KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 56

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The episode starts with everyone turning towards Rhea with a questioning look, she looks at Abhi and asks “What??? Didn’t I already accept that I was the one responsible for whatever happened with Prachi on Diwali night, then why are giving me that LOOK?” Abhi hits his fist on the table and says, “Unbelievable Rhea, being a woman, you planned such a criminal act against another woman who is in fact your own sister, how could you Rhea???” Rhea getting frustrated and fed up with Abhi’s accusations asks him, “I knew I was WRONG and I had been GUILTY FOR MY MISTAKES too, which is why I had revealed everything to Ma….” she stops herself and continues, “….I mean I ahd revealed each and everything to Prachi’s Mom immediately after the incident.” All are shocked. Abhi asks arrogantly, “Rhea, did Pragya know about all this???” Rhea closes her eyes and nods. Abhi gets disappointedly vexed on hearing that. Rhea continues, “And she did forgive my MISTAKES!!! And gave me one last chance to reform myself and correct my MISTAKES!!!! Dad, I swear after that I’ve never tried to hurt Prachi or anyone!!!” on saying that, She falls on her knees, catches Abhi’s hands and pleads, “Please trust me Dad, I was not the one behind all that happened in the FASHION EVENT!!! Please trust me, I really had been a GOOD GIRL.” Abhi stays unmoved and slowly frees his hands from Rhea’s. Rhea gets stunned. Abhi in tears tells her, “If I trust you because YOU ARE MY DAUGHTER then I will be doing INJUSTICE TO MY OTHER DAUGHTER, Rhea!!! Who will believe that someone who has ALREADY PLANNED such an evil act against Prachi did not TRY IT AGAIN??? If you had laid the TRAP for Prachi earlier then it must be you only who planned THE SAME this time too Rhea!!! But, unfortunately instead of Prachi, Shahana fell into your trap, RIGHT???” Rhea shakes her head vehemently but Abhi pays no heed to her. He goes back and sits on his chair and tells everyone to continue with their breakfast. All including Rhea is surprised. Then he shouts out at Rhea without turning back, “DO I HAVE TO GIVE YOU SPECIAL INVITATION, RHEA???” Rhea jerks in fear on hearing that, gets up immediately and comes to sit on the table. Ranbir too takes his seat, when Rhea turns towards him hoping for support. But he poses a frustrated glower and catches Prachi’s hands tightly, without turning towards Rhea. Rhea gets dejected on seeing that, while Sanju frowns and grumbles, “Wah!! What is there in this Ranbir that both my Jaane man and Lakshmi ji are ready play Rasleela with him!!!” just when Abhi asks him, “Why are you still standing here???” Sanju gets nervous and is about to leave, when his wallet falls from his pocket. As he bends down to take it, he notices Aryan-Shahana holding their hands together, he gets surprised and starts thinking, “What??? Aryan loves Shahana, but I always thought he is in love with Mishti, what is all this???” as he is still bent down in his thoughts. Abhi asks him, “By the way I forgot to ask you, HOW DID YOU ENTER THE EVENT ORGANISED BY US???” Sanju opens his mouth to pronounce Sunny but then he remembers the last slap he got for addressing Sunny with his real name. Sanju touches his cheek and mumbles, “I came with Sunil Bhai!!!” Aryan chokes on hearing that. Both Mishti and Shahana gets concerned, but before Shahana, Mishti helps him with juice while gently tapping on his head. Sanju gets thinking on seeing that, “Wah!!! Rasleela Part-2” while Abhi, Purab and Vikram are in for a shock on Sanju’s revelation. Abhi asks, “What??? You mean our Designer Sunil Sharma??? Disha’s son???” That’s the moment, Sanju realises his blunder and unwillingly nods to Abhi.  Aliyah jerks on hearing Disha’s name and starts hitting her knife and fork hard on the plate. Both Aryan and Purab get disturbed on noticing that, while Sanju amusingly watches Aliyah clattering the dish. Soon, Purab places his hand on Aliyah, signing her to stop. Aliyah calms down. Sanju again shakes his head and says, “Rasleela Part-3”, when Vikram questions him, “How is that you and OUR STAFF, Sunil are acquaintances???” Before Sanju could answer, Aryan interrupts and says, “Ah, Uncle, since Bhai is a designer, he often needs garment materials for creating new designs, so he got contact of Sanju who has a big textile shop business in Hoshiarpur??? Right Sanju???” Sanju looks at Aryan in a puzzled manner and thinks, “Both the BROTHERS are weird, ONE is trying the DESTROY THE OTHER, while THE OTHER trying to SAVE!!!” Ranbir exclaims, “What??? How do you know that Aryan, you don’t even work in our OFFICE!!! And when did that Sunil become your Bhai???” Sanju replies, “Since Yesterday!!!” Ranbir stares at him which makes him nervous and says, “Yeah that’s the truth they both met yesterday and became a FAMILY!!!” Aryan reminisces again his meeting with Sunny gets saddened. Shahana notices his change of emotions. Sanju takes leave when Abhi while trying to inform him something, starts coughing badly. Rhea forwards him a glass of water, but he stares angrily at her and does not take it. Meera hurries towards him and helps him with water. Sanju disgustedly thinks, “Rasleela Part-4, this house members are ALL MAD PEOPLE PLAYING RASLEELA!!!!” After Abhi gets back to normal, Sanju uninterestedly asks him, “What is it Sir???” Abhi clears his throat and tells, “I just want to inform you that MY DAUGHTER PRACHI WILL SOON GET ENGAGED TO MR. VIKRAM KOHILI’S SON RANBIR!!!” All get shockingly surprised with Abhi’s announcement. Sanju’s jaw drop wide downwards. Prachi and Ranbir are thunderstruck, while Rhea gets absolutely heartbroken. She gets up quickly from the table and runs from there, Meera and Aliyah follow her, while everyone else come and felicitate Prachi-Ranbir. Both of them give out a fake smile, while Prachi looks at Ranbir with a dismayed expression. Ranbir assures her while closing his eyes. He then looks at Vikram, who understands both Prachi-Ranbir’s disinterest, nods at Ranbir. He then moves towards Abhi, who had been remorsefully watching Rhea enter into her room. He then turns towards Sanju who is freezed at the same position with his jaws still hanging downwards after hearing Abhi’s announcement. Abhi snaps. Sanju doesn’t react. Then he gives him a tight slap which makes Sanju come to his senses. He catches his cheek and asks Abhi, “What sir???” Abhi shouts, “You are asking me what!!! Don’t you want to leave???” Sanju quickly starts moving saying “Yes Sir!!!” while wailing silently with his back turned towards Abhi. (Tadap tadap ke dil……toh lut gaye song from Hum dil de  chuke sanam plays in the background.)

RK Puram St Thomas Cathedral

Sanju wails loudly near Sunny, “Aaaaaah…….aaa….aa!!!! Aaaaah…..aaa….aa!!! I don’t why I agreed with that PSYCHO PRIYANKA’S plan, Bhai, that instead of getting my Jaane-man I lost her forever”, he again wails, “Aaaaaah…….aaa….aa!!!! Aaaaah…..aaa….aa!!!” Sunny is unable to bear Sanju’s nuisance, but stays dumb while catching his forehead. Sanju continues to wail and sneezes his nose onto Sunny’s vest. Sunny gets disgusted, but again stays silent.

In Mehra Mansion

Abhi exclaims at Vikram, “What are you saying Vikram??? You want to postpone Ranbir-Prachi’s engagement, but why???”, Vikram explains, “Look Abhi, I understand you have made this decision as a harsh punishment for Rhea, but this is Ranbir and Prachi’s lives, so why force them this early to get married??” Abhi asks in a loud tone, “Early??? Vikram, I can see LOVE in both of their eyes and I also know that Rhea too loves Ranbir. Believe me, seeing Rhea’s tactics, I feel she is going in the same path as…. (he stops himself before taking out Aliyah’s name) Vikram looks on confusingly. Abhi continues, “Nothing, I just don’t want MY ONE DAUGHTER COMING IN THE MIDDLE OF OTHER DAUGHTER’S HAPPINESS!!!” Vikram taps him and says, “I can understand your insecurities Abhi, but I also know that Ranbir and Prachi are not ready now, so don’t FORCE THEM, naah!! Anyways I have a son and a daughter and I always wished to settle my daughter before my son!!!” Abhi gives out a questioning expression.

RK Puram cathedral.

A nun comes and warns Sanju not to make noise. He lowers his voice, continues to wail and asks Sunny, “Bhai, why have we come here?” Sunny tells him annoyingly, “I come here to find PEACE, but it was my mistake that I asked you to come here to RUIN MY PEACE!!!” Sanju continues to wail. Sunny shakes his head getting tired of his wails. Sanju says, “I don’t understand what is there in those Mehra mansion men that FOUR DIFFERENT PARTS OF Raas-leela is going on over there!!! firstly, both my Prachi and her twin Rhea are behind Ranbir. Next, both Mishti and Shahana are head over heels for Aryan. I can understand these two are YOUNG but, Bhai even the OLD MEN THERE are so much in DEMAND!!! Your Papa has our Mummy ji and Aryan’s mother, while the LEADER of all, Abhishek Prem Mehra has the twins’ mother and that lady, Meera. Sunny gets exasperated and shouts, “Shut-up!!!”, Rakhi who had been watering the garden hears his voice and decides to check out.

In Mehra Mansion

Abhi asks Vikram, “What do you mean Vikram??? Find some suitable guy for Mishti or if you have someone in your mind, tell me, I will talk for you!!!” Vikram smiles and naughtily says, “Well I do have a guy in my mind and I did try to talk to the concerned people but that guy’s Mamu and Dad discarded the matter saying the guy is too YOUNG to get married!!!” Abhi asks him, “Who are they??” Vikram replies, “Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra and Mr. Purab Khanna!!!” Abhi gets astonished.

RK Puram Cathedral

Sanju continues in a weeping tone, “You can make me shut up Bhai!!! But I’m telling everyone will get their love except for me!!! Ranbir will get Prachi, then Aryan will….” Before he could continue, Sunny cuts in shouting “NO!!!” Sanju confused asks, “Huh??”

In Mehra Mansion

Something clicks into Abhi’s mind, he asks Vikram, “Vikram, did you mean ARYAN???” Vikram nods smilingly. Abhi gets surprised.

RK Puram Cathedral

Sunny gets up goes near the crucifix and says in a loud tone, “MY LITTLE BROTHER WILL NOT GET HIS LOVE!!!” He turns around and is taken back to face Rakhi standing right on the tip of his nose.


Guys again I got some worthy time which gave me the opportunity to write his episode which was supposed to be updated tomorrow. So happy reading!

To be continued.

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  1. I laughed like crazy on those raasleela dialogues by sanju. They were hilarious 🤪😂😂
    I kinda feel bad for rhea bcoz she is actually innocent now n is getting falsely blamed 🥺🥺
    Thanks for early upload aleyamma 😃😃

    1. Aleyamma

      You are welcome Shanaya! I know, in my FF , Rhea is not a complete ANTAGONIST like Sunny, she is a better person than the character of the original series!

  2. Aadat


    That was FAST girl

    Oh SANJU made my day today🤣🤣🤣

    But Vikram was really ANNOYING me 😒

    Aaryan is Purab’s son so Vikram should be discussing this with PURAB, not Abhi 🙄
    Abhi is just the namesake ‘Mamu’ of Aaryan
    Did you realise that Abhi hasn’t spoken face to face with Aaryan ever 😦
    In fact, Abhi loves totally unrelated Ranbir, but not his OWN nephew 👏👏
    So I HOPE Abhi doesn’t get the RIGHT to make decisions for Aryan.

    And what I found UNUSUAL was that Vikram wants his younger child to marry before his older one 🤔

    Cause usually INDIAN PARENTS want the ELDER child to marry before the younger one does.

    Isn’t it??

    Anyways, LOVING the fast UPDATES 😍😍😍

  3. Aleyamma

    Thanks Aadat, Sanju again is not a COMPLETE ANTAGONIST like in original series and he is a comic relief of my story!!! I know you will be annoyed with Vikram, but he is just discssing it with Abhi not asking for his decision. You will understand it clearer in the next episode. Obviously, Purab is the rightful person to decide about Aryan.
    Like you said, even I felt there were no Aryan-Abhi scenes in the original series as far as I have watched, it’s weird that Abhi shares a father-son bond with Ranbir but never bothers about his nephew.
    With respect to marriage and Indian parents thinking, what you said about ELDER and YOUNGER child is right, but here the question is not about ELDER AND YOUNGER, dear. The question is about SON and DAUGHTER. And when it comes to daughters, Indian Parents always prefer to marry their daughters first instead of their sons!!! Hope you got it!

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