Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 11th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gitanjali recalling Abhimanyu and saying he had knife mark on his back, I have seen it when he met me after 6 years, it means he was saying true, he did not do anything. Aditya beats Abhimanyu. They both fight. Aditya says remember if army trained you, my loneliness and madness trained me, forget Gaura, just I have right on her, there is just one way, your death. They fight. Gitanjali says maybe we did some mistake, there is one more truth, maybe Abhimanyu is innocent. Rajveer says this man made you reach mental asylum, did you really go mad. She says he did not do anything, where is Abhimanyu. Inspector says we have sent him to jail. She runs. They go along.

Gitanjali comes to jail and sees Abhimanyu running along with some prisoners. Rajveer and inspector see the prisoners escaping. Rajveer sees Abhimanyu running. He sees Gitanjali running after him. Aditya and Abhimanyu fight at the cliff area. Abhimanyu asks who are you, how is your face like me. Aditya says its a miracle. Abhimanyu asks what did I do, why are you after me. Aditya says you got everyone, mum, dad, Gaura, you took my place, I have to got everything brother if you were not there, I m your brother, you snatched everything. Abhimanyu says I did not know anything. Aditya says how would you know, dad felt I m the reason of his destruction and separated me, he did not know his evil will be reason of his destruction, I stayed close as your shadow, in your darkness, when I cried alone, I saw you had someone to make you laugh, I did not get anyone’s love because of you, I became unlucky.

Abhimanyu says forgive me, I did not know anything, you have to bear punishment, surrender to police, you will get everything you lost. Aditya says begging for rights is not my style. They fight. Gitanjali comes there and shouts Abhimanyu. She gets shocked seeing Abhimanyu and Aditya. Aditya says I told you he has done this. Abhimanyu says don’t trust him, I m your Abhimanyu, look in my eyes, you can see my love. She says enough, I don’t need to know who is Abhimanyu, I have identified well.

She goes to Aditya. He says I knew it Gaura, you will identify me. She slaps him and says I identified you are not real Abhimanyu, he does not have mark on his back. She hugs Abhimanyu and cries. He says you can’t understand how I have spent 6 years, my wish to live ended, but life got me back to you. She says I have spent these years as hell, this fraud made me mad, I was hating you, but there was love and hope behind it, when you gave me sign, I understood you can’t hurt me. She hugs him. Rajveer comes there with inspector. Abhimanyu asks Gitanjali not to blame herself. He says Aditya’s game is over now, his place is in jail now. Aditya says did Bhavani not tell you I m a devil, none can cage it, devil takes people to hell. He holds Abhimanyu and pushes him. They fall down the cliff. Gitanjali says we should go there to find Abhimanyu. They all go down.

They find Abhimanyu. She asks is he is not Abhimanyu then, turn him. They see the wound marks on his back. She says we have to save him, how t know its Abhimanyu or his lookalike. Rishabh asks did she go mad, what does she mean by two Abhimanyu. Kavya asks did you see otherAbhimanyu. Rajveer says no, other prisoner’s back was facing my side, Gitanjali is in hospital, Abhimanyu is in ICU. She says maybe she is hallucinating like always, she still loves Abhimanyu. Rishabh goes. Kavya asks why did you become fool, did you do this so that Gitanjali goes back to Abhimanyu. Rajveer recalls Gitanjali’s words.

Kavya says I knew it, one sided love has no value in this world, you will not matter to Gitanjali, maybe you understood this before. Inspector asks did anyone else see that knife mark on Abhimanyu’s back. Gitanjali says no, today I have seen both of them together. He says but we did not get other body, there is just one Abhimanyu. Gitanjali goes to meet Abhimanyu. She cries seeing his wounded back. She thinks how can I say this is Abhimanyu, maybe he is somewhere else in wounded state, maybe this is also a cheat. She asks doctor about wound marks on his back before the fall. Doctor says no, he fell down from top, its tough to say its old or new wound. Rishabh comes there and takes her. He asks what’s this nonsense, how did lookalike come now. She says Abhimanyu’s lookalike came after 6 years, my Abhimanyu was captive, he has returned to meet me. He says its impossible. She says I have seen them fighting. Rajveer says none saw them, how can you be sure. She says I m not mad. Rishabh says maybe its an illusion, Abhimanyu is one, who cheated you, many times people can’t differentiate between truth and illusion, don’t do same mistake again.

Bhavani says Kalyani was at home, where is she. Kavya asks why are you worried, you got to know about Abhimanyu’s lookalike, Gitanjali said his lookalike has played this game by kidnapping Abhimanyu, how did you not realize this, is he Abhimanyu’s twin brother. Bhavani says no, he died after birth. Kavya says no, he is fooling you since years, all your secrets are coming out. He recalls pandit’s words and thinks Kalyani is missing, did he kidnap Kalyani, I will not leave him, I have to find Kalyani. He goes. Kavya says we will see if pandit’s words turn true.

Gitanjali says I have seen them falling down the mountain, if this is lookalike, Abhimanyu would be there. Rishabh says stop, you are risking life for such a man. She says he is really there, you never trusted my love. He says I went against you for your protection, you think I don’t know what’s love, come with me, I will show you what I know about love.

Kalyani calls Bhavani and says my life is in risk. Bhavani says tell me where are you. Kalyani says you did all this and risked my life, our son has become a devil. Priyam asks Bhavani to come soon. Bhavani asks where are you. Kavya calls Rajveer and asks is Gitanjali still saying nonsense, love makes person mad, you still have hope that Gitanjali will come back to you, you will get mad if you run after Gitanjali, I love you. He throws his phone.

Munshi asks Bhavani to come. Priyam says we will begin the game, sorry, its a game rule. Bhavani scolds Priyam and pushes him down. He asks where is my son. Munshi asks you are thinking of him now. Kalyani says free me, we shall leave, he is mad, he can do anything. Bhavani says we will end this game many years ago. Kalyani says now I understand how he got this evil, you don’t care for me, you both just care for this cheap game, my poor Abhimanyu, he was used for revenge, I trusted you always, you are a devil, shame on you. Bhavani says you said right, I don’t care for you, I will kill him before he ruins me. Aditya comes and says no, you are wrong, I will not ruin you, Abhimanyu did that, I did your work, its good you came here, I told Priyam to call you here, so shall we start the game, end has game, pandit’s prediction will turn true.

Munshi sends Priyam. Aditya shows pandit’s body, who has done that prediction. Kalyani and Bhavani get shocked. Rishabh shows Ragini’s pic to Gitanjali. He says you just knew I love Ragini, you did not know how many plannings were done against us, how I lost her, how much I cried for her, just this is her memory now, I feel her by touching her pic. Bhavani asks who are you, you are nothing without my name. He points gun at Aditya. Aditya says I know what you can do, you feel I came back as I did not know anything, I have seen everything what you did with me and Ragini.

Rishabh says you feel I don’t understand your and Abhimanyu’s relation, our families had enmity, Ragini trusted me that I will not cheat her, but that revenge ruined my life. FB shows Rishabh’s dad asking him to cheat Ragini in love. Rishabh says when I broke her trust, I did not know what she went through. Aditya says Ragini was broken by Rishabh’s cheat. FB shows Ragini saying Rishabh cheated me, what shall I do of that love, I have Rishabh’s child in my womb. Bhavani says you can’t stay in this house. He asks Kalyani to send Ragini to Rishabh’s house, fine if they accept her, else she will die. Aditya says you have thrown Ragini out of the house.

Rishabh says Ragini was waiting outside the house, I had two ways, love or promise given to dad, I chose my promise. FB shows Rishabh worrying for Ragini. His dad asks him not to go to Ragini, else he will kill himself. Rishabh says fine, you and your hatred have won. Ragini sits crying in the doli. Rishabh says she was waiting for me, I did not go out, I lost her for the first time. Gitanjali asks what do you mean. Aditya says Bhavani was trying to get Ragini killed, I was the witness and did not let this happen, I took Ragini from there, I was her support. FB shows goons going to kill Ragini. Aditya beats them. Ragini says Abhimanyu you… Aditya says no, I m your brother who understands your pain. He says I took Ragini with me, but she got mentally unstable, I felt she will get better after her child is born, but you have sent the men to kill Ragini’s child, but Ragini got killed instead. Kalyani gets shocked knowing this.

Aditya says I gave Ragini’s son in an orphanage so that I spend my life in ruining you. Rishabh says I got to know Ragini gave birth to my son, but she got mentally unstable, she was in asylum, she called me. FB shows Rishabh apologizing to Ragini. He says if I stood for you, maybe your life was not such, I will come and accept you and my child. Ragini says our child looks like you. He says I m coming. She says I will wear my bridalwear, my doli was outside your house, this time you take me home, will you take me home, promise. He says yes. She smiles. FB ends. Rishabh says I broke the promise given to dad, it was late, I got Ragini’s dead body, someone murdered her, they took my child as well. FB shows Rishabh crying for Ragini. Bhavani and Kalyani come there. Kalyani sees Rishabh and gets angry. Bhavani says I told you Kalyani, Rishabh ruined our respect and then snatched our daughter. Rishabh says I did not kill her, you killed her. Kalyani shouts you have killed our daughter, we will snatch your beloved thing. FB ends. Rishabh says I tried to find my child, but I did not get him, if there is someone valuable in my life, its you Gitu, that’s why I stopped you from going after illusions, I don’t want to lose you. Gitanjali cries.

Kalyani asks Bhavani did you kill Ragini, how can any human fall so much, you are a devil. Aditya says yes, Bhavani snatched life and happiness from people. Bhavani says this is my truth, but this will not change your truth, you have to change. Aditya says no, my truth changed. Bhavani shoots. Kalyani comes in front and gets shot. Aditya holds her and says its time to turn prediction true. He stabs Bhavani and kills him. He says I wanted to sleep in your lap Maa, I m making you rest in my lap. Kalyani closes eyes. Aditya gets shocked. He shuts Kalyani and Bhavani’s dead bodies in cupboard. He says now its turn for Rishabh to die.

Gitanjali says if you had to break promise to Ragini, why did you break promises, Ragini fought for love, I get hurt seeing you hurt, today I feel you deserve this pain and sorrow. Rishabh cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


    First half of show was full of stupidity of geetanjali.. she would have told truth to Rajveer..
    Second half was confusing.
    And finally third half showed the real culprit behind death of ragini..
    And 2 more episodes are left, show will not just run but it will rush like mad bull..

  2. So i think my prediction is going right.. Priyam is ragini and rishab’s son.. N rishab really loved ragini.. ?? waiting for next week eagerly..??

    1. Mona146

      thats the reason he is intelligent like rishab but also he’s evil like the sadist aditya. I wish he was innocent.

    2. But may be he didn’t knew the innocent side of rishab.. Aditya must have shown him the bad reckless side of rishab.. N when he entered the house as abhimanyu rishab didn’t wanted anyone to hurt geetu n so he was always rude to him… Poor priyam.. He didn’t knew that he was on the wrong side..

  3. Hello, Does any1 know who is this munshi, n why he’s supporting Aditya , what’s his motive behind all this ?

    1. Mona146

      even I wonder the same. He seems to have some other selfish motive to support aditya. Eventhough he can support him normally he made aditya a psycho and I wonder the reason behind this. I felt bad for kalyani for first time. She burned in revenge but she loved all of her children nevertheless. She died before she could say spare abhimanyu to aditya. So sad.

    2. Munshi raised Aditya. It was shown in Saturdays episode. So technically he’s a father figure to Aditya so it’s like he’s helping his son.

    3. Meena4801

      I think something bad was happened with him.. So bcoz of that he used aditya.. Bhavani n shekharis must have done something wrong to him.. So he planned revenge from both the parties.. Or may be he is the second good person who is just here to help just like rajveer.. No selfish motives.. He just wanted to save aditya from everyone..

  4. I enjoyed tonight’s episode. I hate how fast paced and rushed it has to be, it’s terribly unfair. Despite this, it’s nice that most of the truth has been revealed, especially the mystery surrounding Ragini. Im glad Bhavani is gone, he deserved it for his evil deeds. I’m eager to see what transpires in the next episode. It’s sad to see what Aditya has become and it would be nice if he was able to get some help and be happy too. But he’s done too many horrible things. I hope Rajveer gets some kind of a happy ending. I don’t know how
    that could happen, but I hope he won’t turn to Kavya.

    There’s so much potential for a Part 2 of this. So much that can still be done with the characters. Rishabh and Priyam can begin a father/son relationship. Abhi and Gitu can live happily and have a baby. Rajveer can find a wonderful girl and start his own life. Maybe Aditya can go away for some time to get help. KLKAH???❤?❤??❤?

  5. Very disappointing episode

    Guys did anyone noticed

    When aditya ran from courtroom he was wearing white jacket
    And when car accident happend abhimanyu came out from the car and he was wearing black jacket
    No one noticed that not that stupid policemen nor geetanjali
    And now when both the brothers were fighting both were wearing same clothes
    Then how did geetanjali noticed real abhimanyu by his marks

    All far the season they showed us about real abhimanyu
    By the ending they’re showing about two sibling story
    Then they showing this show is about geetanjali’s story


    When aditya tell abhimanyu that he is real deserving person of geetanjali
    How can he tell like that
    I mean
    When he proves that abhimanyu is culprit then how come geetanjali loves abhimanyu
    Then how come he told he will keep geetanjali

    I was very upset with writer that he is showing not fair results about rajveer
    He is the real person who deserve geetanjali

    It’s like
    Bhawre ne khilaya phool
    Phool ko legaya raj kuwar (abhimanyu)
    Not done

    And about priyam
    And choti maa
    They are used for waste
    Disappointed 🙁
    I thought throughout this season was very entertaining and full of suspense
    Ending will also be like that
    Bakwaas kardiya yaar

    I hope next two episodes should be near our expectation koi laut ke aaya hai should be

    All of you friends
    Final good bye from me
    I was very entertained by reading all of your comments


    Remember me in your precious prayers

    Good bye 🙂

  6. As expected Priyam is going to be Raginis son and the mastermind behind the entire game is Rishab to take revenge for Ragini and to get Gitu’s property. As in lie detecter it proved that Rishab is not the their child and real owner so I belive its going to turn the master plan of Rishab

  7. tania-the fairy

    what an epi…they r so eager to shut it..first was draggig now running.
    Hi,Sof ..after so many days leter u came .how r u?
    sure rose.. we will remember u.

    1. Hi Tania, I’m good thanks. How are you? ?
      It’s terrible how rushed the last few episodes have to be.

      Rose I did notice that they were dressed differently. I was surprised that nobody noticed, neither Gitu or the police.

      Also, it was mentioned earlier that Ragini died 8 years ago, but Priyam is 10, so that seems to be an oversight by the writers.

      Aru you may be correct about Rishabh. With only 2 episodes left, let’s see what they reveal. I’m also wondering about the secret behind the walls that Priyam talks about. I hope the writers don’t forget about that.

    2. tania-the fairy

      HI.Sof..u r welcome.,.I m fine sis. I really missed ur analysis.u describe everything so clearly.thought u left watching this.where were u?

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  9. tania-the fairy

    Hoping all the secret will come out.Writter dont forget anything which u already said.I feel like ragini is alive.dont know anything.

  10. tania-the fairy

    I also said first that it can be rishab s game after truth meter caught lie.but now dont know what will happen.

  11. tania-the fairy

    shradda di,Sofrina appi,do u have any spoilers about it?

  12. Hi Tania, I appreciate your kind words 🙂 I have been here, but didn’t write any thoughts about last weeks episodes. Where in India are you from sis? How old? I’m 30 years old from Toronto, Canada.

    Friends, one thing that isn’t clear to me, was Ragini aware that Aditya saved her that night? Or did she just assume it was Abhimanyu? I wonder if he told her?

    Many weeks back, I had suggested Priyam could be Rishabh and Ragini’s son. I don’t think Priyam is aware of what happened and who his parents are. I feel sorry for Priyam as well. He was also robbed of a happy childhood, just like Aditya.

    So now it seems that Priyams parents were just hired by Aditya to act as his parents. Perhaps he killed them because they knew everything. The men that killed them were also probably hired by Aditya to keep an eye on them. After the dad mailed the letter to Gitu, they probably felt they couldnt be trusted and killed them. I’m not sure why the tailors son was murdered. Maybe Choti Ma was murdered because Aditya found out that she had and Bhavani were Kavya’s parents. He may have felt he needed to defend his mother.

    Could it be possible that Abhimanyu killed Bhavani as justice for his brother and sister? Maybe it’s Aditya on the operating table? When Kalyani was dying, she said Abhimanyu’s name. Could it be that she recognized him?

    It seems that Aditya did develop feelings for Gitu, but felt conflicted due to seeking justice for his sister.

  13. tania-the fairy

    HI,Sofrina Appi.thanks for appreciation.I m from Bangladesh nd 19 years old.I knew u can be elder than me.
    I also think that aditya is d one who is behind all murder.this serial is different from every show.thats why I like it.every epi has some secret reavalation.I think some secret will reave soon.

  14. I’m happy for two things…. Geetu and Rishabh reunited and there’s good Abhimanyu, who will unite with Geetu at the end of this debacle…..good that Bhavani et al are getting what they deserve from their own flesh and blood…..when people are corrupt, they usually fight amongst themselves eventually and become consumed by their own
    negativity……and Kavya still has the guts to call the shots….i hope Rajveer refuse to take her as life partner…..Geetu is right, when Kavya needs help, she better not turn to Geetu for it….


    Countdown begains..
    2 episodes – today and tomorrow….
    And after that only missing the show….

  16. Seriesis ending so sad this is my top 4 favourite after abhay arnav adarsh abhimanyu really miss shoaib….U showed ur talent in acting sharad also shoaib negativity and positivity with same time it’s aesm and his intense – diffrent level and sj her role is limited just as central character finally shaleen brilliant actor in small screen he has nothing do in klkah 4 keep Supporting Sj and sharad as geetrish in difficult situation …. Geetrish and abhigeet chemistry ഉഗ്രൻ ആയിട്ടുണ്ട് total 10ൽ 8

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