KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 43

The episode starts with Sanju informing Sunny that he has found the right person to carry out PRIYANKA’S PLAN during the FASHION EVENT. Sunny asks him, “Are you sure that this man will do our work without crossing his LIMITS???” Sanju replies, “I’ve met him today, Bhai, he is a TOTAL PHILANDERER!!! But I’ve explained everything to him and asked him not to take any other advantages other than SCARING THE GIRL!!! Priyanka Madam told me to do the task, but you know Bhai, I can’t imagine of such things with any other woman, other than my sweetheart, Prachi, bhai!!!” Sunny gets exasperated on hearing Sanju’s provocative remarks on Prachi and says, “There is no difference between you and that Priyanka, why do you want to force yourself into someone’s life when that person clearly states that he/ she has no such emotions for you!!!” Sanju gets saddened at his words and replies in a moaning tone, “That is called LOVE, Bhai”, Sunny again gets irritated at Sanju’s words and says, “Don’t call that LOVE, it is some sort of MENTAL SICKNESS!!!” At that moment, Disha comes there and overhears their conversations and asks them, “What is not LOVE and what are you calling as MENTAL SICKNESS???”, Sunny gets shocked and tries to distract her but before that Sanju jumps in and says, “Aunty ji, your son is saying that IF WE TRY TO FORCEFULLY ENTER INTO SOMEONE’S LIFE WITHOUT THAT PERSON RECIPROCATING OUR FEELINGS, THEN IT IS NOT CALLED LOVE BUT MENTAL ILLNESS!!!” Disha is taken aback at those words, she remembers how Aliyah forcefully came in between herself and Purab, all because of her OBSESSION for Purab. Disha’s eyes fill with tears, both Sunny and Sanju notice it. Sunny understands his mother’s state of distress and goes towards her for support. Sanju feels weird and tries to distract the situation, “By the way, WHERE IS YOUR DAD, BHAI??” unaware that he is adding fuel to the fire. Sunny glowers at Sanju, who becomes nervous. He takes the tea from Disha hand and makes a slow move away from them saying, “Thanks for the TEA, Aunty ji!!!” After Sanju leaves, Disha hugs Sunny tightly and cries out her all her pain on his bosom reminiscing her dreadful past. Sunny hugs his mother back in supportive consolation with tears filled in his eyes thinking, “This is why, this is why Ma, I cannot forgive that MAN, now, not even you can STOP ME FROM TURNING AWAY FROM MY REVENGE, I WILL DESTROY THAT MAN AND HIS SON!!!!”

At Mehra Mansion

Shahana comes to the living room and checks out for someone. Meera notices her and approaches her, “Hello Shahana, why are you here???” Shahana feels uneasy as she does not want reveal that she has come there to meet Aryan and get the songs for Ranbir who is with Prachi. She cooks up a lie and says, “Actually Aunty, Maasi came to know about today’s incident with Misthi, she felt really proud of Aryan, so she sent some RAJMA CHAWAL as a token of her appreciation for him!!!” she makes a weird expression on saying that. However, Meera does not notice it and says, “Oh that’s so sweet of Prachi’s Mom, give it to me, I will hand it over to Aryan!!” Shahana feeling strange again tells, “No not at all, Aunty, Maasi told me to give the tiffin to him with my own hands.” Meera jerks her shoulder on that and says, “Well then, you can go to his room and give it to him yourself!!!” Shahana feels relieved and quickly proceeds to his room. Meera jerks her hand in amazement on seeing that.

At Aryan’s room

Shahana comes and knocks at his door, “Aryan, it’s me Shahana, open the door!!”. There is no response from inside. She calls out again, “Aryan, Ranbir has asked me to get the songs that he had selected for the fashion event from YOU, please open the door!!” As there is no response again, she turns the door knob and finds it open already. She goes inside and checks for Aryan, but does not find him in there, she thinks, “Meera Aunty told me that he is here, but he is not seen anywhere!!! Where is he???” Just then Aryan comes out of the bathroom in towel, and is about to take off his towel, when Shahana screams, “Aryan, don’t take your towel off!!”. Aryan getting startled on hearing her voice, wraps his towel back round his waist. Then, he is asks her in an annoyed tone, “What the heck are you doing inside my room??” Shahana replies back in the same manner, “Oh hello, I didn’t come in just like that, I knocked twice on your door, but since there was no reply, I came inside and it was your fault to leave your door open, when you want roam inside naked!!!” Aryan tells her, “Excuse me, Miss. Shahana, I always keep my room door closed when I’m having a bath, today I wanted Bahadur chachu to keep the FIRST AID KIT inside, so I let the door OPEN for him, not FOR YOU!!!” Shahana forgets all about the fight on hearing about first aid kit and looks at his wound on the shoulder and gets deeply hurt on seeing it.

Downstairs Aliyah and Purab come and call out Aryan, after coming to know about the incident. Meera comes there and informs them that Aryan is in his room and Shahana just went inside to meet him with Prachi’s mom’s prepared Rajma Chawal. Aliyah gets bewildered on hearing that and scolds Meera, “What!!! Who asked you to send that CHEAP MIDDLE-CLASS GIRL to his room??” Purab shouts, “Aliyah!!!”, then on realising Meera’s presence, he whispers into her ears, “Remember, she is Pragya di’s daughter!!! So, don’t address her like that!!!”. However, Aliyah gets restless and rushes into Aryan’s room, Purab follows. Meera looks on.

In Aryan’s room

Aryan asks Shahana, “By the way, what do you have in your hand??”, Shahana shows the tiffin and says, “RAJMA CHAWAL made with my OWN HANDS specially for……” she notices Aryan waiting and continues, “…. for Ranbir!!” Aryan smiles. She continues, “Ranbir told that you love it, so Prachi asked me to give it to you!!” Aryan takes the tiffin box from her and thanks her. Shahana asks him, “Are you not dressing your wound because you fear that the medicine will burn you??” Aryan widens his eyes and turns his back to check on his clothes without noticing that Shahana is taking out cotton and applying the medicine to it, while Aryan looking on to the other side says, “Oh come on, I’m a MAN, I don’t really fear anything!!!” Shahana mocks in a giggling tone, “Yeah, except for RATS!!!” Aryan turns back and as soon as he does, she puts on the cotton ball with medicine onto his wound, he screams in pain, “Awwwch!!” Shahana again tells in a giggled tone, “That makes two, RATS & MEDICINE’s BURNING SENSATION!!” Aryan shouts, “BLOW!! BLOW!!” Shahana starts blowing on his wound but then trips around his legs which makes both fall. Aryan balances and sits onto the bed, while Shahana lands on his lap. They have an eye lock, with Aryan wrapping his hands around her waist unconsciously, while she jerks without stopping him. All of sudden, Aliyah calls out in an aggressive tone, “ARYAN!!!”


To be continued.

  1. OMG ? i loved this episode
    each en every scene was just perfect
    I love Pranbir but with Arhana scene’s this good i did not even miss Pranbir , like seriously they were so cute ?

  2. Arhana r so cute in ur ffs. Thanks for uploading so soon Aleyamma??☺️☺️

  3. Aleyamma

    Thanks a billion times, my two sweethearts, Shanaya & Sylvia, You both made my day!!! Good to know that you are loving Arhana’s love story even being GREAT FANS OF PRANBIR. I really appreciate your attitude regarding that!!!
    Soon there is will be Kiarsu’s love story added on and hope you like it too!!

  4. Jasminerahul

    I loved sunny telling Sanju that forcefully entering into someone’s life is insane .superb.oh Aliya knows only to insult others.loved purab warning her.aryana towel scene was funny.shahana giving him the food she prepared for aryan was lovely .first aid…..fall n eye lock were romantic. omg guess Aliya misunderstood them

  5. Impressed! Yes I am. Each time you post… my gosh! To be quite honest I like it that you are not featuring that mismatched couple, who are trying to distract from abhigya. I do like ‘Ahana’ and am looking forward to more episodes! thank-you so much with offering new ideas! So when do start practising how to write actual screenplays, m’dear? (Hope I’m not being too familiar!) ; )

    1. Just about forgot. One of the reasons that i was impressed is that you are actually illustrating that ethics do exist and should be included in programs which involve relationships. those programs which are at only a reactive level come across as being so very low. They dehumanize characters….and the viewers. thank-you for making the effort to move beyond that low level of reactive drama. It’s a problem when that’s all there is. It was bad enough in the beginning of KKB (5 years), but now that abhigya are being sent away so effectively, that show, lost it’s heart. It lost it’s brain during the first 18 months with Aliyah and tuna-fish. It’s great to see you returning heart and mind in your characters.

    2. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Akituster by bringing in those critical aspects of what is ACTUALLY LACKING AT PRESENT IN KKB!!! And you are 100% right!!!
      By the way, I’m not a great personality to enter the den of people like Ekta Kapoor to practice my writing. To get hold of producers like her, we do need power and contacts, which unfortunately, as she keeps abusing with the word “MIDDLE-CLASS” in KKB which is actually meant for people like me, the middle-class don’t have the POWER AND CONTACTS!!!
      So I’m just happy with the little I get with writing these ffs. Not really dreaming of making it big!!!!
      The second thing is that, I know you and Lisa really HATE the couple Pranbir which could be clearly seen through both your comments!!!
      Lisa really LOVES Arhana and now it makes two of YOU!!!
      My ff will have equal importance for all the couples and that is why there is CENTRALISTAION OF ARHANA RIGHT NOW!!!
      Glad to know you too enjoy Arhana scenes.

  6. Thanks for the reply Aleyamma. I think it is in your best interests to stay away from Evil Kapoor even if you had the opportunity to meet with her. I suspect that one of the conditions of you receiving work is that you would have to change your s*xuality and gawd knows what else!! I am not impressed with Hollywood or Bollywood where actors etc. happily sell their dignity for money/fame. These are not good people, never to be trusted. If they sell their own dignity, then what are they capable of doing to others? When they sell their dignity. what does that make them? In North America it is well known that actors/actresses must whore themselves for work… if they want fame/fortune. Do you really think that Bollywood is any different? Notice how quickly the ‘metoo’ movement was crushed in Bollywood? It is likely that Evil Kapoor was on the committee that resolved that thorn in their side.

    1. Aleyamma

      Hey Akituster,
      To be honest, I’m not someone who STOPS FROM FACING WHAT SHE HAS TO FACE IN HER LIFE TO GO FORWARD as you said, maybe change my s*xuality to WORK WITH EVIL KAPOOR!!! (I love that NAME!!!) or be it to wash her clothes or WATER HER PLANTS to get the opportunity because For me FACING CHALLENGES A LIKE A STORM which brings a GREAT WEATHER LATER!!!
      But yeah DIGINITY matters the most, so my FIRST OPTION would be A BIG NO to Evil Kapoor than LOSE MY DIGNITY!!!
      Frankly, I’m someone WHO IS VERY POSSESSIVE ABOUT THE QUALITY OF MY WORK, and that is why I don’t want TO GO into Bollywood, Hollywood or Mollywood!!!
      Being a writer, I BELIEVE IN THE ESSENCE OF MY WRITING!!! I like to be expressive and open to TRUTH and not BEING HYPOCRITES like the present KKB WRITER ARE!!!
      I want my work to be GOOD the way it is!!! And I genuinely feel my work is pure which is not a MATERIALISTIC TOOL FOR ME TO GET APPLAUSE FROM OTHERS!!!!
      So that is the actual reason why I ‘m not really keen to GET OUT THERE!!!
      Moreover to MEET Ekta IN REALITY, I should have been born as at least as her driver’s niece, that is the POWER SHE HOLDS!!!

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