catches her. Mohan begins the transfer. Bullet is shot. Sunaina shouts Veer. Krishna cancels the transaction. Mohan asks are you out of your mind, what have you done, you are in trouble now. She says you are in trouble. Inspector comes and points gun at his head. He gets shocked. Sunaina hugs Krishna and apologizes. Krishna asks are you fine. Sunaina regrets. Krishna says like we perform a surgery and remove faulty organ to get healthy, we should let go of the problems and make relations healthy again. Sunaina says wow, Krishna has become a doctor now. Mohan gets arrested.

Krishna gets a shocking call. Inspector says they are cunning, they have escaped, we will find them soon. She gets Mohan’s call. He threatens her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    3 episodes to and still story is going on, but with loop holes…. And on 14th either Mohan will die or he will be arrested… And only 4-5 min family drama.. Hope they show Krishna and Veer romance in last….

  2. Husna shelley

    Off air knocking the door! we are waiting for smooth ending. waiting for punishment of imposter radhe and come back original radhe(gourav) and happy ending. veer must out as mohon.

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