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hi friends this is Lopez,, and am here to bother u guys with a little scribbling and I hope u would bear with my mistakes and comment as well…. lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu all???????????

Abhi and pragya are happy married couple with their son ansh who is seventeen (17)yrs old,they love each other intensely that one could not live without the other,,enjoying life was their usual redeem ,every year they make sure their marriage anniversary is being celebrated fully with joy and abhi while carrying pragya would promise to carry her till death do them apart,,,,and their son seeing all this has a sound mind as peace was everywhere at home..

life was normal until suddenly abhis behavior began to change gradually,he started to ignore pragya and anytime she complains, he would say its work stress ,,pragya also behaves normally with him,but abhi has different intentions as he was cheating on her,he sometimes leaves home under the pretense of work which took him for about two to three days,, this continued for about 6 months until oneday,abhi come to pragya and proposed divorce, this left her heartbroken, devastated and confuse, she cried and beg him to explain what her fault was but her weeping did not have any effect on him..oneday pragya came to him with a determined face and told him she is ready for the divorce, abhi was happy as ever and he called his lawyer and told him to proceed with the divorce dealings..but pragya who don’t know where her life was heading to was in severe pain ,she always try to find answers to the sudden turn of event in her life but nothing seems to prevail in her favour…
As for abhi,he was enjoying life as ever with his new girlfriend Priya, and never care to check on pragya..
Finally the day arrived and both were present at court,,the judge asked the reason for their divorce and abhi says he has no happiness in this marriage so all he need is divorce,, and they asked for pragyas opinion as well and she says if divorce would be the reason for her husbands happiness, then she is ready to give…
the judge officially announced their divorce and they ask pragya to wish for whatever she wish to take from abhi ,,and she says there are two things that are most valuable to her ..
one is abhi should give her one month as their son was writing his final exam at college and she don’t want their problem to affect his studies ,,the second request is he promise to carry me till death apart us and since it was short lived I request him to do me this favour for at least one month..
abhi who felt irritated accepted to do it unwilling, he informed priya and she was hell angry as she and abhis marriage would have to wait for one month more.. but abhi managed her and she felt a little calm…

Abhi and pragya behaves normal before Ansh and carrying pragya was his routine work but not with the happiness as before,, because he carries her without any eye contact with her as he fears by looking in her eyes would attract him again.. and ansh was happy as his father and mother was living a happy marriage life..
meanwhile priya witnessed all this and decided to spill the bean to ansh so she met ansh and told him everything about his parents divorce, he was hell angry and confronted pragya and she told him everything so he decided not to go home again,,, he lived at the boarding house but was in contact with pragya…And abhi whilst carrying pragya has noticed some dark spots and some wrinkles on her, but he didn’t care to ask her the reason..
This continued for three weeks and pragya began to look pale and whitish but he thinks it was the effect of divorce ..oneday abhi carried pragya again and her fragrance drawn her to him,,, he had an eyelock with her and pragya who came to her sense jerked him and abhi was confused for his deed,, and his feelings for pragya began to increase he felt he can’t leave without her..so the last day arrived and abhi called his lawyer to cancel the divorce dealings as he can’t live without his wife.
He decided to go out to buy some apology cards to beg pragya for his deeds but as he was about to leave,pragya called out his name and says plzz today is our last day so u should carry me …
and abhi who felt to surprise her didn’t want to tell her about his change of mind so he carried her and says I WOULD CARRY U TILL DEATH DO US APART pragya smiled and thanked him..
he left the house in a hurry .he bought every necessary thing to help him apologize to her …..
He returned home being in a happy mood, he called pragyas name loudly but there was no response so he went to their room only to find her lying on the floor with blood coming out from her nose he carried her quickly to the hospital,..
she was examined and the doctor came out and said she was no more and her illnesses was due to cancer????????????????? so saaaaaad,,,,, he felt his heat coming out,he sat on the floor and cried vigorously.. but what can his weeping do ?
the time he was supposed to recognize her illness was spent with some other woman,the woman he intend to keep life long lost her life because of his carelessness and his unfaithful behavior…
ansh completed his exam and head to his home but was disturbed and his vision was blurred he couldn’t walk properly and unfortunately a track smashed him..Abhi was called and informed about his sons death and tears was no longer flowing as they might be perhaps angry with him as well…. ………
..what did abhi gain after his wickedness towards his wife????? only death ruined his loved ones…….

plzzzzzzzz my dear ones let value our each and every relationship because a relationship lost can be repaired but can’t be as it was earlier……. (let be each others keeper because today was yesterdays days tomorrow)

lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu all hope u could drop ur views on this scribbling..

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  1. Reshma_Pradeep

    Tooooo Niceeee!

    1. Lopez

      thanks for ur comment reshma dear

  2. B_Ani

    i didnt know you were writing dear…and i didnt know miseries was your writing piece…
    will surely read it… i will love to read yours…
    coming to this, this was actually lovely…
    the last part touched my heart, i meant the lines ‘a relationship lost can be repaired but can’t be as it was earlier’ and ‘let be each others keeper because today was yesterdays days tomorrow’
    juz loved them…
    keep going dear…
    love u♥️♥️♥️♥️????

    1. Lopez

      aweeeeee thanks dear and I’ve been longing for ur comment thanks sooo much dear????????

  3. nice lopez … !! its tru.. we hav to value our lives … !!

    1. Lopez

      thanks nivethaa dear for ur comment

  4. Saranya24

    Very very very sad cant bear poor pragya and ansh so sad yaar no wrds more than tis???????

    1. Lopez

      thanks dear saranya24 for ur comment,,,, lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu??????

  5. Sowji

    Oh Vivian what a sad story…but it really very nice..

    1. Lopez

      aweeeeee thanks sooo much for ur comment dear……lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu

  6. ?? so sad and emotional…

    1. Lopez

      thanks for ur comment dear

  7. I could not except this from you good moral and good story so sad for pragya and here son everything because of abhi and he is happy with that Priya and didn’t notice pragya because of that she is dead.

    1. Lopez

      thanks soo much for ur comment abhigya dear, keep supporting, it means sooo much to me lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu

    1. Lopez

      thanks for ur comment

  8. Trisha

    Awesome shot dear…loved it???. Good story with a great message 🙂

    1. Lopez

      aweeeeee my heroine is here?????????? thanks for ur comment. lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu

  9. Awesome Di ..loved it??❤️
    Awesome message

  10. so badd abhi will never do this to his loved ones .ones he loves he will take care well.

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