Krishna Chali London 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe wins the prize money

Krishna Chali London 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saajan shouting to Radhe and asking him to come out. He asks the man to stop the fight, Radhe will die. The man says people have staked money on the fight, this can stop when Radhe leaves the fight by his will. Saajan goes to Radhe and asks him to get up. Radhe asks the money. The man says you got 7 lakhs, how much do you want. Radhe says 10 lakhs. Saajan says come out, I m telling you. Radhe says I will get more money and come. Rocky beats Radhe more. Saajan says I m coming in. The man asks him to stand out, he can’t go. Krishna comes there and says let me go there. The guards stop her. She beats them and goes in. She sees Radhe and gets shocked. She shouts Radhe ji. She asks them to leave Radhe. She worries for him.

Rocky beats him red and blue. Radhe gets shaken up. Saajan shouts. Krishna asks him to come out, don’t do this. Radhe sees Krishna and says I m seeing Krishna even here. He smiles and says Krishna ji, you are really here, I will do everything fine. She asks why are you doing this. The man says he needs 10 lakhs, he is strong, he is not accepting defeat. Saajan asks Radhe to come out. Radhe sees the time and smiles. He says just 5mins more. Saajan asks Krishna to tell him. She says don’t do this, come out. He gets beaten up. He says just 2 mins more, we will get 10 lakhs. Krishna cries for him. Radhe falls down. The man counts down when he doesn’t get up. Krishna shouts get up, open your eyes, please, get up, else I am running away. Radhe gets up and shouts no, Krishna ji don’t tun. Saajan cries for him. Radhe gets up and goes to Rocky. He beats Rocky.

Rocky falls back. Radhe wins the fight. Everyone shouts Radhe….Krishna and Saajan happily cry. Krishna goes and hugs him. He says don’t hug me tight, its hurting me, Rocky gas beaten me a lot. She says I will beat you, why did you do this. He says for your sake and your dad. The man says you did amazing work, here is your 10 lakhs. Radhe smiles. Saajan goes to Radhe and gives hand. Radhe holds his hand and smiles. Saajan hugs him and says you are a hunter. Krishna does aid to Radhe. He smiles. She cries seeing his wound bleeding. Saajan says you are very unlucky that you survived today, now I will beat you and kill you, I swear. He cries and says you got me worried. Krishna says no, not now, we will make him fine so that we can beat him again.

Radhe says you are scolding me, praise me a bit. Saajan scolds him. Krishna does the bandage to Radhe. She gets a call and gets shocked. They come to police station. Bua hugs Krishna and smiles. She says Dubey got the jail. Radhe says all the arrangements are made on right time. Krishna hugs him. He gets hurt. Krishna leaves him. Bua asks why is he roaming in this state. Dubey comes out of lockup. Krishna, Sonal and Bua hug him and cry. Radhe smiles and says Papa ji…. Dubey says we shall leave. Inspector stops them. Radhe gives the money. Inspector says Krishna ji, you got 20 lakhs now. Radhe says its 10 lakhs as you told, you can count. Inspector asks will you teach me maths, someone already deposited 10 lakhs for bail. They get shocked.

Shukla asks who is he, where does he live, tell me details. Prashant comes to meet Dubey. Krishna gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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