KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 70

The episode starts with both Aryan-Shahana being thunderstruck to hear Sunny’s demand. Aryan asks him in a shaky voice, “Bhai, what did you just say?” Sunny turns his gaze away in the beginning. then looks fixedly back at his brother and pronounces in a loud voice, “What you heard, little brother! Forget you LOVE and marry your BEST-FRIEND’S SISTER!” Shahana, unable to take it anymore, is shaken from the ground from where she had been standing, staggers backwards, cups her mouth and cries convulsively. Then, she turns around and leaves quickly from there unknown to Aryan-Sunny of her presence. As she comes outside still in tears, Rakhi reaches there and sees her. She is astonished and gets worried on seeing Shahana’s red misty eyes and tries to find out what happened from her. But before she could, Shahana avoiding all discussions disappears from there. Rakhi gets distressed and goes inside. As she reaches the exit, she is perplexed to find Aryan blubbering, while catching the feet of Sunny. She is taken aback seeing that sight and reflects, “What? Mr. Perfect is Aryan’s brother? But why is he trying to hurt Aryan and his relationship then?” she stops herself at her position and continues to watch their conversation carefully. Aryan weeping profusely and catching his brother’s feet tightly, pleads to him, “Bhai, ask me to do anything you want BUT PLEASE NOT TO LET GO OF MY LOVE! Do you know what, we have not even been able TO CONFESS TO EACH OTHER WHAT WE FEEL FOR EACH OTHER!” Rakhi eyes fill with tears on seeing Aryan’s pleas, while Sunny ignoring all his emotions and trying to let go of Aryan’s clutches says, “And you know that I was the one who stopped you from doing THAT! Because I wish that YOU SHOULD NOT GET YOUR LOVE EVER, just like MY MA NEVER DID AND YOU SHOULD ROT YOUR WHOLE LIFE IN PAIN just like the way my Ma is undergoing right now!” Both Rakhi and Aryan are astounded to hear that. Aryan unconsciously lets go of his clutches from Sunny’s feet and gets up in wide sorrowful eyes. Sunny continues, “AFTER ALL HISTORY SHOULD REPEAT ITSELF! Your Dad left my Ma and married his best-friend’s sister as she loved him and your dad felt that my Ma was not worthy of his CLASS, in the same way YOU MARRY YOUR BEST-FRIEND’S SISTER BECAUSE SHE TOO LOVES YOU AND SHAHANA CAN NEVER BECOME OF YOUR CLASS!” Aryan replies, “But I don’t love Misthi, Bhai! I LOVE SHAHANA!” Sunny shouts back, “So what? You will never be able to keep her happy and at some point, of your life you will leave her hand, just like your DAD did with my MOTHER! Because that is what people with your CLASS think, that MIDDLE-CLASS people are unworthy to become a part of your life; So, it will better for you to FORGET SHAHANA and free her right now, rather than giving her eternal pain all throughout her LIFE!” Aryan is heartbroken, continues to reminisce Aliyah’s attitude towards Shahana during their every meeting and realises that Sunny’s words can become TRUE. He turns around in a shaken state and slowly leaves from there. Rakhi hides herself as Aryan comes outside, not to get noticed by him. After he leaves, Rakhi comes inside towards Sunny who is surprised to see her. He asks, “Chashmish? What are you doing here?” Rakhi asks back, “Leave about me Mr. Perfect, what are you doing with your BROTHER’S LIFE?” Sunny is stunned and tells her, “It’s none of your business!” Rakhi furiously tells him, “Aryan is also MY BROTHER, so I will interfere in whatever wrong is happening in his life and right now, I am against whatever WRONG YOU ARE DOING TO HIM!” Sunny smirks at her and says, “Oh really, but how will stop everything because Aryan is COMPLETELY UNDER MY CONTROL!” Rakhi gets thinking, but then smiles maliciously pointing out, “You are RIGHT! I may not able to stop whatever is happening because you have planned your game well, BUT I KNOW I CAN STOP YOU!” Sunny is astounded and confusingly asks her, “What are you trying to say?” Rakhi replies, “You are plotting against your brother thinking YOU HATE HIM, but in reality, deep inside your heart YOU LOVE HIM, which is very clear from the tears in your eyes!” Sunny touches the tip of his eyes and gets amazed to see it moist. He tries to deny it saying, “What rubbish? I have no other emotion for my brother other than HATRED!” Rakhi smirks saying, “Even before we first met, I had realised you are someone holding deep pain inside! And with later meetings I understood, you are fighting with your own family and today I realised it is just the pain which you are misunderstanding as YOUR HATRED, while in reality there is LOVE inside your heart which is unknown to yourself and I WILL MAKE YOU REALISE THAT LOVE, but God forbid, I wish it’s not TOO LATE THAT YOU WOULD HAVE DESTROYED ARYAN’S LIFE BY THEN!” on saying that Rakhi swiftly turns and leaves from there, while Sunny gets looking at her and tells himself, “No, it’s impossible, I HAVE NO LOVE FOR MY BROTHER NOR MY FATHER!”

MMIS College

Aryan comes back and searches for Shahana. He trembles in painful fear as he thinks about the condition put forth by Sunny. Just then, Shahana comes to him and tells, “Aryan, I need to talk to you!” Aryan is in awe seeing the unmoved state of Shahana after the confusion that happened that morning and gets wondering. However, Shahana still showing no emotions gets moving forward. Aryan follows her. She continues to go inside the library and stops at the spot where they met the previous day and where Aryan had asked her to come that morning. Aryan is jolted to see that place and tears fill his eyes as he continues to reminisce all the events that just happened. He asks Shahana in a quivering tone, “What is it Shahana?” Shahana without turning back, tells, “Aryan I know whatever happened this morning was a confusion and I also know what deal your brother has put in front of you!” Aryan is bewildered on hearing that and before he could say anything; Shahana continues, “So, I wish that for the betterment of everyone WE SHOULD END ALL RELATION WHICH WAS EXISTING BETWEEN BOTH OF US!” Aryan is dumbstruck and gets freezed to his position on hearing that. Shahana turns towards him, takes the hand on which she had made him wear the bracelet the previous day and pulls the bracelet hard, breaking it and shattering the beads all over the place. Then, she tearfully tells Aryan, “And with that I BREAK ALL TIES BETWEEN US!” Aryan is left inert, without responding to her, neither with word nor with action as she swiftly goes away on saying those words. After she disappears, he bends down and collects all the shattered beads together, then something on them strikes him. He collects all of them together and discovers the words I LOVE YOU written on the other side of FRIENDS. He falls down and breaks down into tears holding the beads close to his HEART.

In Sarita Behen’s house

Sarita Behen is discussing with Pragya, “I really wish Shahana gives a positive response to what we asked her this morning!” However, Pragya is perturbed and tells her, “I don’t know Sarita ji, somewhere or the other, I feel that Shahana is not really happy with this proposal!” Just when Shahana enters. Pragya notices her distressed mood and asks her, “What happened Shahana? Are you not well that you are back from your college early?” Shahana denies it shaking her head and continues, “Maasi, I was reflecting upon what you mentioned this morning and….” Sarita Behen’s eyes grow big expectantly, while Pragya asks her, “And what is your answer?” Shahana holds on her breath and says, “It’s a YES from me!” Sarita Behen jumps in happiness shouting, “Badhai ho! Badhai ho Pragya! Your daughter has said a YES!” and she quickly hugs Pragya. On the other hand, Shahana quietly leaves to her room while putting on a fake smile. Pragya continues to stare at Shahana doubtfully from behind, while Sarita Behen tells her, “Now Rishi is going to be very happy when he returns and gets this news and I need to call his parents, Anuradha and Shekhar as we need to discuss with them and take this relation forward as soon as possible before that Priyanka creates any other hurdle! And you too call Shahana’s beeji and inform her about the same” Pragya smiles gladly at Sarita Behen’s excitement, but looks on still not convinced with Shahana’s answer.

In Kohli House

Mishti has informed Pallavi and her beeji everything that had happened that morning and walks around the living room in a tensed manner saying, “Ma, I don’t understand why did Aryan say there is some confusion after he proposed me? Because I really really love him and want him to be my life partner!” Pallavi tries to pacify her saying, “Calm down Mishti, your dad has already talked to Purab regarding your both alliance, so there is not going to be any family issues with your both relation; so the only thing left is CONCERN from both of you and I guess it will be a YES for Aryan too, because why would he reject you?” Mishti, still not convinced, catches her hands together trembling in fear, says, “I don’t know Ma, I want to confirm it from Aryan himself!” Just then Vikram, Abhi, Aliyah, Purab, Aliyah and Ranbir come there. Vikram asks Pallavi, “Now what is it, Pallo, that you have called all of us here!” Beeji explains to them whatever Mishti had told them. All are in for a shock. Ranbir says, “I smelled something fishy with Aryan’s behaviour this morning and understood that he was going to propose someone, but WAS IT MISHTI?” Vikram continues, “See, Purab I had mentioned to you about our kid’s relationship and now they themselves have come forward with it, now what do you say?” Purab confused, hesitantly tells him, “But Vikram, we still don’t know what is Aryan’s stand, then how can we decide?” Aliyah tries to convince Purab, just when Aryan comes there. All the heads turn towards him. Mishti crosses her fingers. Abhi asks Aryan, “Aryan, Mishti told us everything that happened between you both today, but it seems there is some confusion! Aryan, Vikram had already mentioned about your both alliance earlier, when both your Dad and myself didn’t want to go forward as we felt you are too young, but now we feel what’s wrong in going forward if you both are alright about it! So, now everything lies with your answer, Aryan! Tell us, are you alright with yours and Mishti’s alliance?” Aryan turns towards Purab and reminisces Sunny’s words on how Purab chose Aliyah over Disha. He closes his eyes, clenches his fists hard, takes a deep long breath and shakes his head in agreement. All cheer at his response. Mishti thanks god, while Ranbir hugs Aryan saying, “So, from now onwards our relationship is going to change from Bhai to Jiju-Salla!” Vikram hugs Purab asking, “Since there is a nod from your son, what do you say Purab, would you like to become my samdhan?” Purab looks towards Abhi and Aliyah who nod affirmatively and replies to Vikram “Yes!” Vikram calls out, “So that calls out for a Party! Because there is soon going to be a marriage in Mehra and Kohli house!” As everyone celebrate with the good news. Aryan excuses himself and retires to his room.

Simultaneously, Aryan and Shahana’s room

Both are seen crying bitterly sitting on the floor (Judai, Jo dhariya jeeni re jeeni song plays in the background). Shahana’s goes to the washroom and washes her face in running cold water, while Aryan goes to his washroom and sits under an open-shower. Both reminisce the moments starting from their first fight and how the fights turned into FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE AND NOW EVERYTHING HAD BEEN BROKEN. Both continue to cry relentlessly on their separation.


To be continued.

  1. BalajiMurugadoss

    Fantastic episode. By the way what is the expansion of KKM?

    1. Aadat


      How is this a fantastic episode??? ? ? ? ? ?

    2. Aleyamma

      Yeah I understand your feelings Aadat, you are a Arhana fan right?

    3. Aleyamma

      KKM is the short form of Kumkum Bhagya! When I started this FF, I never knew that the short form of Kumkum Bhagya was KKB so I used KKM unknowingly!
      Btw, I’m basically a MALLU but I have heard about you, are you really the Tamil Actor, holding this name or someone just using his name?
      Anyways, thanks a million for reading my FF and appreciating my work. I was so happy to see a new commentator with a beautiful comment! Thanks!

    4. I’m also a Malli.

    5. Aleyamma

      Oh wow! That’s great!

  2. Amazing ff Aleyamma. So sad for Arhana hope they unite soon and this one-sided marriage did not happen and everyone get to know that kiara/rakhi is abhigya’s daughter. Please tell me in when you are going to write pranbir marriage. Please update soon!! And also please write the date when you are going to update your next ff….

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Sara! Pranbir marriage will come after Mishti-Aryan-Shahana-Rishi track. I will try my best to update as soon as possible. Most probably the next update should be the day after tomorrow!

  3. Superb episode aleyamma. I really get emotional by the song jeeni re jeeni u used in the background. If the episode was a little longer, my eyes would have become moist. The pain of heartbreak could be felt by the episode. ??
    I really hope something happens on the day of aryan-mishti n rishi-shahana marriage n arhana reunite❤️❤️
    N I can guarantee you that you will definitely see my comment in each n every episode ?

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million for that sweet and cute message Shanaya! The way you feel for Arhana makes me emotional, I wasn’t emotional when I wrote this episode but when I get to see the messages from my readers, it makes me emotional.
      And thanks a lottts for guranteeing to give in your comment everyday!
      Stay safe and Keep smiling

    2. U too stay safe n well. Best wishes ??

    3. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million!

  4. I hope ArHana will reunite. Hey Aleyamma If ArHana will reunite or not ? Please After this show Pranbir marriage track. I am also excited for their marriage bcoz in original series their marriage will take place after more than 1 and half year. So please update as soon as possible and stay safe all of u

    1. Aleyamma

      Yeah Pranbir marriage will happen after this track. But if I say Arhana will unite or not, how will your suspense stay in my FF?
      I repeat Purab, Disha, Sunny, Aryan are tragic characters in this FF, who will go through great emotional distress!

  5. OMG…. this is one of the best FF I read after many days… after swasan ffs…. I started 2 read the first episode ydy and done with reading all the 70 episodes…. its just so nice how you have made the story… I have not personally watched KKB I just know pragya & abishek…. yet again I created my own characters while reading this imaging thr faces…. and it turned out to be a before story after all…. hatsoff….. all the best…. and eagerly waiting of the next episodes…. my poor aryan and sahana 🙁 …… let sunny understand his love over hatred towards hi family and join him with them soon….

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Shara for choosing to read my FF and give in your comment. Thanks a million for that!
      And even though you do not know the new generation characters’ cast, you seem to emphatize a lot with Aryan-Shahana, very CUTE!
      You can search for their faces on internet and I’m sure you’ll get them! Please do continue to give in your comment in the same way always!
      With love!

    2. when will you post the next???? cze this had got my quarantine interesting 🙁

    3. Aleyamma

      Firstly thanks a lot for appreciating my work, apologies for a bit delay! The next update is done!

  6. Jasminerahul

    Aryan pleading sunny…oh…its so painful.sunny’s dialogues were heart wrenching.I loved Rakhi telling sunny that despite of hating Aryan he loves him.waiting for Rakhi to make him realize it.shahana knows that sunny is forcing Aryan n so Aryan is in deep pain.then why did she break their relationship hurting Aryan more? a smart girl like shahana is behaving like preeta arora now.shahana saying yes to marry rishi was sad .I am not surprised about Aryan agreeing to marry mishti as he is emotional like purab.I hope pragya n ranbir will find the truth n solve the confusions before it hurts others more

    1. Aleyamma

      Don’t compare Shahana to Preeta Arora dear. Shahana is smart always and which is why broke up with Aryan as Aryan had told her earlier that he will do anything which his brother asks him to, so she did not want to add on the complications in Aryan’s life more, hence she broke up! Remeber she said, “For the betterment of everyone!” She sacrificed her love for the well-being of everyone.
      And Aryan is not emotional like Purab, but he is scared of Sunny’s warnings and also feels that like Sunny said, Shahana will also end up like Disha as both are middle-class women. So, he too sacrificed his love for his brother and for the betterment of everyone!

  7. Aleyamma

    The next update is done guys!

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