Ishqbazians and Ishkara fans I myself anjali renima’s friend is posting this article for my colleague Renima who will be shortly honored with best employee title and I am missing her badly now. Now renima is in kalburgi and we felt ishkara has went from our group. This is a fun filled thing to enlighten our sweet ishkara fan renima’s mood and all the characters of this ff will behave weird.

Omkara : How much I have to cry ?
Ishana : Zulfi Singh Oberoi, when renima writes it comes from heart. We are her characters and she makes me also to cry.
Omkara : Her first fan fiction on we, kyaa thaa yaar ?

Ishana : New Face of Love
Omkara : There she made me to cry in every single episode. Mujhe lambi dialogues deti hein , kaun yaad karega yeh sab ?
Ishana : What about me ? I have to tackle issues and run in her stories.
Shivaay : In her single ff she will make oberoi moment and I got tired telling All for One and One for All.

Ishana : She will put much struggles for om and me and will do emotional atyachar.
Rudra : Now a days she brought me also in her ff. I will also do emotional scenes.
Sowmya : My cheeks are paining because every time I have 2 cry.
Ishana : Excuse me, I am the super senior in emotions.

Tej : She never fails 2 send me in prison.
Swethlana : I have 2 give always sharp looks and my eyes need some eye drops now.
Saahil : In show they didn’t show saa-sow bonding. But renima di made it. What you say sowmya ?
Sowmya : 100% correct.
Pinky : Oh My Maata, I will be the dramaqueens always in renima’s ff. She always loves me and I loves her.

Jhanvi : I have to do so many struggling scenes like omkara and always my face will become pale because my make up
Pinky : Oh My Maata ho jaayegi ? We don’t need glycerines and onions in renima’s ff as naturally tears will flows
Jhanvi : Correct pinky. Give me a hi-fi.
Omkara : Guys, we are here, But where is renima ?

Sowmya : Long hair she will enter after the precap.
Omkara : U use 2 call me as bade bhaal wale bhaiya, won’t you?
Sowmya : I will do that in renima’s fan fiction only.
Rudra : Guys, emotional girl is coming.
All starts clapping. Renima understands nothing and looks her mad buddies of ishkara community.
Renima : Anju…..what’s this?
Anjali : Hudugi [girl] Your characters are giving you awards.

Hari : Believe it renu, your ff characters are before your eyes.
Like renima’s style of writing , renima stares every one with wet eyes.
Shivaay : Om I can’t cry.
Omkara : Renima, now please don’t make me to cry more.

Ishana : You took much time for uniting me and omkara.
Omkara : When everything will be normal she will end ff soon. Why ?
Renima : I……I…..[copying renima’s dot……style of writing] Don’t know….
Rudra : Whatever, I am enjoying a lot. Thanks yaar.
Shivaay : Shall we give the award ?

Anjali : Renu , You are getting award for best emotional writer.
Renima : Oh My God!! [this is the first word comes from renima as usual]
All gives a packet of tissues and bucket to renima.
Omkara : U need it renima. Hold your tears in bucket as water scarcity is the biggest problem.
Ishkara : Clap guys renima has win emotional writer award.

how to continue it as first time I am writing an article. Nanagu enu gottila renu, nana kshamisi bidi. Renima, I know you are missing me dear. Bye And congrats from your friend anjali.
Renima I am posting this one in your ishkara google plus account. If you want you can send this article to telly updates through your account as I am not a registered member. Otherwise ignore it.

Written from Anjali and inspired from mangalore ishkara fans.We miss our manamechida hudugi

  1. Hi anjali,i am Ashwin i am new to FF.What is os?Sorry i won’t know os please tell me yaar.

    1. Renimarenju

      Ashwin I am renima and anjali is my friend cum colleague….Actually we worked together in managalore and we are adamant ishkara fans. Before 8 months i got a job transfer and i went 2 kalburgi. This is nothing just a friendly humor filled article as my ff’s always gives much emotional scenes….. About your doubt…….OS means One Shot ……In one shot u have 2 write the article and end it in that itself….I will convey ur compliment 2 her. She is not registered here….but i will tell her….thanks 4 commenting

    2. Thank u for ur reply.Thanks for saying whole story so sweet of u.

  2. Sunanda12345

    Areyyyy yar different concept awesome????…nyc gift 2 renima….even i also like ishkara….but where is anika….???
    Any have i enjoyed a lot while reading…
    All the best ??

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks sunanda yaar…..Yeah it’s actually a big gift 2 me…….and anika….usually shivika scenes will be very less in my ff,…..and in many of my ffs i won’t portray anika …….that’s why anika is not here……are u the same sunanda who use 2 comments on ib tu earlier……i will convey ur compliments 2 anjali…thanks for reading….

    2. Sunanda12345

      Yes iam sunanda at ib tu page…i will comment just some times

  3. RENI DI conrats fr both awards best employee and emotinal writer anjali u r crt reni dii is so emotioal congoo di once again

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot shab dear…..Actually it’s a sweet prank of my best friend anju 2 put me in surprise…..and she knows me and my writings very well……today she posted it on ishkara community which i made in mangalore when i was working, now am not active there… am not getting time…..and mailed me….2 read it and…..i simply smiled and posted it on tu….which made u guys 2 smile…….And am emotional…..that’s correct…..and thanks for wishing me as well as giving compliment 2 anju…..i will convey it…..

  4. Charms22

    Fabulous it’s an awesome surprise for Renima, I just loved your writing style???

    1. Renimarenju

      Haa haaa…..Actually i find a mail today that anju has posted something on my ishkara community which i made when i was working in mangalore…… And i liked it a lot and felt how keenly she observes each and every person in my ffs…….Of course she will not comment, but will tell me …..abt what she felt when we were together……Now we miss each other a lot……and what….she wrote this 2 make me smile …..and i just posted it here 2 make u guys smile…….thanks for commenting….i will convey your compliments 2 her…..

  5. Amazing.. Superb os anjali… Congrats Renima dear for best employee title…

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot dear ankita…… I will convey ur compliments 2 her……

  6. Ruby_MarNy

    I loved it.. best emotional award goes to renima.. your friend is need glycerin to cry when read your ff.. tears automatically will flow from our eyes..

    1. Renimarenju

      U know what ishana, it’s a sweet prank played by my best colleague cum friend anjali….. we worked together in mangalore and we made an ishkara community in google plus and some members of tu , who left show after ishana’s exit are also there……right now that community is not much active as it is owned by me …… And due 2 my transfer i am not able 2 meet my old colleagues of mangalore and anju is my close friend……And she will say directly 2 me whenever not through comments…….and right now we are in two different places …..and she just posted this on ishkara community and mailed me…….which was a real big surprise and i just copied it……. that’s all….thanks and i will convey ur comments and thanks for wishing me…….

  7. Aarti32

    It’s d sweetest gift for a writer..I’m sure renima will love it

    1. Renimarenju

      Yeah u are right aarti , it made me 2 cry as well as made me 2 smile also…..I will convey ur wishes 2 her….Thanks for taking time and reading…

  8. Kanfi

    Hiii renima…..i’ve seen ur ffs bt haven’t read them due to two reasons,,,frst there r soooo mny epi n i dont have much time to read all n second as i m not ishkara fan thats why,,,

    Bt i know u r a great wrtite n u must have wrttn ammazing episodes….i’ll try to read may be after xams….

    An it seems u write emotional ffs,,,n i love that kind of stuffs…

    N anjli,,u’ve wrtttn it soooo beautifully,,,i reallly loved it,,,.
    May ur frndship last forever…!!!best of luck to both of u,..

    N renima congratulation employee..!!

    1. Renimarenju

      FFs will contain pretty episodes, dear and since am working i will not be able 2 make longer episodes so perhaps it will be containing more episodes…..And it’s ok…u are not ishkara fan, even i am not shivika fan also, but i like them……Read it when u will get time….and though u won’t know my ffs , u took ur precious time 2 read the article written by my friend which means a lot dear…..If u find my articles as worth, then u can read it , or if u don’t want 2 read then u can totally avoid it….I don;t have any issues as it’s upon ur preference and ur wish only…..I will convey ur compliments 2 her and thanks for wishing both of us and again thanks for wishing me…. Thanks a lot……

    2. Kanfi

      U didn’t feel bad na???why m feeling u were angry while writing this commnt

    3. Renimarenju

      Hey, no dear…why i feel bad…..nothing like that…..u expressed ur view only, naa…i respect it yaar and thanks for commenting….dear

    4. Renimarenju

      And as a reader and viewer and fan u have full rights 2 tell abt ur view and it’s upon ur choice completely that u can read or not….i always respects my reader’s opinions and i never felt any thing as bad dear……If u felt my reply as bad , then am really sorry but i just expressed my view only…..sorry if u felt any thing wrong in my reply….sorry yaar…

    5. Kanfi

      Hey dont say sorry…i dont feel bad….i thought u wre angry thats why asked!!!
      Just forget it……
      I’ll read ur ff becoz i like emotional ffs….will also put my opinion:-P 😛

      In astha’s ff,,,,renima is u???


    6. Renimarenju

      Yeah,it’s me only………I am not getting much time as am sucked with office work, and when i will reach hostel after work, it will almost be night 9-30 pm…..and mostly i will feel tired, some times i will watch ib , other wise i will skip it as i will be much tired… not getting time, and mostly that’s why am not able 2 come on ib tu commenting section also…..yeah, we can become friends, already u are an ishqie, so u are in my 200 + sweet ishqies list, still let us re-fresh our friendship more….feels gud 2 talk….

    7. Renimarenju

      That’s really great, kanfi……Thanks a lot……Yaar, i said there is no compulsion on it, if u like u can read my ff and comment else u can avoid it…’s strictly upon ur choice and preference….any ways i will feel glad if u will comment on ur ff…thanks for replying

  9. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dii… And congratulations… You got best employee award.. And also best emotional writer award…..

    1. Renimarenju

      I will convey ur wish 2 her and u have called her as di which will make her happy…..Thanks a lot yaar nikki….for wishing me….Ur wishes means a lot…dear……

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks and i will convey ur wishes 2 anju

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