KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 44

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The episode starts with Aryan and Shahana getting up from the awkward position in a jiffy on hearing Aliyah’s sudden aggressive call from the door, she gets irritated on seeing Shahana with Aryan in such a position and asks her, “What are you doing in my son’s bedroom???” Shahana gets nervous and stammers, “Actually, auntie, woh, Rajma….” Before she could continue, Aliyah snatches the tiffin box from Aryan’s hand and about to fling it down, when Purab comes and catches her hand and tells, “Aliyah, Shahana’s Maasi sent it with love for our SON!!! So, let him decide whether to have it or not, you need not take the decisions for HIM” on saying this Purab hands the tiffin box back to Aryan’s hands which makes both Aryan and Shahana relieved. Then, Aliyah notices the cotton ball in Shahana’s hands, “What are you doing with the cotton and medicine in your hands, I KNOW WHAT YOU MIDDLE-CLASS GIRLS TRY TO DO WITH RCIH GUYS LIKE HIM” Shahana feels hurt at that remark, while both Aryan and Purab feel disappointed, before Aliyah could continue, Aryan interrupts and says, “Ma!! I had asked Shahana for help, as I was scared of the burning sensation of the medicine!!!” Aliyah is surprised that Aryan is supporting Shahana and asks, “But, Sweetheart, you could have called anyone in the house to do it why her???” Purab tells her, “Have you started some INVESTIGATION AGENCY, Aliyah, what is the matter if Shahana applies the medicine or anyone else???” Then he continues with Aryan, “Aryan, it is quite late, once you get your dressing done, please drop her home!!” Aryan nods in agreement while Aliyah frowns. Soon Purab leaves while asking Aliyah to come along. Aliyah, while leaving, stares at Shahana-Aryan and thinks, “My suspicions were right, this girl is coming too near to Aryan, I already had enough of MIDDLE-CLASS WOMEN snatch my BELOVED ONES, first, Bulbul and Disha my Purab, then Pragya, my bhai and now Pragya has already played her game and manipulated my RHEA and I cannot allow her daughter to SNATCH MY SON TOO!!! I will not let SHAHANA COME NEAR ARYAN!!!”

In the car

Shahana tells Aryan, “You know what, I had actually come to get the songs which Ranbir selected for Prachi for the fashion show, you have them right??” Aryan nods, she continues, “But then your MOTHER is really WEIRD!!!” Aryan gets annoyed and says, “Now don’t start about my MOM, I know you don’t like her, but she is my Mom, alright!!!” Shahana continues, “Okay fine, I won’t badmouth her, but what is her PROBLEM WITH MIDDLE-CLASS PEOPLE, that she always gives lectures about MIDDLE-CLASS IS LIKE THIS…MIDDLE-CLASS IS LIKE THAT…” Aryan bangs his forehead, “Leave about my MOM, aren’t you worried about the fashion event tomorrow!!” Shahana gives a worried expression and says, “It’s going to be tough competition between Prachi and Rhea and I want Prachi to WIN which will teach a good lesson to that bossy woman Rhea!!” Aryan again gets annoyed, “After leaving my mom, why are you behind my sister??” Shahana gets irritated and says, “Because BOTH YOUR MAD AND YOUR SISTER are ATTITUDE DRIVEN WOMEN!!!!” Aryan frowns and says, “Fine I think I should stop talking with you, because you will find some or the other REASON to FIGHT with me!!!” Shahana asks her, “Why you don’t like fighting with me???” Aryan gets irritated and shouts back unknowingly, “I don’t like fighting with you, BECAUSE I FEEL BAD….” He stops himself and continues nervously, “……because I don’t fight with girls!!!” then he quickly looks outside while Shahana smiles.


Sunny and Sanju come to the college together with the costumes and some craft materials. Sanju asks Sunny, “Bhai, this time I wish everything works and I will be united my jaane man Prachi.” Sunny gets annoyed at his words and asks him to help. Sanju then unknowingly pours paint from the craft materials on Sunny’s dress. Sunny gets angry and shouts at him, “What the hell are you doing??” Sanju apologizes and tries to wipe it off but Sunny stop him saying that the paint will ruin the dress if not washed with water. So, he goes to a nearby water filter and starts removing the paint. Just then, Rakhi arrives there with Mother Superior and the others. Mother Superior coughs and asks Rakhi to get a bottle of water. Rakhi goes to the water where Sunny had been already cleaning the paint from his shirt. After waiting for a few minutes, she gets impatient, “Do you do everything THIS SLOWLY??” Sunny without turning replies, “Oh come on, I’m not SLOW, I’M JUST PERFECT!!!” Rakhi get vexed at his answer, comes forward pushes him without looking at his face and says, “Mr. Perfect, accomplish your PERFECTION after me!!” Sunny gets irritated at her, “Hey, what are you doing??? Do you know WHO I AM???” Rakhi giggles while catching water with her back turned towards him and asks, “Why YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE???” Sunny is surprised. He goes forwards pushes the tap and sprinkles water on her. They see each other through the water.


To be continued

Guys the first meeting of Kiarsu is very similar to how they first met in childhood, you will see the reason for which the same kind of meeting is created.

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  1. Kiarsu n arhana were cute. I like the way u r developing arhana’s Story. Hope they get together soon (at least in the ff)❤️❤️🥰🥰Thanks

    1. Aleyamma

      Well you are right, Arhana is a couple who are completely ignored in the original series. But as of my ff, it is true that they are in love but their UNION will happen or not, you have to wait and see!!!!
      Because as I had mentioned earlier, there is a possiblity of RISHANA and MISHAN in my ff.

  2. I haven’t seen kiarsu’s first childhood meeting but i really loved this one.
    lovely episode 😊

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks Sylvia!!! I have given the link of their first meeting in the next episode!!!

  3. Jasminerahul

    aliya is always barking.good to see purab supporting aryana.actually Aryan’s irritation is justified.however annoying the mother n the sister are no one will like to hear such things about their mother n sister.unknowingly Aryan telling shahana that he doesn’t like fighting with her as he feels bad was lovely.wow finally a sunny rakhi scene.so cute.I haven’t seen their first meeting

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks Jasmine and I have given the link of Kiarsu’s first childhood meeting in the next episode!!!

  4. Maybe Sunny will get remember Kiara..after this and also will remember their first meet..

    1. Aleyamma

      Whew, good Nabiha!!! That was really close!!! Read the next episode if you are right!!!

  5. All the ff of kkm 42 till 44 were amazing!!!

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million Sara!!!

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