KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 55

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The episode opens in Mehra Mansion with everyone turning towards Prachi in surprise. Prachi asks them, “What happened??? Are you all not happy to see me???” Dasi gets up quickly and staggers as fast as she can towards Prachi, kisses her on her forehead and asks, “Prachi, are you are not MAD at us for having abandoned you and your MOTHER when you were a KID???” Prachi’s smile disappears, but she takes a deep long breath and tells Dasi, “Dasi, I used to always dislike my FATHER for having abandoned me and MA and I always MISUNDERSTOOD that he abandoned us because he never LOVED me!!!” Abhi’s eyes emotionally fill with tears on hearing that, Prachi continues, “But when I realised that Mr. Mehra is in fact my FATHER, I was taken aback as he is NOT AT ALL THE IMAGE OF THE FATHER whom I always had in my HEART and whom I always DISLIKED all throughout the twenty-one years of my LIFE!!!” Rhea drops her spoon on hearing that, she remembers her moments with Pragya and how she had felt the same with Pragya as Prachi feels about Abhi, however she clenches her fists hard thinking, “No I will not fall EMOTIONALLY WEAK, I HATE MY MOTHER AND WILL ALWAYS HATE HER!!!”, while Prachi continues, “And at that moment, I got reminded of the FIRST SPEECH of Papa ON HOW SPECIAL HIS DAUGHTER IS IN HIS LIFE, which I had heard when I first met him. The words in that speech made me FEEL that Papa had given the speech not just for Rhea but also for ME!!!” Abhi smiles cheerfully with still tears in his eyes, gets up quickly and runs to hug Prachi. Both hug emotionally while crying out the pain of their SEPARATION for the last twenty-one years in each other’s arms. Abhi apologizes in tears, “I’m sorry Prachi, I’m extremely SORRY, it was THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE THAT I LET YOU AND FUGGY GO FAR FROM ME WHEN I HAD ALREADY LOST MY KIARA!!!” He then folds his hands and says, “I’m so sorry!!!”, Prachi shakes her head and says, “No Papa, please don’t embarrass me by apologizing, PLEASE!!! Instead give me your BLESSINGS that I will never LOSE MY FATHER AGAIN!!!” Abhi is dumbstruck at her words and kisses her dotingly on her head. Everyone smile on seeing their bond, except for, Rhea who stays ignorant to the happenings. Dasi starts looking around for Pragya and asks Prachi, “Prachi your mother didn’t come!!!” Prachi gets worried and hesitantly answers, “Dasi, Ma said that she will come into this HOUSE only, when HER OTHER DAUGHTER ACCEPTS HER AS HER MOTHER!!!” Everyone sadly looks towards Rhea while she continues to ignore others’ gaze without lifting her head from her plate. Aliyah and Priyanka smirk. Priyanka gets thinking, “Thank goodness that Pragya has not entered this house, if she would have come here, then she will surely find out my plots!!!”. On the other hand, Aliyah ponders, “It’s good that the middle-class cheap woman Pragya has decided not to enter our HOUSE for Rhea and I will ensure that she will never be able to enter HERE!!!” Just then, Vikram calls out Abhi asking, “Arrey ho, Abhi!!! Will you make your daughter stand there and have all your discussion, invite her to have breakfast with all, yaar!!!” Abhi smiles at Vikram’s idea and invites Prachi. Prachi denies informing she already had. But then Abhi insists saying, “After twenty-one years, I got REUNITED with my daughter, please have a few bites for me!!!” to which Prachi gives in smilingly. While Abhi and Dasi take their seats, Prachi takes her seat on the other side of Ranbir. Both Abhi and Vikram smile seeing Prachi-Ranbir together. Ranbir turns towards Prachi and flirtatiously winks at her. Prachi gets annoyed and pinches on his hand below the table. He screams out in pain. Abhi asks him the matter. Ranbir replies, “Nothing Chief, it’s just an ANT BITE!!!”, while Vikram tells, “Of course, ANTS do BITE A LOT WHEN YOU ARE IN LOVE!!!” Rhea gets annoyed, while Abhi tells Vikram, “You and your silly jokes, just shut up!!”

Then Abhi asks “Why didn’t Shahana come???”, while Aryan eyes constantly search towards the exit. Aliyah notices it. He reminisces the steamy and sophisticated moment which he had with Shahana the previous day. Fb At that moment, Aryan never realised that he was drawn so close to Shahana and how important she had become in his life, such that seeing her being forced upon by another MAN made him lose himself. When, he brought her to the empty classroom, his mind was telling him that HE WILL NEVER LET ANOTHER MAN GET CLOSE TO HER repeatedly and when she was standing close to him, he couldn’t control his emotions that he unconsciously pressed his lips on hers and when she reciprocated by putting her arms around his neck and gently stroking his hair, his heart skipped a beat and made him forget the world around him. Then, as he slowly moves his hand over her body, Shahana quickly jerks and pushes him away. She then runs away outside, while Aryan suddenly comes back to his senses and follows her. Fb ends. Aryan gets thinking, “Did I unconsciously cross my limits with Shahana that she is uncomfortable and avoiding me???” Just when Shahana comes there with Rishi. Aryan feels relieved on seeing her, while Priyanka gets annoyed watching Rishi-Shahana together. Aliyah who had been still watching her son gets vexed on seeing his well-lit face after noticing Shahana. Rishi gets tensed on seeing Abhi, takes leave from Shahana and quickly leaves from there. After he leaves, Shahana comes to Abhi and apologizes for the inconvenience due to the delay as she had gone to meet the doctor. Abhi nods and asks her to have a seat. Shahana sits on the other side of Aryan and seeing him tensed, catches his hands below the table and signs him asking the matter. Aryan shakes his head while signing nothing and holds onto her hand tightly while smiling at her. She smiles back. Aliyah gets frustrated seeing their closeness and gets thinking, “I was so GLAD that Pragya did not enter our house, however, SHE HAS SENT HER DAUGHTER TO TRAP MY SON, now how will distance this MIDDLE-CLASS GIRL from my son???” As she continues to stare ferociously at Shahana. Sanju comes and knocks at their door. Priyanka gets nervous on seeing him. Vikram asks Abhi, “Yaar, Abhi have you asked the whole population of Delhi to have breakfast here or what that one after the other someone is joining us???” Abhi tells Vikram, “I did not call him to have breakfast with us Vikram, but for something else!!!” Abhi shouts out Sanju to come inside. Sanju walks in hesitantly in fear and notices Ranbir in the middle of his love, Prachi and Rhea. Prachi gets irritated on seeing him and looks down. Abhi asks Shahana, “Shahana, was he the MAN who tried to FORCE HIMSELF on you yesterday???” Sanju gets shocked and starts trembling in fear thinking, “Yaar, what is the problem with all these people, why is everyone behind me???” Abhi continues “Shahana, don’t be scared and tell me is he….” Shahana replies, “No Sir, it was NOT HIM, but instead……” She is about to say that Sanju was in fact trying to help but then, Sanju signs her NO by shaking his head, fearing Priyanka. Abhi continues, “But instead what Shahana???” Shahana continues, “But instead I never saw him in the FASHION EVENT yesterday, Sir!!!” Sanju heaves a sigh of relief, while Mishti shouts, “But this creep was present in the FASHION EVENT, yesterday and he was the one who misbehaved with me on the Diwali Party!!!” All get shocked. Aryan looks on. Prachi continues, “It was a mistake from him, Mishti because he tried to molest you thinking you to be me!!!” All are thunderstruck to hear that and realise that Sanju was the major reason for the fire accident caused on the Diwali Night. Ranbir gets up comes near him and hits him hard asking, “How dare you MISBEHAVE with Prachi and my sister??? How dare you???” while Sanju unknowingly blurts out, “It was Rhea who made the whole PLAN!!!” All turn towards Rhea with eyes widened in amazement.


To be continued.

(Next update will be tomorrow, Thursday, 27-02-2020)

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  1. Amazing!!! Thanks a lot for a little cute pranbir scene and romantic arhana scenes. Those were awesome. Rhea is getting in deep trouble now n no one would even have priyanka’s name in their heads. I seriously laughed reading aliyah’s expressions on MIDDLE CLASS WOMEN 🤪🤣🤣

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Shanaya!!! I didn’t realise that Aliyah’s dialogue will be funny while writing it, Thanks!

  2. Jasminerahul

    prachi’s dialogue to dasi about abhi …so touchy.abhi apologizing to prachi n her reply was emotional.I hope pragya returns soon to give a blow to aliya.the short pranbir scene was sweet n hilarious. vikram comment ..when we are in love ants bite a lot was funny .Aryan holding shahana’s hand n smiling at her was sweet.aliya…oh…shocking that through sanju rhea got exposed.but sad that now everyone will misunderstand her more

    1. Aleyamma

      That’s right, Rhea is fallen into more misunderstandings! Read the next episode!

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