KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 49

The episode starts Sanju and Aryan coming and joining Shahana who is standing right in front of the stage to cheer Prachi. Aryan is still lost in thoughts about HIS DAD and HIS ELDER BROTHER. Shahana turns around and seeing him together with Sanju gets irritated, she asks Sanju, “What are you doing here???” Sanju gets nervous and tells “I just came to watch the FASHION EVENT with Aryan!!!” Shahana gets vexed on hearing that and is about to question Aryan the same, when Mishti comes there calling out for Aryan. She notices Sanju and remembers how he had tried molesting her on Diwali Party, she gets scared and hugs Aryan saying, “Aryan, what is this creep doing here!!! I’m sure he has come here again to misbehave with me!!!” Shahana gets dejected on seeing Mishti’s closeness with Aryan, while Aryan coming out of his thoughts, assures Mishti, “No Mishti, I’m here right, he won’t harm you!!!” Sanju getting tensed says, “Yes, sister, that was a mistake….” He draws closer to apologize when Mishti shouts, “Stay away from me, you creep, don’t try to come closer!!!” then she turns towards Aryan and says, “Aryan, please take me away from this man, I can’t bear to see his face!!!” Aryan nods and takes her from there. After they leave, Sanju in an irritated manner tells Shahana, “What is the problem with my face??? I’m much more HANDSOME than her brother and that Aryan!!! And just look at them two together!!! A few minutes back, Aryan was denying that Mishti is not his girlfriend, but now he is protecting her as if she is in fact his GIRLFRIEND, after all she is HIS BEST FRIEND’S SISTER, there is surely SOMETHING COOKING BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM!!!” Shahana gets extremely put out on hearing that and her eyes start filling, she hurries off from there, while Sanju calls her out asking her to stop. He continues, “Great, Aryan has gone his OWN WAY and Shahana her own way, now what will I do here alone????”

Mishti and Aryan pass by Vikram, Abhi and Purab having a discussion on the INTERNATIONAL CONCERT. Vikram gets surprised on seeing his daughter and asks her, “Mishti, what are you doing here??? Shouldn’t you be there with the other contestants of the Fashion Event???” Misthi tells him, “Yes Dad, I just had gone to ask Aryan something when I met that CREEP who misbehaved with me on the Diwali night!!!” All the three of them get shocked while Vikram gets worried and asks her, “Did he try to misbehave with you again???” Mishti shakes her head denyingly and then smiles while saying, “Come on dad, he had got a good amount of thrashing last time that he will dare not try it again!!!” then she catches Aryan’s hand, he gets surprised, while she continues, “Anyways Dad, Aryan is there always to protect me!!!” All of them smile, while Purab caresses Aryan’s head. Abhi tells her, “Mishti, you better go now because the FASHION EVENT is about to start soon!!!” Mishti nods and slowly leaves still catching Aryan’s hands. Vikram turns around and sees them going hand in hand and smiles. He then turns to Purab and asks him, “Purab, haven’t you thought of Aryan’s marriage???” Purab gets surprised at that question, while Sunny who had been passing from there, overhears their conversation, gets curious stops by to hear the rest of it. Purab asks, “Aryan and marriage, Vikram, he is just twenty-one and half years old, he is a kid and you are talking of his marriage!!!” Abhi cuts in and tells Vikram, “Arrey yaar, what kind of stuff comes in your mind, Vikram??? Vikram embarrassingly continues, “Oh come on, Aryan’s dad and Maamu, he is not a baby, he has grown old enough to get married, that is why I asked!!!” Purab tells him, “Leave it Vikram, I want my son HIMSELF to choose someone whom he LOVES!!! Because it suffocates to stay in a loveless marriage!!!” Purab’s reminisces Disha’s revelation regarding her, Hritik and Sunil’s relation and gets teary eyed. Abhi notices it and feels bad for him, while Sunny smirks and leaves from there.

Sunny comes a bit forward and notices Priyanka with the man near Prachi’s green room, he draws closer and tries to eavesdrop their conversation. Priyanka shows Shahana’s photo to the man, the man eyes the photograph lustfully and says, “Oh, this seems to be A REALLY HOT CHILLI!!!”, Sunny gets annoyed with his words, while Priyanka grins. She tells him, “Well you know what to do with her right???”, The man nods evilly. Priyanka continues, “Then, listen to me, I’ll send her to this room, then YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO AFTER THAT RIGHT???” The man gets confused and asks, “But Madam ji, this place is filled with a huge crowd, won’t I get caught if she LETS OUT A LOUD SCREAM!!!” Just then Priyanka hears the commencement of the Fashion Event on the PA System, she smirks and tells the man, “No one will ever discover what is going to happen with SHAHANA IN THIS ROOM!!!” A chill runs down Sunny’s spine after hearing their entire conversation and he gets thinking, “What is Priyanka really up to??? I need to continue following her and find out!!!” He continues to follow her stealthily until she stops in front of the stage where the ramp walk is happening. She stands among the crowd and watches the event with an evil GRIN on her face.

The contestants soon start their first round, Abhi is seated in the front with Vikram and Purab. Just then Pragya comes there to watch her daughters, but does not find any seat. Purab quickly gets up and offers her his seat next to Abhi. Pragya smiles and sits next to abhi. Vikram coughs and whispers into Abhi’s ears, “What yaar, Abhi, you seem to be really lucky that you got Anuradha ji to sit right next to you!!!” Abhi stares at him, Vikram looks away. At that very moment, the announcement is made that the next contestants on stage would be Ms. Rhea Mehra and Ms. Prachi Arora. Both Abhi and Pragya get happy on hearing that, they look at each other, smile and hold each other’s hands. On stage, Rhea and Prachi come from opposite sides staring rudely at each other, come to the middle and walk forward together to the front, when in the crowd, Ranbir cheers loudly for Prachi. Rhea gets dejected on seeing that, she starts feeling nervous. When they turn to leave, Rhea trips and is about to fall, when Prachi holds her. Abhi and Pragya get up getting worried. The whole crowd gets disturbed, while the judges note down the remark.

Priyanka smirks in the crowd thinking, “Pity on my little sister, Rhea, she is hurt to see Ranbir’s LOVE for Prachi!!! Well, it is just helping me to execute my PLAN better!!!” Flashback Priyanka remembers how she had taken Rhea and Prachi’s phones from their bags when they leave for the contest, then she unlocks rhea phone after several trials, using Abhi’s birthday date and uses it to make a hoax call to police to inform them that here is a BOMB UNDER THE STAGE. After that, she looks for Shahana around, finds her and puts Prachi’s phone into her purse. Flashback ends Priyanka stills holding Rhea’s phone grins evilly looking at it. Sunny carefully watching her from behind is surprised to see her behaviour.

Soon the second round of the FASHION EVENT begins, with Ranbir continuing to cheer for Prachi. This time, Vikram notices it and remembers all the past incidents, he smiles thinking, “Oh so PRACHI is the secret WOMAN OF MY SON’S LIFE!!! I GOT IT”, the competition continues and comes to an end. The organiser calls the judges on stage to announce the results. The judges come to the stage and announce, “Well it was A REALLY TOUGH DECISION as the PERSON WHO CAME TO THE RUNNER-UP POSITION would have won the first prize if she would not have COMMITTED ONE SMALL MISTAKE!!! So, the RUNNER-UP of this competition is MS. RHEA MEHRA, all are shocked, Dimpy and Shaina get disappointed, while Abhi and Pragya smile cheerfully. Rhea disinterestedly comes forward to get her title and crown. After that, the judges announce that the title and crown for the first prize winner will worn on her by the RUNNER-UP. Everyone in the crowd catch their breath while the judges are about to make the announcement. Ranbir crosses his fingers. Soon the judges announce Prachi’s name as the first-place winner. All cheer joyfully. Priyanka smirks, while Rhea looks on ignorantly. The judges hand Rhea the crown and the title to be worn on Prachi just when a policeman from behind fires and shouts out that there is A BOMB under the stage. The whole crowd gets terrified and start running in all directions in awe.


To be continued

(Next episode to be updated tomorrow, 14-02-2020, Friday)

  1. Priyanka is so evil??. She is trying to create more problems for everyone. Thanks for not vanishing away priyanka n mishti in ur ff. Coz in the show, mishti was literally shown for one scene n then never again ??.
    I m curious about prachi getting the title or not (bcoz of the chaos created by that stupid priyanka)
    Superb episode aleyamma ?

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot, shanaya, Prachi, infact did not receive her title because of what you said!!! Chaos created by Priyanka, so title is still in the hands of Rhea!!!

  2. Osm Aleyamma!!!!!!
    Very intersting ff curiously waiting for next ff and wanted to know ranbir epression

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million Sara, the next episode will be posted this evening!!! So stay tuned!!!

  3. Jasminerahul

    sanju is so funny to think that he looks better than ranbir n Aryan.Aryan was trying to console mishti as a friend but sad that shahana became insecure with it .I liked vikram understanding that pranbir are in love.loved prachi holding rhea when she was about to fall.happy that prachi won the contest.worried for rhea …what will she do now?I hope she doesn’t come up with wicked plans to harm prachi.what is priyanka planning with this bomb news?

    1. Aleyamma

      Wait and see in the next episode!!!

  4. Where is the next episode. It is not there. Today is 15 feb. Please upload it.

    1. Aleyamma

      Yeah I know I was supposed to post it yesterday, but held behind due to submissions work, but don’t worry, I usually post KKM ffs everday because it is the only ff with so many CHARACTERS where each and every character has to be dealt with!!!
      So the next episode will be posted this evening, 15-02-2020, Saturday.

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