Krishna Chali London 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe realizes his mistake

Krishna Chali London 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe scolding Krishna. He says you are making me mad, I know what’s going on with Prashant here, why did you get silent, tell me, I will not leave him today. She cries. He shouts Prashant, open the door, I will kill you today. Saajan punches him. Radhe falls down and takes a knife to stab. Saajan stops him. Radhe gets shocked. Saajan asks what are you doing. Radhe says get back, I won’t leave Prashant today. Saajan slaps him. Shuklain walks on treadmill. Shukla asks her to walk fast. Shuklain asks Bela not to murmur, she can hear everything. She praises Krishna.

Shukla sends Lali to check the door. He goes and plugs the treadmill, setting to a high speed. Shuklain asks Bela to work well. Shukla goes. Bela says you decide and inform bahus about work, Krishna

is always angering you. Shuklain says don’t argue with me. She goes on treadmill and falls down. Bela laughs and shouts mummy ji. Shuklain says you made this machine so fast, why did Krishna get this trouble, I have switched it off. They see Dubey. Dubey asks are you fine. Shuklain gets up. He says I came to meet Krishna. She says she isn’t at home. He says I will wait outside. Saajan says I wanted to explain you. He catches Radhe. Radhe says leave me, go from here. Krishna says let it be. Saajan says no, I will explain him. She says no use, there is no cure of doubt, Saajan and I did this drama, I would have easily gone, when dad got divorce papers, I came back to prove that I m not wrong, like you think. Radhe says Prashant….

She says when I told you about Prashant, you said you don’t want to talk, you trust me, you lied. Radhe says no, I said the truth. She asks where did that trust go, I thought you are different, you are stuck at same point, that a guy and girl can’t become friends. Radhe says whatever I have seen….She says you made opinion about me and ousted me from home, is this your love. She cries and goes. Saajan asks him to go after her and apologize. Radhe runs after Krishna. He asks her to stop. She gets into an auto. He says please don’t go. Radhe asks driver to stop. She says I don’t want to talk to you. He says I can’t live without you. She asks driver to drive fast. Driver scolds him. Radhe says she is my wife, you do your work. Driver says even then, you can’t tease her. Krishna asks him to drive. She cries. Radhe runs after the auto rickshaw. She leaves. Lali asks do you want tea or water. Dubey says no, its Krishna’s Sasural. Shuklain says I m worried seeing Dubey. Bela jokes. Krishna and Radhe come home. He asks her to listen. They see Dubey and greet.

Dubey says I need to talk to you in private. Radhe goes. Dubey says I named you Krishna, you made its own identity. She asks what happened. He says you have forgotten yourself, your name, status and fame. She says person doesn’t forget, but stops thinking, as family compels. He says I know my mistake, its your medical result tomorrow. He gives her details and asks her to check result once, if you pass, think what to do, don’t do this mistake. He goes. She checks the papers. Radhe says I have done mistake, talk to Krishna. Lali agrees and goes to Krishna. Krishna says my exams results will be out tomorrow, I wanted to go London and become a doctor, no one cares for me too, it will be better for me and everyone that I leave this house forever. Radhe looks on and goes. Krishna cries. Saajan drinks. Radhe asks him to help. Saajan feeds him wine. Lali says you had all reasons not to come here, still you came here for Radhe’s love, his love got you back, some relations and things can’t be explained, anyways, I don’t know you will pass in result or not, will you go London or not, I know you won’t go away from Radhe.

Radhe says just help me Saajan, if she goes London, I will get drunk and sink in Ganga. Krishna checks result. Prashant says Krishna cleared medical entrance exam, Krishna Chali london, Krishna and I will go London together. Radhe gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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