KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 54

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The episode opens in Disha’s house with Sunny slapping Sanju hard saying, “Didn’t I tell you not to hire anyone who would TAKE ADVANTAGE with that girl!!! Now you see what has happened!!!” He slaps him twice again, which makes Sanju wail and plead in front of him, “Galti ho gayi Bhai, Ab kya uske liye mera jaan loge??? Please leave me, I swear I had just asked that MAN to SCARE Shahana, it was that PSYCHO Priyanka who messed up everything with her PSYCHO PLAN!!!” on hearing that, Sunny getting more vexed and slaps him again, when Disha comes there asking him, “Why are you beating him Sunny?” On noticing her Sanju falls on her feet and pleads with her while shaking her hard. Disha gets irritated as she is unable to maintain her balance because of him. Sanju emotionally appeals to her, “Mummy ji, please ask Sunil Bhai, no, I mean, Sunny Bhai!!!” Sunny gets tensed on hearing that, while Sanju continues, “Bhai is determined to TAKE MY LIFE, today!!!” Disha asks him to leave her feet first. After, Sanju leaves his clutches, she turns towards Sunny and asks him, “What is the matter, Sunny??? Why are beating him up???” Sunny replies in an irritated tone, “Ma, you don’t come in between, you don’t know what he has done!!!” Disha asks him, “Now, what has he done???” Sunny gets anxious on that question and tries to divert her by saying, “Why are you bothered about all that Ma, this fool keeps doing mistakes!!! Are you aware of what all happened in Fashion Event today???” Disha gets ill at ease and says, “Yes I know, myself and Hritik, we had to leave early as we got a call from the C.M. for an urgent meeting, but whatever happened with that girl, was TERRIBLE, whomever brought that creep to the Fashion Event should go to HELL!!!” Sanju gulps his saliva fearfully thinking, “What is wrong with this MOTHER & SON, both are CURSING ME, while the REAL CULPRIT of all these MESS is HAPPY AND ENJOYING HER LIFE!!!” Sunny continues, “I know Ma, whatever happened with that girl was REALLY TRAGIC, but I felt it was good that Prachi-Rhea came to know that they are sisters.” Disha gets surprised and asks, “What did Jiju and di reveal the truth about their daughters to everyone?” Sunny nods in affirmation. Disha smiles in excitement and says, “Thank God, at least now they will be UNITED after twenty-one long years of SEPARATION!” Sunny informs her sadly, “Not yet Ma, Rhea has still not accepted Maasi as her MOTHER as she has a deep hatred for her MOTHER!” Disha gets saddened on hearing that and says, “It the same with all children who are separated from their parents at a very early childhood, they consider their parents responsible for their BAD CHILDHOOD and develop HATRED for them.” Sanju interrupts and blurts out, “Yeah no matter even Sunny Bhai hates his……” he stops himself when he sees Sunny staring angrily at him, so he excuses himself while saying he is feeling thirsty and slowly leaves from there but then he continues to eavesdrop their conversation while hiding himself from them. Disha asks Sunny, “Did you reveal everything to that jerk?” Sanju gets embarrassed on hearing being addressed as JERK. Sunny says, “Ma, he is 24*7 with me, so he knows EACH AND EVERYTHING about me!” Disha asks him, “So YOUR HATRED for your DAD has developed to such an extent, that even outsiders are able to notice it, Sunny???” Sunny closes his fist, raises his voice and informs Disha, “Don’t even mention about him in front of ME, Ma. He has lost HIS FIRST SON years ago when he chose his friend’s sister over YOU, Ma. I don’t give a shit of his PRESENCE or ABSENCE in my LIFE!!!” Disha tells him, “He was CLOSE to your TRUTH, today, Sunny!!!” Both Sunny and Sanju eyes widen in shock.

In Mehra Mansion

Abhi exclaims on learning Sunil’s truth from Purab, “What?? Our DESIGNER Sunil Sharma is Hritik and Disha’s son?? How is that possible?? I always thought he was an ORPHAN!!!” Purab replies in a dejected tone, “Even I couldn’t digest that fact in the beginning, but when Disha explained about her and Hritik’s relationship after she got separated from me, I understood the REALITY that Sunil is IN FACT hers and Hritik’s son!”

In Disha’s house

Sunny questions Disha, “What?? You told him that I’M YOUR AND HRITIK UNCLE’S SON!!! But what was the need of that?” Disha tells him sternly, “He was VERY CLOSE TO YOUR TRUTH SUNNY!!! And as you said, I felt that it was better to HIDE YOUR TRUTH FROM HIM!!!” Sunny looks back fixedly at her and asks, “Was it just for me that you hid MY TRUTH or was it ALSO BECAUSE YOU COULDN’T BEAR SEEING HIM FACE MY HATRED TOWARDS HIM??” Sanju looks on. Disha gets surprised at Sunny’s demand and tries to hide her emotions by turning away her face from him saying, “There is NOTHING LIKE THAT SUNNY!” Sunny goes near her, catches her, turns her towards him and makes her look into his eyes. Disha ais unable to hide her emotions anymore from her son and it’s becomes clearly visible in her eyes. Sunny gets saddened and asks her, “Ma, it’s been twenty-one YEARS since HE LEFT YOU and still YOU LOVE HIM???”

In Mehra Masion

Abhi tells, “It’s been twenty-one years, Purab and I know what kind of LIFE you are leading with my sister, Aliyah because you STILL LOVE DISHA!!!” Purab in tears gives out a sad smile and says, “What’s the use of talking about all that now, Abhi??? Disha has moved on in her LIFE and I think I should not be bothering her anymore in her life and just continue with my OWN LIFE THE WAY IT IS!!!” Abhi asks him, “Then, what about your son, SUNNY, Purab??” Purab takes a long breath and says, “Disha wants me to STAY AWAY FROM MY SON, because she CLAIMS that he is ONLY HER SON and not MINE!!” His tears start rolling down his cheeks as he continues, “And I’m sure wherever my FIRST SON IS, he MUST BE HAPPY WITHOUT HIS DAD!!! For me, Aryan is more than enough for my LIFE, Abhi!!!” and he slowly goes out of the room crying bitterly without showing his face to Abhi. Abhi looks disappointedly at him from behind.

In Disha’s house

Disha frees herself from Sunny’s clutches and tells him sternly, “There is nothing like that Sunny! I have moved on in my life and don’t care about Purab ji, anymore and YOU MAKE THAT CLEAR IN YOUR MIND!” on saying that Disha quickly leaves from there hiding her tears, while Sunny continues to look at her, realising her pain. He clenches his fists hard in vehemence. Sanju comes there, catches his shoulder and tells, “You are right, Bhai!!! Mummy ji still loves that Aryan’s Papa!!! It is very clear in HER EYES!!!” Sunny gets even more frustrated on hearing that and his whole body starts shaking in anger. Sanju gets scared on seeing that, but just then he gets a call from Abhi. As he picks up the call, Abhi demands him to meet him in Mehra Mansion the next morning and immediately hangs up the phone. Sanju gets surprised and confused on thinking about the reason for which Abhi has asked him to meet. He tells Sunny, “Bhai, I feel that there is something fishy, Bhai you too come along with me, please!!!” Sunny shakes his head in denial saying, “I will not my step foot into that house, Sanju!! However, I am sure nothing will happen to you until Priyanka is there, because she knows you can reveal her NAME in this PLAN, so just play safe!!!” Sanju nods and asks him, “Bhai, won’t Purab Khanna find out your truth somehow because according to what Mummy ji has told him, you are supposed to be around Ranbir and Aryan’s age, but aren’t you seven and half years older than them, so he can easily find out from your PAPERS….” Sunny smirks and cuts in, “People raised with an IDENTITY of AN ORPHAN don’t have PROPER PAPERS, Sanju, so Purab Khanna will never find that I’m IN FACT HIS SON!! But I will surely REVEAL MY IDENTITY TO HIM WHEN I DESTROY HIS AND HIS OTHER SON’S LIVES!!!” Sanju frowns his eyebrows in confusion on hearing Sunny’s words.

Mehra Mansion, morning

All are seated to have breakfast. Ranbir and Mishti join along. Ranbir beamingly says, “Good Morning Chief!” who smiles and greets him back while he sits next to Rhea. He stares disgustedly at her. Rhea shakes her head and ignores him, while Priyanka watching them carefully, smirks. Mishti sits next to Aryan who is still lost over Sunny and Purab’s words sits with an empty plate. Mishti taps his shoulder and asks him, “What happened Aryan, are you planning to go to College on an empty stomach like your empty plate???” She then serves him the breakfast for which he thanks her. Vikram and Pallavi noticing their daughter’s care for Aryan, smile. Abhi then looks at everyone on the table and asks, “Is there anyone left to come for breakfast???” Just when Prachi greets him from behind, “Good morning Papa!!!” All turn around and are surprised to see her.


Hey guys, I just got some worthy time to write so I updated this ff today instead of tomorrow, hopw you all find this episode fine.

To be continued.

(Next update will be tomorrow, 26-02-2020, Wednesday)

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  1. I loved how prachi greets abhi as papa. I m really excited to see their father-daughter cute relationship.😄♥️♥️Wonder how will Rhea react to this. Maybe she’ll be jealous n then reach pragya to get the parent love. I don’t like how the characters r joining rishi n shahana’s name and Aryan n mishti’s name together 😔
    But that’s a part of the story. So it’s perfectly alright.
    I just had a small request Aleyamma, if u could add a little pranbir scene in the ongoing story, it’ll be really great coz I love arhana but pranbir was always the priority couple for me, as u had asked in the previous comments 😋. But if u can’t, I totally get it.
    And as far as updating early is considered,I don’t think any of ur ffs readers would mind that. That’s not an issue for me at least, in fact I was happy u could upload early. Waiting for the next episode♥️♥️

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Shanaya for that comment and as for your request, Pranbir are always present. It’s just that, they are not CENTRAL now, which I had mentioned much beore when I was about to shift the CENTRALISATION from Pranbir to Arhana. I know your priority is Pranbir, but this ff has more Arhana fans I guess. I don’t know about the original series, just talking about this ff. And I like to give equal weightage to all characters which is why I give importance to all main couples (Kiarsu, Arhana and Pranbir).
      And that’s the biggest diffculty I have because there are too many characters where I even try to deal with the old generation Abhigya, Pusha and minute characters like Meera.
      But don’t worry Pranbir will be always present, just that they are not the MAIN LEAD now.

      1. I totally get it. Actually readers r fed up of pranbir’s hits n misses as they aren’t confessing their love. Also arhana are fresh and pleasant to watch. So people look more forward to them
        Ur ffs r always way better than the original show as ur episodes r delightful 😄😄

      2. Aleyamma

        Thanks a million Shanaya. If my episodes are delightful for you then I should say the cheerful tone of your comment make me REALLY DELIGHTFUL.

      3. 🥰🥰😃😃

  2. I’m very curious to know what Aryan is gonna do?. I find it irritating to read Misht’s love for Aryan as I’m an Arhana fan. And like Shanaya said please add more Pranbir scenes as in the serial they are just beating around the bush. It’s a request. Waiting eagerly for more and more updates.

    1. Aleyamma

      Wow Paru, your comment shows that you really really ADORE Arhana which is why, Misyan and Rishana scenes are irritating you. Well, there may be greator heartbreaks for you in the coming episodes. I have already published the next two. Please do read and give in your comments in the same way.
      I really don’t why all of you are frustrated with Pranbir in the original series, because I stopped watching the serial a while ago. Pranbir scenes in my ff are reduced now because their roles are also reduced and every character has their own roles. Major part of Pranbir’s love story is already over, the rest will come soon. Till then, Pranbir will be there always but in reduced roles.

      1. Aadat


        No offence to Shanaya, but MAJORITY of your KKB readers are fed up of UGLY PranBir from the original series and want more ArHana . SO I’m glad that PranBir will be in reduced roles now. We want MUCH more ArHana scenes instead.
        Eagerly waiting for your next episode


      2. Aleyamma

        Hey Aadat,
        According to what you have mentioned I had got to know that in the very beginning when I started this ff that Arhana do have quite some number of fans. Surprisingly, this ff always has more Arhana fans than Pranbir. However, like I mentioned to Paru, you too might get some heartbreaks in the later episodes. So wait and read! and thanks a million for reading and giving in your comment!

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