KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 50

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The episode starts with Priyanka smirking on seeing the disrupted crowd which is turning into a stampede. Sunny who had been carefully watching till then is hit by people by running around and gets pushed away losing sight of Priyanka. He tries to look around but does not find her anywhere, he gets vexed and says, “Shit!!! Where did she go??? I wonder what she is up to???” Priyanka is seen coming to a corner, taking out Rhea’s phone and dialling Prachi’s number. The phone starts ringing in Shahana’s purse. Shahana who is herself lost in the crowd, gets surprised to notice Prachi’s phone in her purse. However, she picks the call and before she could talk, she hears Rhea’s voice on the other side which is actually Priyanka who is imitating Rhea’s voice saying, “Prachi, I want to MEET YOU RIGHT NOW IN YOUR GREEN ROOM!!!” on saying that, she immediately hangs up the phone. Shahana gets thinking, “What does Rhea want with Prachi now that she is asking her to meet in Prachi’s GREEN ROOM!!! I guess Rhea is exasperated because instead of her, Prachi HAS WON THE FASHION EVENT DIVA TITLE!!! And now she must be trying to get EVEN with Prachi, now I will show that Rhea HER LIMITS!!!” Shahana rushes towards Prachi’s room, while Priyanka who had been watching her closely from behind smiles evilly saying, “I knew Shahana that you will take things in your own hands to sort out Rhea and that is why I had placed Prachi’s phone in your purse and called you imitating Rhea’s voice!!! Because I knew you being a great sister will try to tackle Rhea YOURSELF, but in your greatness as a SISTER who will HELP YOU OUT OF THE TRAP, I HAVE LAID FOR YOU???” Priyanka makes a pitiful sound and lets out an evil grin thinking, “NOW NO ONE CAN IN-BETWEEN ME AND RISHI!!!”

On stage, both Prachi and Rhea are split apart in different directions by the commotion created by the crowd however while running they come face to face outside and share disgusted looks. All of a sudden, someone in a hurry pushes both of them down. Both of them loose balance and are about to fall, when Ranbir comes there and holds Prachi in his arms, while Rhea has a terrible fall and gets hurt. She looks up and gets deeply saddened on seeing Prachi in Ranbir’s arms. Ranbir asks Prachi if she is alright, to which Prachi nods and hugs him tightly. Rhea gets even more disheartened and looks downwards, when Ranbir notices Rhea on the ground and forwards his hand to her. Rhea stares at him and Prachi in an annoyed manner, does not take Ranbir’s help and gets up herself. However, she is unable to move forward as she is hurt badly after having fallen, that is when Prachi catches her and balances her against her own body. Both Rhea and Ranbir are astonished. Prachi tells Rhea “I know you hate to take MY AID, but I CAN’T LET YOU GO ON YOUR OWN IN THIS STATE!!! So better shut up and come with me!!!” Rhea tries to resist by pulling herself away but Prachi doesn’t let her, finally she gives in and walks outside balancing herself on Prachi, guided by Ranbir.

Shahana reaches Prachi’s green room and gets inside calling out for Rhea, when all of a sudden, she hears the door getting locked from inside. She turns around and gets shocked to see a man staring lustfully at her. She trembles on seeing his dirty looks and nervously asks him, “Who…. Who are you???”

Aryan in the agitated the crowd, gets reminded of Sunny’s warnings regarding Shahana, he gets tensed and says, “Oh God, I hope Shahana is not in any trouble!!! But how will I find her in this confusion???” Just then Misthi reaches there weeping and asks Aryan to help her out of the place. Aryan looks around worriedly for Shahana, however nods affirmatively to Mishti and takes her outside while his gaze is constantly searching for Shahana in the crowd.

Sanju sees Sunny in the crowd searching for Priyanka and informs him how he was left all alone when both Aryan and Shahana parted in their own ways. Sunny gets shocked to know that neither Sanju nor Aryan was with Shahana which means she could have got entrapped in Priyanka’s plan. He scolds Sanju for having left her alone, while Sanju tries to convince him saying, “Bhai, you can scold me later!!! But where do you think Priyanka would have laid her trap for Shahana???” just then Sunny remembers Priyanka and the man’s conversation in front of Prachi’s green room. He hurriedly takes out his phone and calls Aryan who had just reached the exit. Aryan picks up the call when Sunny’s shouts on the other side, “Aryan!!! Shahana is IN BIG TROUBLE IN Prachi’s room!!!” Aryan leaves Misthi’s hand and runs inside, while Sunny and Sanju too run towards Prachi’s green room.

Inside Prachi’s greenroom, the man is trying to force himself on Shahana. Shahana tries to resist him using all her forces while shouting at him, “Don’t you dare come near me!!!” The man slaps her hard on her face and tears her sleaves. Shahana starts screaming for help but no one hears as everyone are themselves running for their lives. However, Rakhi who too had been pushed by crowd gets to hear Shahana voice, which reminds her OWN TRAGEDY of how she was brutally RAPED BY HER OWN DAD. She goes near the room from where the cries are heard and bangs hard on the door asking who is INSIDE. Both Shahana and the man gets shocked to hear her voice. Shahana tries to inform her but then man pushes a cloth inside her mouth, however Rakhi could still hear noises and tries to break open the door. When she couldn’t open the door using her force she leaves from there. The man smirks and tells Shahana, “See, now no one can SAVE YOU FROM ME!!!” Just then the door breaks and falls inside with Rakhi standing there holding the EMERGENCY AXE in her hands!!!”


To be continued.

(Next episode to be updated on 18-02-2020, Tuesday)


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  1. Rhea is finally on her real spot, the ground. She deserves it. Pranbir was too cute. Rakhi is super strong n nice. I hope aryan soon reaches too n they save shahana. Loved how aryan left mishti n ran for shahana❤️❤️

  2. Congrats Aleyamma. Ur Kkm ff completed 50 episodes. Half century 😄😄👍👍🎉🎉🎊🎊👌👌👏👏. Hoping for century 😉😃😃

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million Shanaya!!! This precious moment is indeed a resultof the STRENGTH AND SUPPORT received from LOYAL READERS like you!!!

      1. Thanks a lot for these ffs ☺️☺️👍👍. BTW when r u uplaoding the next episode for limitless hatred instills limitless love? I m waiting curiously 😃😃

    2. Aleyamma

      On 21st Feb, Friday!!!

  3. Jasminerahul

    oh no.the cunning priyanka succeeded in making shahana misunderstand that rhea is calling prachi.sad.ranbir holding prachi was sweet.toiugh rhea refused to take help pranbir helping her to walk was sweet.oh no shahana got trapped n that guy is trying to molest her.poor shahana.what a surprise that Rakhi heard it.I hope she will save her

  4. OMG this is my first time reading one of your stories, and it is seriously awesome. LMAO loved majnu ranbir only noticing prachi and helping her up. Choti chudail on fire is so funny. omg so glad shahana is saved. This priyanka is despicable.

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million Sam for joining in as my reader of this FF. Do continue reading if you like it and give in your opinions about the episodes!!!

  5. congrats Aleyamma u have completed 50 ffs
    And thank God rakhi breaks the door hope she’ll save sahana and met abhigya once so excited for next Friday!!!!

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot, dear!!! But you can in this episode, the next update was not Friday, but today Tuesday!!! So please do read and give your comments!!!

  6. Wonderful, Aleyamma! I’m just catching up so not commenting! Congratulations on #50 and I like the ‘punch’ that you are packing!

    1. Aleyamma

      It’s alright, take your time, akituster! Thanks a lot for your felicitations and appreciation!

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