Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 22nd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Radheshyam saying I will kill Choti Maa, keep the gun down. Rajveer keeps the gun down. Kavya says don’t do anything. Gitanjali says kill her, its not a big thing to know Abhimanyu’s murderer, kill her, are your hands shaking. Rajveer catches him and says don’t worry, everything is in control. Rishabh asks on whose saying are you doing this. Radheshyam says I m doing this on someone’s saying, person was called Sahib. Rishabh asks who is this Sahib. Gitanjali says I will say, Sahib is Choti Maa. Rishabh asks are you mad. Gitanjali says I know Choti Maa killed Abhimanyu, Radheshyam kept knife at her neck, but did not hurt her. He asks what are you saying. She says I went to walls behind library, I have seen Choti Maa with Radheshyam, Priyam saved me. Choti Maa says you thought so. Gitanjali asks Rishabh to come with her, she can show the cupboard door which opens in passage. She takes them to Choti Maa’s room. Rishabh asks her to give keys. He asks Gitanjali to open cupboard, if there is the door inside, it will be proved Choti Maa is with Radheshyam, else… Gitanjali says its there, I have seen it. She opens the cupboard and checks. She sees the cupboard shut. She says I m not lying, I have seen that door opening here.

Choti Maa says I know you imagine things, do you doubt on me. Gitanjali says you all think I imagine things, see Radheshyam is alive. Rajveer says police will find out Sahib. Gitanjali says Choti Maa is Sahib. Choti Maa says fine, I m Sahib, calm down. Gitanjali asks her to get out. Kavya asks how dare you, its mum’s house too.

Gitanjali says she is my step mum and you are my step sister, this haveli and property is named to me, Choti Maa is not trustworthy, get out from this house, Choti Maa is after Abhimanyu’s murder, I can never forgive you, I hate you, I get suffocation in my own house because of you all. She goes. Sevakram says police has come. Rajveer takes Radheshyam.

Choti Maa asks Rishabh to see Gitanjali’s mental state. He says I know her state, but Radheshyam is alive. She asks what do you think. Kavya asks why will mum kill Abhimanyu. He says money and property, I doubt on Choti Maa and keep an eye on her bank accounts, we know how much money you took, you think Rishabh is blind and Gitanjali is innocent, Abhimanyu came and you got scared that he will catch your theft. She says I can give you accounts. He says I m blind, not mad, you showed your real status. Kavya says enough, now mum will not bear any insult, I decided we won’t stay in this house, we are leaving. Choti Maa says wait, you know what you did Rishabh, you have hit on your feet, Gitanjali will trust Priyam more, none can shake her trust then, not even you. They leave.

Gitanjali asks how did the door disappear, I have seen it, everyone thinks I imagine things, everyone is doubting on me. Priyam says I trust you, truth does not change on anyone’s saying, I don’t care whatever people say. She says I trust you. He says we have to wait till Radheshyam accepts Choti Maa is Sahib. Radheshyam is interrogated by police. Chanda asks Rajveer are they beating him a lot. Rajveer says poor Chanda, I can’t see her like this. He asks inspector does Radheshyam know anything. Inspector says we can’t tell anything. Rajveer gets info about landline. Inspector says even telephone booth is registered by same man. Rajveer says it means its same man. Inspector asks why did he inform you to save Gitanjali. Rajveer says maybe he does not want to kill Gitanjali and scaring her. Inspector says maybe he wants Gitanjali to focus more on the case, as by human nature, person does things for which he is stopped. Rajveer says it means someone is leading Gitanjali, she thinks she is attacked to stop, but its done to show her that she is going in right direction, it means she is forced to believe this as true, who is doing this and why, what will be that person’s next plan.

Rishabh wakes up by alarm and says Abhimanyu, I knew you are here. He checks the clock. All clocks ring. Priyam comes and claps, saying its a sign of bad time, I m warning you, Choti Maa and Kavya are gone, you are next, see how Gaura kicks you out of her life, stop if you can.

Someone dressed as bride comes inside haveli, She comes to Gitanjali. Gitanjali stops her to talk. The lady/Ragini says I just came to give you sargi plate. Gitanjali says I m a widow. Ragini says love never ends, just body goes, but soul comes back, I want to get sargi by you. Gitanjali asks why. Ragini says we have a relation to take sargi from one another. Gitanjali asks what relation, listen to me. Ragini goes. Gitanjali recalls Ragini’s words and goes to Rishabh. She asks what’s your and my relation with Ragini. He says what nonsense, you are thinking so. She says you hear her recording at night, I know this, touch this plate and see, she gave me this sargi, why did she say I should give her sargi. He says I don’t know. She says I will give her sargi and ask her when she comes. He asks what’s happening to you. She goes. Priyam plays piano. Rishabh hears the music and stops Priyam. He says you have sent someone as Ragini. Priyam says I did not send anyone, I told you Ragini will tell truth to Gaura. Rishabh says but she has… Priyam asks what, tell me, go and hear there. Everyone celebrate the Karwachauth fast.

Rishabh asks what’s happening. Gitanjali gives the sargi for Ragini. Bhairavi checks and says its fine. Gitanjali says we are celebrating Karwachauth. Rishabh says Abhimanyu is dead, you are a widow. Bhairavi laughs. Gitanjali says she is laughing on you, love never dies like soul, its for births, Abhimanyu is with me. He asks her to stop all this. He goes.

Priyam asks what happened, Gaura will not listen to you, you know she is waiting for Ragini, what do you think when will Ragini come. Bhairavi says Ragini will come to take sargi. Gitanjali looks on as the women pass on sargi plates. Gitanjali gets shocked seeing Ragini. Ragini goes. Rishabh catches her and asks what do you want. Priyam bites Rishabh’s hand and asks him to go. Gitanjali says she has gone, its not my thinking, where does she go. Sevakram says Priyam is not in his room, he is nowhere, even Rishabh is missing, come fast. Gitanjali goes and sees Priyam’s room messes up.

She gets a call. Bhairavi asks whose call is it. Gitanjali gets a threatening call. She asks him not to do anything to Priyam. He asks her to save Priyam and show. Gitanjali says Choti Maa will kill Priam, she is doing this as I have made her leave, maybe she is scared that Radheshyam is in police station and will take her name. She calls on the number. She hears the phone ringing. She goes to Rishabh’s room and gets the phone. Sevakram says how can this happen, Rishabh is Sahib. She recalls Rishabh’s dislike for Abhimanyu and Priyam. She cries.

She thinks to know Rishabh’s secrets today and checks his cupboard. She plays Ragini’s recording. Rishabh asks Sevakram about Gitanjali. He heats the recording and asks who is in my room. He goes to his room. Gitanjali looks at him. He stops recording. She plays recording and says tell me I m just thinking all this, what’s all this, you have her saree and jewelry, how did you get this. He asks where did you get this. She asks why did you lie to me.

Rishabh says because she is dead. She asks why does she talk to me if she is dead, what does she want to sign me. He says none returned from dead, someone is fooling you. She says you are fooling me, you lied to me, what’s that phone doing in your room. He asks phone? She says you make calls as Sahib from here. He says its not my phone. She says you have murdered Abhimanyu and attacked on me, what will you do with Priyam, will you kill him. He says I did not kill anyone, why will I kill Priyam. She says because he is Abhimanyu’s reincarnation. He says its a lie. She asks him to kill her. She says you have kidnapped me. He asks what are you saying. She says I called police, you have to surrender, kill me, all questions and blames will end with me. He raises hand and shouts. He stops. She cries and goes.

Bhairavi asks Gitanjali who will do Karwachauth puja. Gitanjali says this is the way, I can die with Abhimanyu, make me ready. Bhairavi makes her ready. Gitanjali recalls Abhimanyu and sees the moon. Hamesha tumko chaha…..plays……… She sees Abhimanyu’s pic. Someone comes and ignites fire there. She gets shocked. Sevakram shouts fire. Rishabh asks what happened. Sevakram says Gitanjali got trapped in fire. Rishabh rushes. Someone enters the fire and saves Gitanjali. She says don’t save me, let me die. She sees Abhimanyu and gets shocked. He asks how would I let you die, I just lived and died on one name, Gaura. She says you are a dream, hallucination, a beautiful cheat. He says its not a cheat, touch me and see, your Abhimanyu has come back to you. She touches his face. Hamesha tumko chaha…..plays……. They cry.

Gitanjali gets away and says you are really Abhimanyu, you came back to me. He nods. She holds him. She cries and hugs him. They both cry. She says you don’t know how I lived without you. Inspector comes and says we got the kid about which you told on phone. She gets shocked seeing Priyam coming. Priyam says don’t worry, your Abhimanyu has come. Priyam and Abhimanyu say the same lines, that her Abhimanyu has come back. She gets shocked seeing them.

Gitanjali burns Abhimanyu’s clothes and cries. Naina thaglenge….plays……..

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Little bit confused for precape!! Why Gaura did this???

    Abhi n Gaura’s sad secnes were awesome..Abhi ws looking soo cute.?

    1. Hey Alina, I was about to ask you about your last comment where you said that Abhimanyu is alive and when I read the update, I saw that he came in at the end of the episode, so I didn’t bother to ask you where you got the news from. Now I’m somewhat confused about whether Abhimanyu is dead or alive after reading entire update. You on the same boat as me??? I guess we’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s episode huh…..

    2. Hlo Naz..I got that news from tellyupdates (spoilers)..?

      N yeah I’m also confused..?

  2. I was wondering whether this serial is too intense and dark for some viewers but then I thought that since its a serial, the topic of reincarnation can be explored more in detail because the time frame is not of movie caliber but of serial content and we know that serials drag on for years. So while the story is unfolding at a slow pace, I hope it’s worth of time we all spend on analyzing and that we aren’t wasting our time with a serial which will eventually turn out like all the others with repetitive content. …….So, where have all the viewers gone to???

    1. Hey Naz, this is Priya from ETRETR forum lol. How are you?
      And I’m seriously confused with two Abhimanyus. I thought he himself set the fire and rescued her. But his emotions looked so genuine. Now she’s burning his clothes. I really want to see the next episode soon lol. But I guess I have to wait…Sigh. Wish ETRETR was even mildly close to this. And about the serial being slow, it says it has totally 52 episodes. So it’ll get over in a few months and hopefully it turns out to be good. Also just when I was thinking about Shoaib, they brought him. Just wow! I don’t like to wait!!!

  3. Now one of them will be a fraud.It maybe Priyam or it maybe Abhi.Maybe someone is in disguise of Abhi.Plastic surgery and all.The main master mind did this so that Geetu cannot reach the truth.Rajveer said it right yesterday that someone is misleading Geetanjali.
    The person who set fire yst appeared to be Abhi too.From pants and all.
    Plus I think Ragini will be Abhi’s sister and maybe (I wish this is not true ?) he married geetu to take revenge of her sister’s death.I dont know there are alot of things coming in my mind which may happen ?.

    The care in Abhi’s eyes yest was so genuine .The scene in which his tear dropped when Gaura patted on his face was so ?❤.

    The best part of this serial is that it is progressing with a story.Nothing looks unplanned.

  4. Hi Priya, nice to find you here…. Lakshmi is also on this forum but like me, is watching to see what unfolds, since it’s only two episodes per week, there’s not much frequency with comments. I didn’t know that it’s 52 episodes for this serial! Well then… I should just be patient and enjoy a serial which is so different from the rest, let the writers do their jobs, this serial has potential so that why I’m watching. I like thought provoking stories, it gives my brain some extra work… ? ? not that I don’t have much to think about.!!! Nevertheless, it’s a good story, much suspense and I’m intrigued with the concept of reincarnation and am anxious to see how writers deal with this topic so that viewers like myself can have s better understanding and hopefully connect the dots with clarifications. Have a lovely day my friend……

  5. I’m doing well Priya, and like you, I’m confused, hopefully we’ll see some new developments soon and I also don’t understand Geetanjali’s actions. Nothing happens without reason right, so there’s got to be a reason for her actions. Well, you know ETRETR was good until season 2….it was a bad dream for all of us. I’ll miss Raja and Rani like hell, I know I’ll cry for weeks for them especially Raja, I so like him to bits……

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