KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 45

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The episode starts with Sunny and Rakhi / Kiara gazing at each other for the first time through water. Sunny looks sternly at her and says, “Now you understand, YOU….” He stops himself, thinks for a while and says, “YOU CHASMISH!!!” Rakhi is left agape to hear that, while Sunny continues, “…. what will happen when you challenge me!!!” He turns to leave when Rakhi calls him out, “Oh hello, wait, Mr. PERFECT!!!” Sunny turns towards her, when all of a sudden, Rakhi throws water from her bottle right onto his face. He gets shocked and says, “What the heck??? How dare you THROW WATER ON MY SO SPECIALLY DESIGNED CLOTHES!!!” Rakhi frowningly asks, “Why, what will you do??? COMPLAINT???” Sunny angrily tells her back, “Yes, I WILL COMPLAINT TO CHUCKS ABOUT YOU!!” Rakhi gets surprised on hearing that and asks, “CHUCKS??” Sunny gets thinking for a while, “Over the years, since the time I have broken all my relations in my heart, I have never addressed “ABHI CHACHU, CHUCKS” then how come today??” when Rakhi snaps asking, “What happened?? Are you not going to call YOUR CHUCKS OR DUCKS OR WHATEVER!!!” when all of a sudden, she hears Mother Superior calling her, she starts to move, when Sunny mocks her saying, “Yeah it’s better that YOU LEAVE BECAUSE IF YOU CHALLENGE ME, YOU WILL LOSE FOR SURE!!! SO, GET GOING TO YOUR MOTHER LIKE CRY BABIES ALWAYS DO!!!” when again water flushes right onto his face. Sunny is taken aback at this act, while Rakhi giggles and says, “Now you understand, Mr. PERFECT, whomever attempts things first wins THE CHALLENGE ALWAYS!! Like me, I made you bath with WATER TWICE and the third time, YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE BATH IN YOUR TEARS, SO GOODBYE Mr. PERFECT!!!” She leaves from there while he looks irritatingly towards her saying, “Ugh, you better not come in front me once again Chasmish!!! Otherwise I will…” he brings his hands forward as if he is trying to strangulate her, but then gets distracted over the water all over his clothes and shakes his head to fling off water from his head when the water droplets fall over Abhi and Purab who were passing by. They get surprised to see him drenched. Abhi asks him, “Hey Sunil, “What happened man?? Did you try taking bath with your clothes on???” Sunil gets worried and says, “No sir, it’s just a silly prank pulled by a STUPID GIRL!!!” Abhi gets surprised and says, “Girl??? Why do even fight with girls??” Purab giggles and murmurs, “As if YOU never FIGHT WITH GIRLS??” Abhi frowns at him and continues with Sunny, “Who was she??” Sunny replies, “Don’t know, SOME STUPID CHASMISH!!!” Both Abhi and Purab are astonished to hear that. Abhi scolds, “What kind of name is that?? Don’t call girls such names!!!” Purab again murmurs, “As if you never use such names??” Abhi gets irritated and catches his collar saying, “SHE WAS MY WIFE!!!” When Sunny interrupts saying, “If you have rights on SOMEONE, can we just hurt that person all because we hold that rights??” Both Abhi and Purab get shocked on hearing that and get emotional, while Sunny slowly leaves from there giving out a sad smile.

Rakhi comes to Mother Superior still murmuring scolds for Sunny in her mouth. Mother Superior notices it and also sees that she is drenched. She asks her, “Rakhi, what happened?? Why are you all drenched and whom are you scolding???” Rakhi tells her irritatingly, “Oh it’s just a STUPID MAN, Mr. Perfect who thinks he is way too perfect than the others!!!” Mother Superior laughs on seeing Rakhi act like a kid and says, “Well, I would like to THANK THAT BOY, for bringing back the CHILD inside my RAKHI!!!” Rakhi senses something within her. Flashes of how she had fought with Sunny in the same way during their childhood runs through her head. She starts feeling uncomfortable and dizzy. Mother Superior gets worried and holds her asking, “Are you alright Rakhi???” to which Rakhi tells affirmatively that she is absolutely alright, while she gets thinking, “This was the first time that I met Mr. Perfect, then why am I feeling that I’ve met him before??”

Sunny comes to the dressing room allotted for Disha for being the major media handler. Disha is also surprised to see Sunny all drenched. She asks him, “What happened??” He tells her, “Oh don’t ask MA, a stupid GIRL!!!” when Disha bursts into laughter. Sunny is amazed and asks her, “Ma, that girl made such a condition of mine and you are laughing at it!!!” Disha controls herself and says, “I’m laughing because in the twenty-eight years of my son’s life, I haven’t met any other GIRL in his life other than KIARA and today he has FOUGHT WITH A GIRL??? Really??? Was she CUTE???” Sunny frowns at her. Disha tries to pacify him saying, “Okay, okay, I’m not saying anything!!! But remember Sunny, the first time you met Kiara, you had a fight with her but then soon you became friends…” then Disha uses her teasing tone and says, “So maybe this girl too…” when Sunny stares at her. Disha leaves from there still laughing, while Sunny gets thinking of his first meeting with Kiara and remembers how he had fought with her in the same way. A smile passes on his face as he says, “After you have left, Abhi chachu and Pragya Maasi separated and so did Maa and PAPA, I wish you were here, Kiara, then we all would have been together as a HAPPY FAMILY.” and a tear rolls down Sunny’s cheek.


To be continued.

For those of my friends who have not seen or do not remember the first childhood meeting of Kiarsu, I’m giving the link of that episode here.


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  1. Lovely episode 😍

  2. Nice ff hope kiara and sunny become friends again

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Sara, well you have to wait and see if Kiarsu will become friends or NOT???
      So continue reading the next update on Friday!!!

  3. Jasminerahul

    sunny kiara nok jhok was funny.when he called her chashmish only I realized that she wears specs like pragya.till now I was imagining her without specs. unknowingly sunny saying that he will complain to chucks who is abhi was cute.sunny is right.just because we have right on someone we have no right to hurt that person.like the nun said sunny had brought the child out of kaira.kiara rememberimg sunny was cute.disha saying that after kiara a girl has entered sunny’s life n like he became friends with kiara he may become friends with this girl also without knowing that she is kiara was sweet.sunny remembering kiara n saying that if she was there they would have been a happy family was emotional

    1. Aleyamma

      Yeah as you said, this ENTIRE EPISODE was based on Kiarsu!!!! And I think you missed episode 42 which is where it had been mentioned that Kiara is having HIGH POWER, a case of HEREDITARY!!!
      Kiara doesn’t remember anything about her real parents and she has got bad eyesight from Pragya!!! But yeah she is wearing glasses like Pragya!!!

  4. Well done! And if it’s always on Friday’s I will know when to look for the next episode! Best wishes to you!!

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Akituster, yeah I’ve alloted Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays for publishing but this week I got a sudden noitification of exams, so I have put apart my publishing work of episodes!!!

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