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The Episode starts with Munshi saying Rishabh has to go, but you have to become Abhimanyu now, your parents are no more, there is no danger now. Aditya says no, there is one man who knows me, he has to go as well. Munshi asks who. Aditya kills him. Gitanjali asks Rishabh about his child. Rishabh say I don’t know, he disappeared from the hospital, I tried to find him, but did not get him. She says you have hidden this from me. He says you were in hostel, I m going to make you two meet, but till then Ragini was gone. She says truth comes out some day, even then you did this. He says I was responsible towards my family and respect. She says even Ragini had responsibility, but she fulfilled her love, why did you make promises to her when you had to break it, you call yourself a Rajput, its all fake, Ragini was a Rajputani, what did you do, she has fought for love and died, I get hurt seeing you in sorrow, today I feel you deserve this pain and sorrow, today you fell in my eyes, I m going to hospital to meet Abhimanyu. He says no, he is fraud. She says he is not fraud, I have seen his truth, he did everything which you could not do for Ragini. He says he is enemy, love can’t happen with enemy, this is the family tradition. She says if you understood this, you would have not been alone today. She goes. He shouts Gitu….

Priyam plays a video and sees Ragini. She takes baby in hand and tells him that Rishabh is coming. Priyam says Maa. Aditya says yes, your mum, she was a nice lady, she loved you a lot, but she was killed, you know who killed her. Priyam says Rishabh killed her. Aditya says you hate him right, what do you want. Priyam says yes, revenge. Aditya says its time for our next plan.

Gitanjali goes to Abhimanyu while inspector stops her. She recalls him and says you took much time to come back, get up now, I can’t wait more. Nurses asks her to go. She refuses to go. Abhimanyu holds her hand. Aditya asks Priyam to do as he said, is he scared, he is a kid, fear is natural, its time to take revenge of Ragini’s death, she will be happy seeing this and saying her son got brave, you are so innocent, I used to be innocent like you, like this truth and innocence do not take person anywhere, you have to become brave and strong like me, you are going to become a brave child today, look there, that’s the stairs, leave this helpless childhood back forever, remember do as I said.

Priyam signs to him. He comes to Rishabh. Rishabh plays piano and recalls Gitanjali’s words. He recalls Ragini and his moments. FB shows Ragini telling Rishabh about the flowers. He says I can’t see any colors. She says you can see everything by my eyes, all this is made for you. They have a romantic moment. FB ends. Rishabh feels Ragini with him. He stops playing piano and says Ragini. He says Gitu says I should have fought for my love, how would I fight, Gitanjali does not understand, family’s traditions and prestige are everything for a man, how would I break this bonds, I can never break this, there is nothing in front of my family pride, my love and happiness are happiness. She cries. He hears the clock alarm.

Sevakram looks for Chanda. He makes the milk ready for Rishabh. Priyam comes there and keeps the box in kitchen, really Aditya giving it to him. Sevakram asks what are you doing here. Priyam says I came to have water. Sevakram gives him water. He adds that powder in milk thinking its sugar. Sevakram gives the milk to Rishabh and goes. Priyam hides and looks on. Rishabh asks Priyam why is he hiding, come out, I can’t see but I can hear everything, you have troubled me a lot. He takes the milk glass. He asks what are you doing here, you did what Abhimanyu taught, you said about Ragini, you know who was she, tell me.

Priyam says yes I know, who else can know her better than me, she was my mum. Rishabh drops the milk glass and gets shocked. Rishabh says Maa…. Inspector Vijay tells Rajveer that Gitanjali is in inspector, she believes there are two Abhimanyu, and one who is here is innocent. Rajveer asks what happened to her. Kavya says true love. Rajveer ends call and asks her what is she doing here. She says I m confused which is my house and surname, I m Bhavani’s illegitimate daughter, this is the truth, my identity was fake, I was jealous with Gitu, I felt why she gets everything, I was foolish, I had no rights, don’t show sympathy, I m strong enough, fate did bad joke with me, I will write my fate, I wrote your name in my fate, I took FIR back, you can become mine now.

He asks her to come to senses. She says you still love Gitanjali knowing she loves Abhimanyu, you will always be her friend whom she can use, she will never marry you, till when will you live by Gitanjali’s wish, stop it for my sake, I pity you, you get hurt by Gitanjali and go to her, you can’t even cry to act powerful, you are also broken within, I can see. He cries. She asks him to stop acting strong, who knows better than me how a person breaks in love, whenever you rejected me, I cried a lot, you also cry, you will feel better, we can share the pain of one sided love. He rests on her shoulder and cries. She consoles him.

Gitanjali wakes up and sees Abhimanyu gone. She calls him out. She asks inspector about Abhimanyu, Vijay says he was here, find him, shoot him on sight, he is a murderer, he cheated us and ran away. Gitanjali says if he did not do these crimes then. He asks her not to joke, you are mad in his love. Nurse says that window is open.

Aditya calls Gitanjali and asks don’t you worry for Abhimanyu. She asks him to say where is he. He says aw, you look cute in anger, I will give you clue, get driving, I will guide you, don’t inform police. Abhimanyu is hanged over the chemical. Aditya says if she reaches on time, you will get saved, else this tank has poisonous chemical that will melt your bones. Gitanjali sees Vijay and hides. She leaves. She reaches Aditya. She sees Abhimanyu and the chemical tank. Aditya says this is called true love, I did not call you to meet him, I called you to show Abhimanyu his wife’s marriage with his twin brother, I lost everything because of him, I will snatch his Gaura too. He shows her the mandap and asks why are you shocked, its a happy day, its our marriage. She raises hand. He stops her and says you have fire, you are a Rajputani. She says yes, I m a Rajputani. He says Abhimanyu has to die. She stops him. Aditya asks her to come. She says if my brother knows, he will not leave you alive. Aditya says he will not be alive, he will die by his son’s hands, Priyam will give him poison, Priyam is Ragini and Rishabh’s son. She gets shocked.

Rishabh asks what, was Ragini your mum. Priyam says yes, I came here to take revenge from you, you killed her. Rishabh says its not true, who said this. Priyam says she was happy and wanted to meet you, I saw the video, she trusted you, you killed her. Rishabh says no, I loved Ragini and you also. Priyam says no, you hate me like I hate you. Rishabh says no, how can a father hate a son. Priyam says another lie. Rishabh says I m such a fool, I should have understood when Abhimanyu got you home, I could not find you all these days, and now you have hatred for me, do you really hate me. Priyam says don’t come close, I hate

Aditya says it will be beautiful moment, a son will kill his father, like I did, I killed my dad. Abhimanyu and Gitanjali get shocked. He asks Gitanjali not to worry. Abhimanyu and Gitanjali get shocked seeing the dead bodies. Gitanjali calls Aditya an animal. Aditya asks her what is she saying. She says you are mentally ill and slaps him. He lights the mandap havan kund. Rishabh says I wanted to meet you, I lived to just hug you once. Priyam says don’t come close. Rishabh says don’t get scared, you are my son. Priyam says you are not my dad. Rishabh hugs him and cries. Priyam says leave me Papa. Priyam cries and says sorry Papa. Rishabh too apologizes.

Aditya gives the bridal dress to Gitanjali and says I always wanted to see you in this bridal dress, you married a weak person and could not take revenge for sister’s death. She says you are weak, one who loses to anger is weak, he is not weak. He holds her hand and plays mantras. He takes the round forcibly.

Kavya says when you become mine, I will take all your sorrows. Rajveer asks what shall I do, I can’t forget her, I know she does not love me, I love her. She says let her die, all sorrow will end, she can never love you. He says no, I can’t see her hurt. She says she cheated you. He says no, she never said she loves me, she did not cheat me, she did not make me any promise ever, the reason of my sorrow and pain is myself, sorry I wish you did not love me, the reason for your sorrow and pain is you yourself, I m going to Gitu, she needs me, before Abhimanyu harms her, I have to reach her. He goes. She gets angry. She says many lives will go in this game, just you will be the reason.

Rishabh makes Priyam sleep in lap and cries. Lag jaa gale….plays…… Rishabh goes and recalls Priyam’s words. He thinks am I forgetting family’s prestige by emotions, I sacrificed love and future for family, will I break all promises for a child, no I always lived for family and today I have to die for family, Shekhri family can forget friendship, not enmity. He calls someone and says I got that child, take him from here tonight and kill him. The clocks alarm rings. Rishabh says your hearts beat together, I loved Ragini and gave big sacrifice for this family’s pride, today I m going to give bigger sacrifice, father and son relation will become a cheat today, I have to kill this bad blood, I m going to sacrifice my only son, this Shekhri and Rathore family enmity will be same forever.

Gitanjali pushes Aditya. Abhimanyu holds Gitanjali’s hand.

Update Credit to: Amena


    All truths are out finally…
    Poor rishab he is going to die in tomorrows episode..
    Finally koi laut ke aaya hai..
    Heart touching episode…
    And last episode tomorrow, going to miss show and frnds.. ???????

    1. Mona146

      Initially when I read the spoilers that Rishabh is going to die I felt bad but after seeing his attempt to murder his own son I feel Rishabh is similar to bhavani singh and deserves to die. Poor rajveer.


      But i think rishab will realise and will save priyam and while saving geetanjali and abhimanyu he may die..

  2. tania-the fairy

    Oh my!this rishab.behind all this.I knew that.now what will happen.innocent priyam.save him gite from this cruel father.

    1. Mona146

      what do you mean by all this? I did not understand.

  3. I loved Rishabh-Ragini and Rishabh-Priyam scenes very much they are too emotional… Writers please don’t make Rishabh die I like his expressions very much…and make Gitu marry Rajveer he is such a true lover ….
    feeling sad that the serial came to end
    Koi Laut ke aaya fir Laut ke aana ….

  4. Tomorrow is last episode of our klkah.. ? its not fair.. rishab shouldn’t do that crime.. but i think its priyam’s plan.. priyam will survive and geetu n abhi will further adopt him.. or may be rishab survive and realise his mistakes and accept priyam.. so much confusion.. tomorrow we will get all the answers of our questions.. ??

  5. OMG… Everything is out!! Wonderful episode. Aditya… So rotten to the core, killed the parents who brought him in this world, though they were bad example, to die by your child’s hands is awful. My God Rishabh, I didn’t expect this from you…family prestige is so important that he’s going to sacrifice his own son!!! I’m excited to see episode tonight. I wish Kavya ends up without Rajveer…she deserves zilch!!! So looking forward to Rishabh and Priyam’s scenes, it looks heartbreaking. What an adrenaline rush this episode is ,certainly not looking forward to seeing last episode, I know I’ll cry …??????????

    1. Mona146

      he killed only his father. His mother got killed accidentally by his father while trying to save him. I hated Rishabh a lot at the end. How can he think of killing his child after expressing so much of love. I wish its his or priyams dream. Yes true that kavya does not deserve anything and I feel like she is planning something now.

    2. Thanks Mona146…..for the correction. ??

  6. Ankur

    I never thought that I would hate Rishabh so much….He is so cruel that he is ready to sacrifice his own son for the family prestige ??

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    I actually don’t watch Hindi serials anymore like I used to due to my busy schedule but my Mom loves watching this show and few other shows , I saw Koi laut Ke Aaya Hai with her and I just love the suspense. Yesterday’s episode was good. I loved all the rishabh scenes most be it with ragini or priyam it was very emotional. I knew Priyam was Ragini and Rishabh’s Son! But why is Rishab killing Priyam? Priyam is his own Son, how can he do like this ??, I also have a feeling
    Rushing will die? but I really got angry when he really wanted to kill his own son. But he loves his Son at the same time. I think at the end only Geetanjali and Abhimanyu will survive that’s for sure, and also Priyam. I don’t know what will happen with Kavya and Rajveer quite confused? But yes did feel bad for Rajveer he truly loves geentanjali , but at the same time geentanjali and Abhimanyu, and definitely one of them will kill Aditya if not Rajveer. Anything can happen. This show is full of twists. I just hope geetanjali and Abhimanyu gets together n i m sure Abhimanyu will get his gaura back

    And is it really the last episode totmorow?

  8. Friends, I have yet to see the last episode of our KLKAH. I will watch it tomorrow. After this episode I can’t believe Rishabh could be so cold and cruel. I didn’t expect that! After reuniting with Priyams, it’s quite a shocking twist. Now I have to wonder if he did kill Ragini.

    I’m curious as to what will happen to Rajveer. And Kavya. I would like to see Rajveer happy.

    I will be back after I watch the last episode tomorrow.

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