Krishna Chali London 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Sunaina lies to Krishna

Krishna Chali London 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela coming to tantric and asking him to stop the drama. They recall how they have fooled Shuklain of Radhe’s return. She bribes him and keeps money with herself too. She thinks I got my income by fooling Shuklain. She leaves. Veer says I have killed him. Krishna says that man is fine, I had complaint against you because of him, I didn’t know you will be punished. He says I should get punished, that night…. maybe that man died, my car…. She asks which night and what car. He says my car…. that man…. I was driving that night. She asks what are you talking about. He says I will tell you everything.

Sunaina comes and stops Veer. She says nothing happened that night, calm down, no one will disturb yourself, I m here with you. Sunaina

asks Krishna to go and sleep. Krishna asks about the accident. Sunaina says come with me, it happened long time ago, when he had just started practice, he couldn’t go for the surgery, his car didn’t start and he reached late, that man couldn’t survive, its affect of medication, whenever he falls sick, his condition is bad. She asks Krishna to go and sleep in her room. Krishna says fine, I will go home in the morning.

Shuklain hugs Bela and says I could meet Radhe because of you, Radhe is much worried. Bela asks her not to tell anyone. Shuklain goes to her room and sleeps. Shukla wakes up and asks why did you wake up so early, where did you go, tell me. She says I went to save your honor. He asks why. She says you just taunt me, your fav bahu Krishna is missing, she didn’t come back home, I was sitting outside and waiting for her. He asks what, let her come, I will talk. She says its business right, I don’t say anything to her. Krishna goes to Sunaina’s room and sleeps. Bela calls someone and says be prepared, we are coming in one hour. Shukla asks Lali for tea. He checks the food. He asks where are Shuklain and Bela. She says Krishna is busy at hospital. He says its all Radhe’s fav food, what’s the matter. She says they have just left. He asks did they go together. She says yes. He says fine, I will see.

Veer wakes up and sees the bandage. He sees Sunaina sleeping. He removes the socks. He goes to take bath. He doesn’t get water and goes out. Servant says Nayani is making breakfast for you. Veer goes to have bath in Sunaina’s room. He says no one has time to work well here. Krishna wakes up and checks her phone. She thinks Lali has called many times. She calls Lali and says I m leaving now. She hears Veer singing in bathroom. He comes out. She says you… They get arguing. She asks him to ask Sunaina, she has stayed here on Sunaina’s saying. She says you aren’t any charmer that I will be here. He shouts Maa…. Sunaina and Nayani come. Nayani asks why are you standing here like this. Veer goes. Sunaina takes Krishna with her. Veer taunts Krishna. He says look at her treatment, she had made me wear socks to raise my temperature. Krishna says I will go, any ways the socks were already drenched. Veer asks from where did you learn this. Krishna says from my dad, he tried this treatment on a horse, the horse got fine in the morning, this didn’t walk well for you.

Nayani and Sunaina smile. Nayani asks did you take part in any beauty contest. Veer says she should have done this, don’t know why she thinks she is a doctor. Sunaina says let Krishna have food, she was awake for you all night. Krishna says I don’t want to go with him. He says I didn’t even offer you, come on time. He goes.

Veer says you haven’t signed any papers for Batra, prove it that you felt bad for me, you have realized your mistake. Krishna asks how. He says by accompanying me to London.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why Dr Veer is so forcing Krisha to go and accompanying him to London? Why A Murderer insisting a young widow lady because as a Criminal Dr Veer always like and love Crime, Violence etc etc and he can do everything (Krishna’s physical assault) for Krishna. He is a Criminal by birth because his mother is sach a liar and a wicked women who always teaching Veer to be a Criminal and always doing crime.

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Dr. Veer is so arrogant… but that bod 😍 only a matter of time before Krishna falls for that mesmerizing hottie …

  3. Dr Veer is a very angry man but he does not seem like a bad person..He shows compassion, see how he begged with the little girl’s mother to treat her. He’s not all bad.. His bad experience in life made him arrogant. He didnt kill Radhe intentionally. it was an accident which Dr Veer did not do right as a doctor and a human being because of his mother’s behaviour. He should not have run away like that..I’m sure the makers have some punishment for Dr Veer when Krishna finds out that it was Dr Veer’s car that knocked Radhe down. I’m actually liking the chemistry between Veer and Krishna better than Radhe and Krishna..

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