Krishna Chali London 10th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna shouts at Radhe

Krishna Chali London 10th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua making coffee for Krishna. Krishna falls asleep. Shuklain gets restless. Shukla asks her to go and see her son once, she will be fine. She goes to see Radhe. She doesn’t see him and worries. Bua and Krishna get shocked seeing Radhe. Radhe says I can’t live there, I came here alone, by the terrace route, I m scared of Shukla. Krishna gets angry. She gets a call from Gajanan. She says this is never ending. Shuklain cries for Radhe. Lali consoles her. Triloki asks where did he go. Gajanan says he knows all the routes, don’t worry.

Krishna and Bua get Radhe home. Shuklain hugs Radhe and says where did you go leaving me, don’t leave me. He asks her to beat him like she used to beat Triloki with a rolling pin. Triloki says Bela, did you hear him, how does he know this. Shuklain hugs Radhe. Bua says finish this here. Shuklain says Krishna if you ever regarded me as mum and loved Radhe truly, then stay back, don’t forget Radhe’s favors. Krishna says fine, I will stay back, but as his doctor. Shuklain agrees. Radhe gets happy.

Veer meets someone and asks him to find about Radhe. The man says we will find out and tell you. He says this pic is of Radhe and this is his imposter, there will be some id proof of this guy, someone will identify him. The man says fine, I will find out. Krishna asks Radhe to sit in her cabin. She goes. Shuklain says your dream got fulfilled, you wanted Krishna to become a big doctor. Dr. Rao meets them. He takes Radhe for a talk. Krishna asks Ajit to send food for her. She gets shocked seeing Veer. He walks to her and smiles. She asks what are you doing in OT. He says no one asked this to me before, there was a time when I used to rule in OT, you have all the right to ask me. She says you don’t remember why your medical license is suspended, you have hit someone and run away. He says I m glad. She asks did you go mad. He says no, I m glad you and I are on the same page. She asks what.

He says that man is an imposter, whatever anyone thinks, you think Radhe is dead and I m responsible for this, our thinking matches, isn’t it. She asks him to leave, she has much work. He says my wife has become a big doctor, I m really proud of you. She asks him to just leave. He smiles. Ajit gets food and says sorry, I came on wrong time. Veer jokes on Krishna. He says after some time, husband and wife’s habits match. She says just go Veer, we have much work. Veer leaves. Shuklain sees Veer.

Veer treats a girl. The girl asks about Mohan’s pic in newspaper. Veer asks do you know him. She nods.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am enjoying Krishna and veer nok jhok…??? now their roles are reversed: l mean Krishna act arrogent and Veer as calm….

  2. Veer is hot Does Krishna have only one pair of shoes pink one ?

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