Krishna Chali London 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna misleads Dadda

Krishna Chali London 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Matuk getting his savings. Triloki says goons are at house and shop, how will we go Dubai without having any money. Matuk says have this money, Shukla has made me keep this money, its 3 lakhs, can we go Dubai by this. Krishna says yes, two people can go, you have to come with me right now, I will call Triloki and say what to do, Gajanan has to stay with Lali. Radhe asks the men to leave him, if Dadda knows this, he will not leave them. The men laughs and says Dadda made you a joke, he has already planned and sold you, you will be introduced to a gift. Radhe tries to fight. Goon hits him. Radhe faints.

They drag him and put him in some dark room. They wake up Radhe and ask him to see his dad. Radhe gets shocked seeing Shukla tied up in chains. Krishna and Matuk

come home. Dadda asks goons to keep an eye on them. Bela gets Krishna’s message. She is asked to follow them. Bela says I should follow Matuk and Krishna, they can’t fool me. Dadda agrees and asks her to go. Krishna shows the number and asks the service provider guy to help her. The man refuses to her and asks security to make them out. Matuk stops the guard. Krishna begs hem for help. Bela calls Dadda and says they have come to find about phone number, they didn’t get to see anything.

Dadda says make a video and send me, I want to see their plight. Krishna cries. Matuk asks her to stop crying. She gets hit by a bike and falls down. Bela looks on. Matuk asks people to help. He takes Krishna in the auto. The goon informs Dadda about Krishna’s accident. Triloki calls Gajanan and says it happened as Krishna said. Radhe wakes up Shukla and says you here.. Shukla says Radhe, how did you come here. Radhe says leave my dad, else you will be killed. Goon slaps him. He says Radhe is very noisy, stop him. He says we will do blood tests at earliest. Matuk and Krishna see the goon following and act. Shukla says Dadda is a monster, he is dangerous, he can do anything for money. Radhe says don’t worry, I have come, I will set everything fine. Shukla says its time to tell you the truth. Radhe asks what truth.

Bua asks is Krishna fine. Doctor says she is injured, she can’t walk for a week. Gajanan says don’t worry, I will go to Dubai. Triloki says I will come with you. Gajanan says we will get Radhe and dad back. Matuk says we have to know where they are. Pyaare says my friend can help you. Bela and goon hear them. Pyaare calls his friend. Gajanan says we have to take disguise and leave, goons are keeping an eye on us. Pyaare acts and says my friend will take you to police station. Triloki says we will go there in Sheikh’s disguise. Matuk says its a good plan. Bela says Krishna is hospitalized, we will tell Dadda about Gajanan and Triloki’s plan, call him. She smiles.

Shukla says sorry, I always lied that you are my son, I m your father, forgive me, you are my fav son. Radhe hugs him and cries. He says you will always be my father, you and mum did a lot for us, I didn’t do any work and stayed idle, I lived as a prince because of you, I m blessed by Lord, that he gave me parents like you and mum. Shukla says I have failed, it is my duty to end your worries, look how helpless I m, there is nothing I can do Radhe. Radhe says don’t worry, just believe in Lord, there will be some way. They hug and cry. Dadda calls his goon and informs about Gajanan and Triloki coming to Dubai. Bela misleads him and smiles. Dadda’s goon looks for Gajanan and Triloki. Goon says I have not found them. Two women pass by and collide with goon. He picks his phone and looks at them.

Krishna and Shukla lift the veils. They get caught by goons. Radhe says we have to die, but we Indians are not coward to die without fighting. He inspires the people. Krishna and Shuklain are asked to fly back to India. Krishna thinks how to save Radhe and Shukla. Everyone chants Har har mahadev. Radhe smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Savithri V Ramani

    Nice story indeed .love Krishna now bela is also too good. Very interesting.

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