KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 51

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The episode starts with Rakhi breaking the door open and marching towards the pervert holding the emergency axe in her hands. As she draws closer to him, she tries attacking him by flinging the axe on him, but then the man overpowers her and pushes her which makes her fall onto the table, and hurt her hand which starts bleeding. Shahana gets concerned and shouts calling, “Di!!”. Rakhi checks her tummy and feels safe and turns towards the man giving him an arrogant stare. But then the man ignores her and tries to take his advances on Shahana. Rakhi again tries to stop him, but then she starts feeling giddy and weak. She holds the table for support and waves her hand forward towards the man, asking him to stop but is unable to stop due to her weakness. The man smirks on seeing that and draws closer to Shahana when all of a sudden, he feels a hard punch on his cheek. He falls down spitting blood from his mouth and looks upward to see Aryan standing in front of him giving him a deadly glower. Both Shahana and Rakhi feel relieved on seeing him. Shahana hugs him tightly, who reciprocates and gets protective by covering her using his jacket, while Rakhi starts even more weak is about to fall, when Sunny who had just reached there with Sanju, holds her in his arms. He gets surprised on seeing her and asks, “Chasmish??? You here???” while Rakhi just gets a glimpse of Sunny’s face and passes out leaning her head against Sunny’s chest. Sanju standing next to him says, “CHASMISH??? That’s a cute name bhai, Is this our future Bhabi??” Sunny frowns at him. Sanju gets afraid and shuts his mouth, while on the other side the man gets up and hits Aryan hard. Shahana cups her mouth in astonishment and shouts “Aryan!!!”. Aryan gets back and retaliates by hitting the man hard. Sanju tries to stop them by informing the man, “Hey, what are you doing??? Just stop all this and leave from here, but the man does not listen to him and pushes Sanju which makes him fall and continues, “I will not leave from here until I get what I want from this girl (indicating Shahana)!!!” Aryan gets even more infuriated on hearing that and punches him harder making the battle violent. Sunny seeing the situation worsen makes Rakhi carefully lie on a bench while asking Sanju to watch over. Soon, he comes in between Aryan and the man by stopping them, both get surprised. He gives a frustrated stare at the man while demanding Aryan to leave from there with Shahana, while he will handle the man and the girl (Rakhi). Aryan obeys and leaves from there holding Shahana protectively in his arms. The man tries to follow them, but then Sunny trips him by putting his foot forward. The man stumbles and falls. He gets vexed and gets up to hit Sunny, but then, Sunny easily catches his hand and twists it, which is followed by a round of heavy punches. Sanju gets shocked on noticing Sunny’s strength, he murmurs, “Bhai’s name should not have been, Sunny or Sunil but SHAKTIMAN!! I wonder how many litres of GHEE he drinks that he has so much strength”. Finally, the man unable to retaliate with Sunny, runs for his life. Sanju claps and says, “Superb Bhai!!! You are really SO STRONG!!! Within no time you made chutney of that RHINOCEROS!!!” Sunny shakes his head ignoring him and looks at Rakhi. He sees her hand bleeding and gets worried. He takes out a handkerchief from his pocket which turns out to be the same handkerchief which she had given him earlier and ties it around her bleeding hand. Sanju asks him, “Bhai, should we take Bhabhi ji to the hospital??” Sunny frowns at him which makes Sanju shut again. Then, Sunny lifts Rakhi in his arms and gets surprised, he says, “Why does this bony girl feel so heavy???” Sanju replies, “Maybe because Bhabhi ji is also having strong bones like you!!!” Sunny shouts at him, “She is not your BHABHI!!!” Sanju gets scared and nods nervously. Just as they come outside with Rakhi, the Mother Superior who is Rakhi’s caretaker comes there searching for her and gets surprised to see her in Sunny’s arms. She gets concerned while sunny assures her that she is absolutely alright, just passed out of shock. He leaves her with Mother superior, takes leave from her and moves outward with Sanju. After they leave, Mother Superior sprinkles water on Rakhi’s face and makes her get up. Rakhi asks her, how she had reached there to which Mother Superior informs that a man and his friend helped her after she lost consciousness. Rakhi reminisces all the dreadful events and how she had passed out in Sunny’s arms. She remembers his face and thinks, “Mr. Perfect???” then she notices her hand bandaged with a handkerchief and realises it is in fact her own handkerchief which she had given to the person who had comforted her on Diwali Night, she gets thinking, “Mr. Perfect is SO SOFT from inside and SO HARD outside!!! STRANGE!!!”

Aryan brings Shahana to an empty classroom and gets concerned for her who is still in shocked state. He sees the deep scratch marks around neck and her shoulder and tries to tend them but Shahana stops him still trembling in fear. Aryan hugs her and tells her in an assuring tone, “Shush!!!, Shush!!! Shahana, don’t worry I’m here and I won’t let anything happen to you!!!” on saying that, he hugs her even more tightly. Shahana starts feeling comfortable and stops shivering, she reciprocates his hug by hugging him back passionately. Soon, both get drowned in their passion for each other, which makes Aryan kiss on Shahana’s shoulders, she does not stop him, slowly he moves towards her face and kisses it all over and he makes his move towards her lips and looks into eyes filled with tears, he wipes off her tears and closing his eyes, brushes his lips tightly against hers, while she responds in the same manner by stroking through his hair. Both share a passionate liplock without getting noticed by anyone.

Outside, all come out one by one safely. First, Abhi, Pragya, Purab and Vikram followed by Misthi and then Rhea helped by Prachi and Ranbir. Abhi and Pragya get concerned for Rhea seeing her injured state. Pragya then notices Shahana missing just when Priyanka, Sunny and Sanju reach there. Pragya asks Prachi about Shahana’s whereabouts, who looks around and informs her of not having seen her. Pragya gets distressed which gets Sunny thinking, “Now where is this Aryan lost with Shahana??” Just then, Aryan and Shahana reach there and all gets shocked on noticing Shahana’s state. Pragya and Prachi come and hug her and asks her “what happened?”, Shahana explains each and everything in tears without mentioning who called her. All are left shell-shocked. Abhi gets frustrated and asks, “Tell me Shahana, who played this DIRTY GAME with you???” Sunny and Sanju turn towards Priyanka while Shahana pronounces Rhea’s name. All are bewildered. Shahana continues explaining how she had received Rhea’s call in Prachi’s phone which was in her purse asking Prachi to meet her in her GREEN ROOM and after saying that Shahana breaks down completely. On hearing that, Prachi’s gets reminded of Rhea’s warnings before the Fashion Event. She goes near Rhea and shouts, “Can’t believe THAT YOU CAN PLAY SUCH CHEAP TRICKS, RHEA!!! You had laid a trap for me but unfortunately MY SISTER FELL INTO THAT!!!” Priyanka smirks evilly on seeing and thinks, “Everything is happening just as I planned!!!” while both Sunny and Sanju get irritated on noticing that. Rhea is confused on hearing Prachi’s accusations and tries to deny that, but then Ranbir cuts in and scolds her while revealing all the EVIL TACTICS which Rhea had plotted against Prachi till now. Abhi and Pragya get a shock of their life. Abhi comes and slaps her hard. Pragya gets saddened. Rhea unable to take it anymore shouts at Abhi asking him, “Dad, HOW COULD YOU??? I’M YOUR DAUGHTER AND YOU ARE RAISING YOUR HAND ON ME FOR PRACHI???” Abhi shouts back at her in anger, “Because Prachi TOO IS MY DAUGHTER AND YOUR ELDER SISTER, RHEA!!!”



To be continued

(Next update will be on 21-02-2020)

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  1. Woahhhhh!!! Abhi revealed about his daughters to everyone. That’s awesome. That witch priyanka must be punished too.
    Loveddddddd arhana’s moments 😘😘🥰🥰😍😍
    Hope they confess love for each other soon
    Amazingly wonderful aleyamma 👌👌

  2. Both kiarsu n arhana were super romantic. N the scene where sanju addressses rakhi as bhabhi was so cute❤️
    Sunny holding rakhi n aryan protecting shahana with his jacket was filmy n fabulous ❤️

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Shanaya! Well there is a twist in Arhana’s love story so you won’t be seeing their love confession. I feel really glad that you did not feel uncomfortable with their liplock scene but instead liked it.
      Thanks a million Shananya for your supportive comments!

      1. Waiting for the twists coming up 👍

  3. Amazing ff thank God they save Sahana hope priyanka truth comes out. curiously waiting for next ff and also waiting for everyone expression on knowing that Prachi and reah is abhigya daughters especially pranbir Arhana priyanka reah Sanju vikram etc.

    1. Aleyamma

      Well your wait is over and I think I have answered most your quesitons in the next episode. Thanks a million for your valuable comment Sara!

  4. Please update it faster. I’m eagerly waiting…

    1. Aleyamma

      Done dear!

  5. Aadat

    Hello Aleyamma!!

    Really nice episode 🔥🔥

    I loved the scene when Sahana hugged her Aaryan and the PASSIONATE LIP LOCK 😘😘 they shared is just another LEVEL OF ROMANCE. But the best part is you didn’t show those Pranbir in this ff. 🤢🤮🤮🤮 Which is the UGLIEST couple KKB has ever had. I prefer that gorgeous Maya over that aunt Prachi.
    Maya has really good chemistry with Ranbir 🔥🔥when compared with PRANBIR’s chemistry🤢.
    And cause you haven’t introduced Maya yet into your ff, I think she should be introduced as a well-wisher of Ranbir and Prachi, instead of just being a PUPPET of Rhea. Why don’t you make her another popular college student who is competition for Rhea. And EVENTUALLY, Ranbir falls for Maya and ends up with her. While that aunty Prachi focuses on her damn career.
    This is just my weird imagination that I think could be a really INTERESTING upcoming track for this ff.😍😍😍😍

    BUT it’s your ff, so you should decide what will happen in this ff. If any of my ideas are put in use it will be an HONOUR.

    This ff used to be your best ff until you created an ff on Kundali Bhagya; KDB Journey is way better than this!! Why did you discontinue that amazing ff???

    I’m a big fan of RishTa ( Rishabh & Preeta) and want to know more about BulBul’s new story, their love story and the punishment of Karan cause I really hate him now. 😡😡😡

    ANYWAYS CONGRATS on reaching to 50 eps👏👏👏 you have really worked hard to put this crappy show back together with your AMAZING writing skills and may you get GREATER success in future.

    1. That ff wasn’t written by Aleyamma. It was some other author (Steyvka I guess??). Even I’m a Rishta fan, and where most ship preeran, it is rare to find Rishta fans. I also miss her ff, but she may have discontinued it because she had fewer viewers as most just wanted preeran or maybe she has her own personal issues.

    2. Aleyamma

      Hey Aadat,
      It’s the first time I’m seeing your comment on my FF, but really glad to see it. You are the second person who really hates Pranbir after Lisa. Well, Pranbir right now are not the central characters in my FF, that is why there are not much scenes on them. Otherwise, I usually give equal importance to each and every character of mine.
      Regarding Maya, I had stopped watching the show a while ago, so I really don’t know which character is that. And also, I feel there are already plenty of characters which is why I update this ff more often than the others. so, adding on one more character will complicate my PLOT. I really don’t know how the original series writers do it because I find it too difficult to carry a plot forward by justifying EACH AND EVERY CHARACTER. So, pardon me, I won’t be able to add Maya’s character in my FF.
      The KDB FF as Serial Hater said was written by me. It is written by STEEVA. He has got some work related to studies which is why he is not able to update now. You can wiat, he will update it later.

  6. Hey!! I’m Smriti. Firstly, I find your name unique and cute. Secondly, I just came across your ff and read the whole thing in a single day (All 51 episodes so far and all other fanfics written by you). You are such an amazing write!!! When I read, I could imagine everything, and the last 3 episodes…..it gave me goosebumps, especially Aryan’s anger, as unfortunately, we didn’t get to see it in the show, but damn!! the way you wrote it, felt like everything is going right in front of my eyes, and that feeling was incredible, I could literally imagine that rage, the intensity, his care for Shahana and everything. Even the comic timings of Sanju were just perfect. Sunny-Rakhi scenes were cute too. Everything is just perfect and I’m glad you are doing justice with every character.
    I have never came across any ff that is this good. You deserve much more appreciation and so does your works. Thank you for writing such good ff’s.

    1. Aleyamma

      Well I should say, you too have a really beautiful name. And thanks a million for those words, that ws really really really kind of you. I do write FFs and have always recieved appreciation for my writing and when people add on to that fact by elaborating how my writing is like you have mentioned, it gives me a lot of happiness. It was so sweet of you to read all my episodes of this FF and the other FFs at a stretch and I really appreciate that.
      Thanks a lot for your kindness.

  7. Jasminerahul

    felt sad when that guy over powered Rakhi.but surprising that Aryan saved shahana.how sunny caught Rakhi before she fell down was lovely.shahana hugging Aryan n Aryan wrapping her with the court was lovely .sunny n Aryan defeating that guy was superb.sanju calling rakhi bhabhi n sunny staring at him…sanju’s reaction…sanju calling him shaktimaan n guessing how much ghee sunny had to be strong ….so funny.Aryana kiss was passionate n unexpected.sad that everyone misunderstood rhea. I hope at least pragya will support rhea.never expected abhi to reveal the truth to rhea. how will the
    girls react?Rakhi saying that mr. perfect is soft from inside n hard from outside was cute

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks Jasmine!

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