Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rishabh asking Rajveer to make Gitanjali wear the ring. She cries and recalls Priyam’s words. She says no, I can’t do this, I know I m doing wrong with Rajveer, after knowing that Abhimanyu was murdered, I don’t understand anything, a new question every day and then the search for the answer, I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, sorry. Rajveer says I understand, its fine. She thanks him. He says you go and find your answers, just remember I m waiting for you. She goes.

She stops Priyam. She says if its true what you said, if Abhimanyu is really murdered, then I will not marry till I find out the culprit, why he did this crime. She says you are not alone in all this, I m with you, because I can’t forget Abhimanyu, I loved him a lot. Choti Maa looks on.

Kavya comes to Rajveer. She says Gitanjali left you alone again and run away. He thanks her for being a good friend, to hurt him more at such time. She says I m very sorry, my intention was not to hurt you, truth is I m hurt seeing you hurt, I can’t understand, you know Gitanjali could not forget Abhimanyu. He says Abhimanyu is no more. She says he is alive in her memories, I know one sided love is tough. He says I know what you mean to say, trust me, it needs courage to keep one sided love, person gets nothing than pain, you are a nice girl, I don’t want you to go through this pain. She says I do understand. She asks till when will you wait for Gitanjali. He says till she asks me not to wait. He goes. She cries and says duffer.

Gitanjali asks Priyam to recall. He says I can’t. She reminds him the day when Abhimanyu left for reporting to the unit, I tried to stop him, but he did not stop, then Abhimanyu made me wear the anklet, and said I should never remove the anklet, remember. Priyam tells the lines. She says yes, then Abhimanyu left. He says I remember, my jeep was working, driver said he will leave me. She says then weather got bad, I called you. He says yes, I spoke to you. She says try to recall what happened after phone call. He recalls and says all the best. She asks what. He says all the best again and again.

Rishabh drinks. Choti Maa asks what shall I answer everyone, they are asking about Priyam, he is lying, he is making stories. Rishabh says if its true. She says you think its true, who will murder Abhimanyu. He says don’t know, your tension says something. She asks are you blaming me. He says no, I m just guessing.

She says you aimed gun at Abhimanyu. He says I would have shot him if I wanted, I don’t hide and shoot. She says I m also part of this family. He laughs and says remember, Choti Maa will always be a small part, you will always be reminded about your family status, don’t get emotional, we have to find out if Priyam is saying true or not. She asks do you believe Abhimanyu can come back as Priyam. She goes.

Gitanjali sleeps. She hears Abhimanyu calling her and wakes up. She sees him knocking the door. She opens the door. Wind blows. She gets shocked seeing Abhimanyu. She says Abhimanyu….. and hugs him. She says where did you go, I knew you will come back, why did you do much delay, answer me. He cries and holds her. He says I wanted to come much time before, but some people did not let me come. She asks who, tell me.

He falls down. She shouts Abhimanyu and sees his back stabbed. She asks him to get up. She asks who has done this. He says they have separated us and cries. She says no, none can separate us, I lost you once, I won’t lose you again, tell me who were they. He signs her. She does not see anyone. She sees Abhimanyu disappeared. She calls him out and looks for him. She sees many people/spirits shouting, being across the window glass. She screams. She wakes up and cries. She sees a letter. She goes out and sees Priyam whistling and leaving.

Rishabh comes in Priyam’s way. Gitanjali checks Priyam’s drawing, where he writes all the best. Rishabh asks which clock is alarming. Priyam says its 9, my watch does not match with your haveli clocks. Rishabh recalls Abhimanyu’s words. He asks till when will this drama go on. Priyam says till you believe that Abhimanyu was murdered. Rishabh says you are lying, you are fooling Gitanjali. Gitanjali comes and says he made sketch of the box which was in Abhimanyu’s box. Rishabh says what is proved by this. He says this box was not mine, it was of someone else, it was kept in the car when I was talking to you. Abhimanyu drives talking to Gitanjali and hears the toy saying all the best. He finds the brakes failed. Gitanjali says this toy was to make fun of Abhimanyu, to survive and show. Rishabh says enough, you got mad. She says after knowing he was murdered… He says he was not murdered, if this is false, then stop this Gaura Gaura from today. Priyam says if its true then….

Rishabh takes Gitanjali with him. Priyam smiles. Chanda says I get scared seeing Priyam calling Gitanjali as Gaura. Sevakram says I think Priyam is saying right, someone got Abhimanyu murdered. Chanda asks who. He says it may be anyone, Abhimanyu was in army, he had many enemies, everyone was annoyed with him when he married Gitanjali, I doubt on Rishabh, see his anger, he aimed gun at Abhimanyu. Chanda says no, he can’t do this, don’t say much. Sh goes. He says mad woman, sometimes I doubt on her.

Choti Maa apologizes to guests. She says I called you all for Gitanjali’s marriage. The ladies ask why are you sorry, it will be tough for Kavya to get relations. Khushi asks Kavya to tell everyone that she loves Rajveer. Kavya says I don’t want love in charity, you are leaving for NY, have a happy journey. Priyam plays with a ball and passes by. He smiles seeing Khushi.

Khushi says I m telling you, I have seen this boy somewhere, I don’t remember where. Inspector says we have all evidence, you will get that box in records room. He asks constable to take Gitanjali and Rishabh there.

Kavya gets scared seeing the tantric lady. Lady asks where is Gaura. Kavya says she went out, she is not here. Lady says I had to tell her something imp. Kavya says tell me. Lady says no, I can’t tell you, do one thing, just give this to her. Kavya nods. Lady says he got to know everything, there is danger around, someone is going to die. She goes. Kavya asks her to stop. She sees the lady disappeared. She asks who is going to die.

Gitanjali looks for the box. She gets the box and says Priyam made this in the box, now you believe Priyam is not lying. Rishabh asks her to open it, I want to know what the toy says, if toy says all the best, then Priyam is saying true, else you will stop this madness, open the box. She opens the box and does not see anything.

Rishabh says what happened, this box is empty, Priyam lied, he is not Abhimanyu, he is a clever kid, none murdered Abhimanyu, his death happened in a car accident. She cries and leaves. Rishabh calls her out. He says all the best, Priyam is a liar. She recalls Rishabh’s words and cries. She comes to her room and sees the empty box. Priyam comes. She asks why did you come, to tell a new story, I m a fool, what do you want, tell me. He leaves. She sits crying. She says what am I doing, who talks to a kid like this.

Kavya comes and gives her the purse. She says you got the banjaran, she gave this. Gitanjali says please Kavya. Kavya say she gave warning of danger, I don’t know what, I would have checked this if I was in your place. She goes. Gitanjali checks the things in the purse. She gets a note and says what does this mean, what does she want to say. She goes to meet the lady.

She asks a lady for banjaran Bhairavi, who talks in riddles. Lady says banjarans do not stay in one place. Gitanjali asks other ladies. Lady says describe her, name won’t help in finding her. Gitanjali describes Bhairavi. She thinks where will I find Bhairavi in crowd, does she know anything about Abhimanyu’s murderer or not, I should go back, I won’t get anything here. She hears a man saying same lines. She goes to him. She asks the meaning of the riddle. He says you are Gaura right, you came to find Bhairavi, she told me that if any girl come to find her, that girl will be Gaura. She says why did she give me note, it had this riddle written. He laughs and asks did you came to find riddle or anything else. She says maybe some clue that tells me what’s truth and what’s lie, I don’t know to trust Rishabh or Abhimanyu.

He says its life’s lesson, if you truly love, you have to sink in it, trust is important in love, go and hold belief, then see you can walk on water and jump in fire. He asks her to throw dice and see. She throws dice. He says see, 6 and 6, its total numbers, if you have belief, there will be no illusion. She says I have belief. He says you are lying to yourself and me, your mind wants proof, listen to your heart, if you want to end dilemma, throw dice again by following mind. She throws and does not get any number. He laughs and says zero, now understand, if you follow heart, you will cross the river, if you follow mind, you will not reach the shore, you will lose. She cries and says I lost everything, I m lost between truth and illusion, I don’t know what’s truth and what’s lie, my mind stopped working. He says mind complicated and distracts, listen to heart to choose right path, close eyes and see what your heart wants, you will see everything well. She closes eyes and hears Abhimanyu’s whistle. She goes out and sees Abhimanyu going. He enters some shop. She smiles seeing him. He disappears. She sees a similar box there. She opens it. She gets shocked seeing the toy inside. The toy says All the best. She says Priyam was saying about this toy, it means Abhimanyu was murdered, someone has snatched my Abhimanyu from me. She cries. She says who has done this, who is he.

Priyam asks Rishabh to show the clock. He says your name is written on it, you got death item on birthday, who would have sent this. Rishabh gets shocked.

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  1. What can be the mystery
    Very very confusing
    I think Abhimanyu is alive and Priyam is his some relative and Abhinanyu may have some old enimity with Gitanjali’s family which is related to choti maa and rishab for which he is using her for taking revenge by faking love to her with the help of Priyam

  2. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Very nice and exciting episode. But really feeling bad for Rajveer and his true love. Anyways very unique and thrilling show.

  3. I love supernatural stories but I’m unable to understand what is happening in this serial. Sort of spooky, don’t know if there’s any conspiracies afoot but I hope we get some clearer answers soon.

  4. I think gora loves Abhimanyu but rehab dont

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