Krishna Chali London 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer attempts to rescue Sunaina

Krishna Chali London 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohan coming to Krishna and telling her to see Sunaina’s video. He says I will be away in some time from now. Krishna sees Sunaina’s video. He smiles. She says thanks. She goes to Bela and asks can you do this. Bela says I can do anything to keep my second position in the house. She shakes hands with Krishna. Bela comes to Mohan and says I m not interested in your money, I really felt bad and thought to help you, I got tea for you, shall I take a sip and show, I didn’t add anything in it, are you going somewhere. She drops the tea on his clothes and asks him to go and change clothes quickly. He goes. She smiles. She gets his phone for Krishna.

Krishna says you are number one and kisses her hand. Bela gets happy. They get the phone to Veer. Veer asks did you get the location from where he has sent the video. Sharma says no. Bela says hurry up, else he will know that I did this trick to get his phone. Mohan looks for his phone. Triloki comes to him and says Vibhishan, lawyer has come, you get the papers. Sharma says sim location is traced. Krishna asks Veer to reach mum, until she stops Mohan. Bela and Krishna come home. Triloki asks where did you go. Krishna says Bela took me to jeweller to buy a ring for Radhe. Triloki asks why are you getting mad for his marriage, he won’t give me anything from 3 crores. Bela says I will cancel the ring. Krishna thinks Bela, keep Mohan’s phone back, else plan will fail. Lawyer asks Radhe to focus on papers. Bela says I will come in 2mins, leave me, else I will not leave you, I m going to meet Yamraj. Triloki asks her to stop. Mohan turns to see. Krishna says Radhe can withdraw all the amount at once right. Lawyer says yes, he can withdraw any amount any time. Mohan smiles. Krishna worries and thinks Mohan will understand, I have to stop this process.

Shuklain and Lali come. Shuklain says I will come with you to the temple to donate the money, so I came early from the hospital, you have a big heart, you are donating money on parents’ name. Mohan smiles. She says you are Shravan Kumar of this era. Mohan says its all because of Krishna, I want to do good when she is with me. He thanks Krishna. He hugs Krishna and says make her away. She says I didn’t know that she will come. Veer and Sharma are on the way and track Sunaina’s location. Veer recalls seeing the video and getting clue from it. He recalls Mohan’s words. Mohan signs the papers. Lawyer says congrats Radhe and makes a leave.

Krishna says Bela might have not kept the phone back. Sharma directs Veer. Bilal frees Sunaina. She asks where are you taking me. Sunaina says Mohan and I will get rich now, we have to bury our dark secret like you. She cries. He says you know about Mohan and his connection. She says Veer will come and not let your motives succeed. He says you still have hope, after doing a Daayan’s work, you think your son will come he laughs. Krishna asks Triloki to go, Shuklain is calling him. He goes. Bela says I will keep the phone and come. Krishna says come out soon, else we will be caught. She sees Mohan coming. She calls out Radhe.

He says come with me, I m going to turn rich, you will enjoy a lot, I will make you my queen, really. She says stop dreaming, I will come with you to bank. He gets angry and asks her to keep Shuklain away. Veer and Sharma reach the location and look for Sunaina. Sunaina sees Veer. Bilal puts her in the car dicky. She shouts Veer. Bilal asks goon to run. They get away in the car. Veer sees her. He runs after the car. Veer leaves on a bike. A man shouts for his bike. Sharma says he has to protect his mum, you will get your bike for sure. Mohan goes to room. Bela thinks where to keep the phone. She says he may think his phone has fallen down. She gets a call and answers. Bilal says take money and leave fast, this old woman’s son/Veer is after me. Bela gets shocked.

Veer stops Bilal and saves Sunaina. Bilal points gun at him. Veer fights him. A bullet is shot. Sunaina shouts Veer. Krishna and Mohan are at the bank and begin the money transfer.

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