KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 39

The episode starts with Aryan and Ranbir discussing about the housewarming party, the latter is practicing boxing with his punching bag, while Aryan is constantly checking over Ranbir’s collection of perfumes. Ranbir tells him, “You know, when you FALL IN LOVE, the other person changes you completely, without even your own knowledge, today I was so angry with Prachi……” Ranbir is constantly describing his and Prachi’s fight to Aryan who is busy over finding something and not listening to any of his words, finally Ranbir notices that Aryan absence of mind and asks him, “Aryan are you listening to me??” Aryan replies, “Yes, yes, go on, you use perfumes everyday so that no one realises that you don’t have a bath, right??” Ranbir is embarrassed, he scolds Aryan saying, “Aryan, I’m not talking about perfumes!!! And I take bath regularly each and every day, who the hell told you that I don’t bath??” Aryan amusedly replies, “No one, it’s just a usual MYTH that guys who don’t bath regularly use a lot of perfumes, and you seem to hold a whole shop of them over here!!!” Ranbir gets irritated, comes towards Aryan and asks him, “Then why are you checking on them??? Leave from here nah!!!” Aryan tries to calm him saying, “Oh come on bro, I was just kidding!!” while he finds the one which he had been searching all the while and takes it out smilingly. Ranbir grabs it from his hand and asks him, “This one, it is a favourite of most of the girls in our college, including my sister Mishti!!! But since I started being in a relationship with Prachi she had advised me not use this perfume as she hates it, I don’t understand what is really the problem with her, when her sister Shahana is the biggest FAN of this perfume, you remember how she used to hover around me in the beginning just to catch a breath of this odeur.” Aryan smiles confidently and asks, “Dude, now that you are not using this one anymore, can I have it??” Ranbir looks questioningly towards him, “Whom are you trying to impress Aryan??” Aryan gets nervous and says, “Why do you think I will use a PERFUME to impress GIRLS!!!” Ranbir replies, “Because you are ALLERGIC to this perfume!!!” Aryan remembers he had been always allergic to the perfume which Shahana likes the MOST. Ranbir asks once again, “Now tell me, who is it??” Aryan looks on embarrassingly and replies, “There is no one dude!!!! If there was someone, won’t you have known??? I used to be the one who used to always guide you regarding your dilemma between Rhea and Prachi, because I know each and everything which happens in your life, in the same way you too know everything about me, right??? So, if there was someone then you yourself would have come to know about it, without me revealing anything!!!” Ranbir pinches Aryan’s cheeks and says, “That’s right!!! If my bro has got someone, then surely, I will be one who will find it out first, because I know you since the time of your birth.” He leaves his cheeks and informs him, “Now remember, tomorrow is the last day we can help Prachi with fashion show and I want her to win this time, so don’t give me any excuses to come along with me, alright!!!” Aryan nods approvingly while Ranbir leaves. Aryan continues thinking, “I don’t know whether your suspicions about SOMEONE IN MY LIFE are right or not??? Because I myself don’t understand what does all these emotions of getting drawn towards Shahana is??? When I’m near her it’s like I’m lost in a totally different world, I really need figure out what is happening to me??”

In Prachi and Shahana’s room, Prachi is constantly narrating about her fight with Ranbir and how she made his mood, while Shahana is standing in front of the mirror gazing at her hair and lost without uttering a word. Prachi is surprised and asks her, “What happened today, the girl who does not leave my side until I reveal each and everything happening in mine and Ranbir’s life, is lost in her own world, that she is not even able to talk, What happened Shahana???” Shahana replies “Nothing” and continues to stay in her thoughts. Prachi is astonished once again and asks her, “What happened Shahana, are you feeling well???” Shahana is confused and asks her, “Of course I’m feeling well, Prachi!!! Why are you asking me such questions???” Prachi replies, “It’s so shocking to see Shahana the girl who talks non-stop and eats my brains is staying quiet like this!!!” Shahana says, “I’m just tired Prachi, so I want to take rest!!!” Prachi hits her and asks, “I know there is something wrong otherwise you won’t be silent like this, come on tell me what it is???” Shahana thinks, “When I myself don’t know what is really happening, then how to explain to you Prachi???” Prachi waves her hand and shows what. Shahana shakes her head signing “Nothing”, then Prachi teasingly asks her, “Are you thinking about Rishi??” Shahana gets irritated and tells her, “Uff oh Prachi!!! Why do you always compare me with that Rishi, there is nothing between us!!!” Prachi says, “And I also know, you always keep fighting with him!!! And it is constant fights, which draws two individuals close and develop LOVE!!! You can see the best example is me and Ranbir!!!” Shahana reminisces all her previous fights with Aryan and remembers how each time, she was drawn closer to him, and over the last time he kissed at the side of her neck, she touches over that part and smiles beamingly. Prachi notices it and asks, “Now why is that you have started smiling all of a sudden??” Shahana avoids her saying, “Is there any rule that I’m not supposed to smile here, I’m fed up with your questions and am going to sleep, Good night Prachi!!!” Shahana pulls herself completely inside her blanket. Prachi stares at her agape, “I’m sure she was thinking about Rishi, and that is why she is avoiding my questions, so my suspicions are right!!! I need to talk to Ma about it!!!”

Next day, Priyanka comes to a secluded area in DWARKA NAGAR, of which the address she had messaged to Sunny, asking him to bring Sanju along with him. When, Priyanka comes there, she finds Sunny and Sanju already waiting for her over there. She comes towards Sanju and informs, “The fashion event is tomorrow, so we have to work out our plan tomorrow itself!!!”, Sanju is confused and asks, “But Madam ji, you never told, what the PLAN is??” Priyanka smirks and tells him, “Something similar like the last PLAN, but this time YOUR TARGET won’t be PRACHI but her sister SHAHANA” Both Sanju and Sunny are in for a shock. Sunny gets annoyed but he holds back his emotions. Sanju asks her furiously, “But Madam ji, I’ve no interest in that girl, Shahana!!! My whole love is only for Prachi!!” Priyanka shouts back, “I know you fool, but also remember that Prachi will do anything for her sister, so this time, you won’t do anything, but just make a film to show you have abducted her, which is more than enough for blackmailing Prachi to marry you.” Sanju still confused tells her, “All that is alright, but the last time I had escaped narrowly, that Lakshmi ji’s cousin Aryan had hit me black and blue such that I could not even move from my bed for three days!!!” Priyanka interrupts and says, “But this time, there is going to be no PLAN-BACKFIRE, because the target is PRACHI, and the person accused for making this plan and blackmailing her will fall on RHEA. So, the GREATEST LOSS is gonna be for Rhea-Prachi. Sunny is taken aback at her words.


To be continued.

  1. That was awesome. Thanks for so much of pranbir and arhana. I am loving their chemistry n am curious to know what is going on in priyanka’s head. Really amazing aleyamma??

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  10. Jasminerahul

    ranbir Aryan perfume talk was funny .loved ranbir saying that when we are in love the other person changes us.prachi telling shahana that constant fights can tyurn into love was nice.oh no.this time priyanka’s plan is trapping prachi n rhea. hope sunny flops her plan

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