KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 24

The episode starts with Sunny coming to know about the news of FIRE ACCIDENT at the MEHRA MANSION, he gets concerned for Purab and Abhi. He starts towards their cabin when he notices them coming together, on the opposite side. He goes forward in a worried state and asks “Sir, are you both alright, you both didn’t hurt yourself during the fire accident right??? Abhi and Purab are surprised to see his concern for them, Abhi says “We are absolutely alright!! Fit like horses!!!” Purab continues “It’s good to see such concern from our staff, as we are a PART OF YOUR FAMILY!!!”, Sunny realises what he had been asking and then, “Sorry Sir, I think I just got overexcited!!!” Abhi says “Oh come on man, excitement is really necessary to produce good work, I want to see more of that from you for our upcoming events “FASHION SHOW” and “INTERNATIONAL CONCERT” which are really important for our COMPANY”. Sunny nods in agreement. Purab and Abhi leave for their respective cabins.

Sunny goes to his desk and gets thinking “What are you doing Sunny??? That MAN PURAB KHANNA IS NOT YOUR FAMILY!!! Then why are you concerned for him??? If he dies in FIRE or WATER, why should it matter for you??? No, Sunny Khanna will never forgive that MAN!!!” He hits his fist hard on the desk, it bleeds but Sunny remains ignorant.

At Prachi’s desk, Prachi is searching for the file with Ranbir’s message. She gets tensed and thinks “Where did I keep that file?? Where did I keep it??” Then she asks a staff, if she had seen the file, the staff replies, “Oh that file, I sent it to Vikram Sir’s office!!” Prachi gets shocked and says “What!!!” She bangs her palm on her forehead and says, “Now how will I get it??”. She slyly goes inside Vikram’s cabin and sees him going through another file. She sees her file under it. She comes inside and says, “Good morning Sir!!!”, He replies with a smile and asks her what the matter is. She tells him “I want to apologize to you because of me, Ranbir got hurt a lot!!!” Vikram is surprised “What Prachi, for the first time I’m listening something good about Ranbir from your mouth!! That’s nice!!!” Prachi says “Well actually this time Ranbir…”, she gives a shocked expression and shouts “Look there!! Sir” Vikram turns back and looks around, in that very instant, Prachi quickly picks the paper with the message and hides it behind her. Vikram looks back at her and asks, “What is it Prachi??” Prachi continues “Oh nothing Sir, I felt as if I saw some weird insect, so I was saying that this time Ranbir really saved my life, if he wouldn’t have been there, then I would never have stood here today.” Vikram gladly smiles and says “Well Prachi, don’t think I’m praising my son, outside he seems to be naughty because he likes to carry on a BAD BOY IMAGE, but inside he is really a KIND PERSON.” Prachi smiles and leaves. Vikram stares at her and thinks “I know Prachi, you came here for Ranbir’s message, and I know what is in there!!, there is surely something cooking between you and my son!!!”

Prachi comes outside and leaves a sigh of relief saying, “That was a narrow escape!!!” She opens the paper with the message and reads it, Ranbir says “I want to meet you today midnight!!! Please do come to your terrace!!!” Prachi thinks “Why does he want to meet me today, that too in the midnight!!! This guy is crazy!!!”

In Delhi Railway Station

Tanu gets down from the train with Nikhil and his family, Nikhil asks her “Are you sure, she (Kiara / Rakhi) will be in this city??” Tanu asks him to shut up and continues “All this is only happening because of you!!! Who asked you to…” she stops disgustingly “Now we have to find her somehow, I’m sure she is here, after all she is Pragya’s daughter, she will not stay quiet, she will try all her means to get justice!! But we have to find her before that and before she reaches Abhi or Pragya.”

In Vasant Vihar nun’s convent

Rakhi sits heartbroken in tears thinking of her ill fate. The superior nun comes towards her and asks her, “So what do you want to do for your future, DO YOU WANT KEEP THE CHILD OR….” Rakhi stares at her in wide eyes. Sister “What is the fault of my child in all this?? The person who really committed a sin is MINE and HIS FATHER, so why should I punish him for that??? I will bring this child to this world, and I will make him so STRONG that he will FACE any struggles, abuses or problems in his LIFE”. The nun is happy and tells her “You are a really BOLD woman, my girl, your mother would have been really proud today, if she had seen her daughter who is her REFLECTION take such a BOLD STEP in such a difficult SITUATION. Rakhi looks on and thinks sadly “My MOTHER will never be PROUD of me.”

In Mehra Mansion

Priyanka comes to Rhea and asks, “Since our plan did not work due to the fire accident, what have you thought to do next??” Rhea looks at her disappointedly and says, “I’m not going to play any more evil tricks with Prachi, nor anyone else!!!” Priyanka is shocked and asks her “What are you saying??? Don’t you want to avenge that Prachi??” Rhea remembers Pragya’s words and says “NO!!!” Priyanka is confused and asks, “But why??” Rhea says, “Because MAMMA doesn’t want me to HURT anyone on PURPOSE!!!” Priyanka doesn’t get what Rhea is saying “But you had told me, you hated your mother right!!” Rhea tells “Yes I hate my MOTHER, the WOMAN who gave birth to me, but PRAGYA AUNTIE, who had always considered me as one of her daughters, who always made me feel the LOVE OF A MOTHER, is my MAMMA from now on.” Priyanka is disgusted at those words and continues “Rhea listen to me…” Rhea ignores her and walks out of the room. Priyanka shouts and says “THAT PRAGYA is always spoiling my PLANS!! NEVER MIND if Rhea doesn’t want to harm Prachi, I will do it myself!!!”

In Ranbir’s Room

Aryan comes there and sees Ranbir staring at the wall and smiling. “What happened?? You have started flirting with the walls too??” Ranbir gets irritated and shouts “Stop it PRACHI !!! Why do you always think that I’m flirting???” Aryan is surprised, “Dude, I’m not PRACHI!!!” Ranbir gets embarrassed and says “Oh so what?? You are still talking like her!!!” Aryan asks him “What happened to you?? I’ve never seen you this NERVOUS before!!!” Ranbir tells him “I LOVE PRACHI”. Aryan gets shocked.

To be continued…


  1. This suspense is killing me. When will pranbir unite? How many more episodes is it gonna take Aleyamma ❤️❤️

    1. I know it’s been 1 or 2 days and she hasn’t updated yet i am checking for updates every 10 minutes I am dying here out of suspense please update soon

  2. Can you please update soon thanks

  3. Can you pls update soon..

    1. Steeva

      Pls understand!! I just wrote my first ff and it took me ages!! It will publish over night. But aleyamma isn’t Kiara like almost 29 yrs?? She acts like 15 or 16 to get abused like this. Abhi and Pragya to already become grandparents ?… ?… ? ..?.. Sorry But I couldn’t read som episodes, SO can you tell me which ep is when Nikhil molested Kiara before the baby?? I MUST SAY, MANY CRITICS OUT THERE, but this shows the Bitter reality. I hope Kiara will overcome all battles she is facing eventually, I think she should reconsider before deciding to conceive this nikhil’s child. because she is very WEAK character.Not much like PRAGYA and needs further devolopment. But when you told AKi that Sunny will be punished in the END! BUT what is his fault?? I wish PURAB is punished! And you know what you should include next?? the BI-s*xual track of POORAB AND ABHI! How Abhi cheats on PRAGYA for getting COZY with POORAB in a hotel room. It is so real because Abhi can’t be single for 20 yrs! It would interesting reading POOBHI romance. These are just my thoughts… BTW I wrote my first ff which is available now, i must say it’s really hard!! AND THE PROBLEM I WAS FACING WAS TO FIT THE ORIGINAL SCRIPT WITH MY ADDED BITS AS WELL and make my own thumbnail! What size was your image?? YOU’re doing a great JOB BETH! I have another question? Will your ff complete when the original KKM ends?? I think you should end it before the real one!! Cause your added plot is moving fast which is really good, but the original is very slow. I’m thinking for my ff to finish ON A HAPPY NOTE LIKE IN 20 eps. Its hardwork to add your own writing to the original. I’m one of those people who need to be inspired then only do good works. Please do give feedback on my writing. COZ I’m a NewBIE and Do consider these CRAZY ideas in your next ff. ? ? ? ? I’m glad Rhea is changed!! LETS HOPE SHE STAYS FOR GOOD!

    2. Aleyamma

      I realised the moment you quoted “GO DIE” in your second comment on episode 18, that you are A MALLU, TYPICAL MALLU ENGLISH
      Regarding your views on Kiara, i genuinely feel, being a woman myself, it takes a lot of courage to raise a child all alone, especially when the child has such paternity backgrounds and the mother no financial aid. That is y I mentioned her character to be BOLD like Pragya, other than that i didn’t know that these things made her look like a 15 yr old kid.
      Are you in any ways related to the commentator Lisa because she too mentioned about including homos*xual relationships of Abhi, frankly speaking, even I FELT THE SAME, while watching the show, there are unwanted comic reliefs introduced in the show through Purab-Abhi-Vikram which actually make them look like GAY. Till now, I’ve not really thought about it, but let me think!!!
      You are right, my ff will probably end before the actual series because i have already created the climax, I just want to punish all the villains of KKM atleast in my ff.
      Regarding Sunny, Actually Purab will have a lot of suffering coz of Aryan, through the evil plans manipulated by Sunny. So since, Sunny is a grey character, he too will get paid for his EVIL KARMAS.
      Gr8 to know that you started your ff, will read soon, and wish you all the success in your endeavours.

    3. Aleyamma

      So sorry guys, got a bit busy with my reseach thesis, that is why i’m getting delayed.
      There is going to more delays later too!!!

    4. Steeva

      I’ve already expressed my sorrow for saying such harsh words to you Aleyaamma, and I have accepted that my approach was wrong. But I’m surprised that you say TYPICAL MALLU ENGLISH!! As no mallu infulence has made a impact on my english!! I’ve never studied in India and neither have lived there much. My family migrated to Dubai and lived there for 20 yrs and I studied there and I’m currently living in Australia for 5 yrs. I don’t even know how to speak MALAYALAM!! WHICH IS A SHAME AS IT IS MY MOTHER TONGUE. Anyways, I’m loving how open you are to new ideas and beliefs. Do consider the Homo-s*xual relationships in your ff and pls read my ff and do give me ideas. I think we should end our ff at the same time!! Because even I’m planning to end KDB as soon as possible!! I know you are ahead of me but will try to catch up to your episode number!! I think we should end our ffs with a like MAHASANGAM episode of the meeting of KKM family and KDB FAMILY. Or we could just end it with a video call of Rhea- PRachi- Kiara to Sarla, Preeta, Shrishti. Its up to YOU!! DO YOU LIKE THE IDEA??

    5. Aleyamma

      I didn’t mean to hurt you either Steeva, and sorry for misinterpreting your english to be MALLU ENGLISH, because i have always heard the same from my cousin who keeps fighting with me even today.
      And regarding your idea about Mahasangam, let me see about it, because maybe i will have to continue a little more of my episodes for that. I really did like your idea, but i thought Sarla is dead in kkm and Preeta, Shristi still stuck 27 years past Pragya.

  4. Please update soon or my mind will go crazy thinking about what going to happen please I beg you update soon.

  5. Please update

  6. Please update soon

  7. Unfortunately I only watch kumkum bhagya so I know what is happening in the show and that’s why I read this ff. Aleyamma, u write awesome and that could be clearly seen by the comments of ur fans who curiously wait for ur ffs. Not only me, but other readers also get curious day by day about what’s gonna happen next? And the idea of adding real news and incidents u add to ur ffs is an innovative ideas which I really like a lot. Plz keep on writing forever, even after the show ends coz not only me but even other readers are getting excited due to the awesome suspense u create. Soon u will have lots of fans…lots of love n take care☺️☺️♥️♥️

    1. Aleyamma

      You are absolutely awesome!!! That is so kind of you Shanaya!! Even though I can’t say, you made my day, I’ll surely say you made my night!!! Thank you!!!
      I’ll write till the end of this ff, but maybe not forever, surely with your support even if i don’t get any other!!
      Sorry for making you wait!!

  8. Please put next episode

  9. Jasminerahul

    though purab hates purab how he shows concern towards abhi n purab proves that there is some affection in his mind for them.but still his hatred overpowers his love.though purab did a mistake by marrying aliya (though it’s not revealed why he married her )I feel disha is also at fault for not trusting purab.

    .I loved Rakhi deciding to keep the child as the child is not at fault.I am sad n shocked that nikhil tanu have come to find out her whereabouts. it gives me tension.I hope Rakhi will realize soon that by taking such bold decisions she is making pragya proud of her.loved rhea telling priyanka that she will not do any bad deed to prachi n others for pragya.but how will she react knowing that pragya is her real mom?vikram prachi scene was sweet.like i wanted vikram knew about prachi’s intentions n pranbir love.sweet.ranbir Aryan scene was cute n hilarious.
    I think it is better to keep abhi purab vikram relationship as pure friendship instead of making them bis*xual.

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