KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 21

In the previous episode, all of you saw that all the family members are saved from the fire. Pragya and Abhi realise the truth of Rhea-Prachi and put their own lives into stake to save them. After the incident, Ranbir and Prachi are in a critical state and admitted in the ICU, while Shahana-Aryan have developed stronger feelings for each other, each unknown to the fact that Mishti and Rishi too have started to develop feelings for them. In this episode all my ff readers will get to know an interesting fact of Pranbir.

In the hospital

The episode starts with Ranbir and Prachi lying unconscious in the ICU. Prachi’s mind flashes towards the scene where she was molested by Sanju, got caught in a room of fire with him and how she lost conscious while being unable to save herself. Then, she remembers a figure helping her from the fire, Prachi’s tries to frown her eyebrows, trying to recognize who the actual figure is, and then slowly Ranbir’s image forms in her mind. She opens her eyes and realises how Ranbir had saved her from the room and later Mr. Mehra brought her towards her Mom. There isn’t any doctor or nurse present inside the ICU at that moment. She tilts her sidewards and sees Ranbir, which brings a smile onto her face but later gets saddened on seeing his wounds. A tear drops from her eyes and she calls out feebly, Ranbir. Prachi’s feeble voice reaches Ranbir’s ears and he gets flashes of how he saw Prachi in the middle of fire, he starts getting agitated. Prachi gets tensed seeing him. Ranbir continues getting the flashes and shouts out “PRACHI!!!!”. The doctors and nurses rush towards him and try to calm him down, they give a sedating injection. He starts to feel sleepy before which he tilts his head towards Prachi. Both share a relieved smile and eye lock.


Both Pragya and Abhi are extremely worried. Abhi is restlessly walking up and down in front of the ICU ward, while Purab tries to pacify him. Pragya is still in tears thinking of Prachi. Rhea notices her pain and also the wounds on her hands and shoulders which were caused by the hot metal spindles and base rails. She gets concerned for Pragya. She comes towards her with first aid kit. Pragya looks at her emotionally. Rhea says “Auntie, I know that I’m nothing like Prachi, to hold the rights to apply medicine on your wounds, but recalling how you had helped me always in the past, and how you told you are my MAMMA, while saving me from fire, can I apply the medicine onto your wounds!!” Pragya nods emotionally in tears. She continues to think “It was not an accident Rhea, that I told I’m your MAMMA, while trying to save you from fire, it is the reality my child, I’m your MOTHER who gave birth to you.”

Then she recalls how Rhea had told her HOW MUCH SHE HATES HER MOTHER, HOW HER MOTHER HAS SPOILT HER LIFE AND HER BOOJI’S LIFE!!! Pragya stares angrily at Aliyah standing behind them, while tears roll down her face and fall onto Rhea’s hands. Rhea looks at Pragya and then wipes her tears. Pragya is surprised but this action touches her. Rhea tells her “I’m the cause of these tears auntie!!!” Pragya tells her “Don’t think like that, I’m absolutely alright, my wounds don’t hurt me at all!!!” Rhea tells her “I’m not talking about your exterior wounds, I’m talking of your interior wounds, for which I’m the cause!!!” Rhea then catches her ears and tells Pragya “Sorry, auntie!!!” Pragya’s face brighten up a bit and there is a slight smile. “What did you mean???” Rhea holds on her breath and then slowly reveals about her plan with Priyanka to defame Prachi. Pragya’s eyes widen in shock. Rhea breaks down into tears after revealing everything. Rhea continues “You can give me any punishment auntie!!! You can even take my life!!! I’m the cause of your pain and your daughter’s culprit, auntie!!!” Pragya is moved and thinks “This Priyanka is too dangerous, to get Rishi, she is trying to provoke me, by hurting Prachi, and indirectly turning one SISTER AGAINST ANOTHER, I will have to warn him (Abhi)”. Pragya tries to calm Rhea down “Stop crying Rhea, whatever you have done is absolutely wrong, a CRIME which no MOTHER can FORGIVE, but for me you and Prachi are the same, and I also believe that every criminal who confesses his/her crime and repents for it should be given a chance” Rhea eyes gleam in hope “So will I get one more chance from you auntie!!!” Pragya tells her “How can I give you one more chance?? When you have done such crimes to my Prachi today and even before!!! Every parent loves their child with his/ her full heart, but no parent will like his child go in the evil/ wrong direction, and if the child does then the parent would disown such a child!!!” Rhea is saddened at those words, she takes up her courage and asks her “So did my Mother also DISOWN me, because I did a CRIME against her of taking birth from her WOMB???” Pragya is alarmed and left speechless, she did not know how to answer that question of Rhea’s, her eyes fill with tears and she feels helpless. Rhea continues “Never Mind. Why am I talking about that WOMAN, who hardly ever thinks of me!! Can you lend me something??” Pragya asks “What do you want from me??” Aliyah comes there to call Rhea. Rhea replies “You told that me and Prachi are the same for you right!!! So, can I start calling you MAMMA from now onwards!!!” Pragya is overwhelmed at those words and thinks “You need not request for that Rhea; you have the right to call me MAMMA”. She hugs Rhea tightly. Aliyah gets irritated. Rhea hugs Pragya too and asks, “So will you give your child just one more chance to reform, MAMMA!!!” Pragya catches her face emotionally and kisses all over. Pragya “Sure my child, sure!!! But you must promise me something!!!”, Rhea asks “What is it Mamma??” Pragya tells her “You will never try to HARM Prachi or ANYONE ELSE intentionally once again!!!” Rhea nods in agreement and says, “Yes Mamma!!” Aliyah comes and tells Rhea “Your Dad is looking for you Rhea!!” Rhea gets up, wipes her tears and goes towards Abhi. Aliyah stares at Pragya and turns to leave. Pragya calls her out “Wait a minute, Aliyah!!……”

……I know you poisoned my daughter’s mind against me, you told her that her Mother is a bad WOMAN who spoilt your life and also left her when she was a kid, because she DOESN’T LOVE HER, isn’t it???” Aliyah looks her at daringly. Pragya continues “But look at BHAGYA, my CHILD has come towards her MOTHER AND MOTHER’S LOVE, without even me doing or saying anything, she loves her MOTHER, without even realising that it is in fact her OWN MOTHER.” Aliyah gets angry and starts to say something, when Pragya stops her. pointing out her index finger towards her “Don’t you dare talk back to me, Aliyah!!! Rhea must be having your upbringing and ATTITUDE, but after all I’m the ONE who gave BIRTH to her and I will change my daughter, I will redirect her towards the RIGHT and JUST and you will not be able to do anything, Aliyah, because even after poisoning her for last twenty years, you could not stop her from COMING towards me, in the same way you cannot do anything to stop her from becoming a BETTER person in LIFE.” Pragya leaves after saying those words in anger, while Aliyah continues to fume at her.

Pragya comes Abhi and says, “We need to talk!!” Abhi says “I know what you want to say!!!” Pragya asks surprisingly “What is it and how do you know it!!!” Abhi “Aren’t you too thinking of still keeping the secret of us being parents to Rhea-Prachi??” Pragya replies disappointingly “Yes, I know how much Rhea really hates her mother, and somehow Prachi too dislikes her father!! We need to talk to them in a better situation and make them understand.” Abhi and Pragya look at each other sadly.

Rakhi comes out the doctor’s room in tears, she recalls the night when she was brutally raped by her OWN father. The nun comes and consoles her, Rakhi hugs her tight and weeps bitterly.

On her just opposite is Abhi and Pragya; Abhi says “I wish our KIARA should have been with us, I’m sure she would have made her younger sisters understand and also reunited us, then we all would have stayed together as one family, why did GOD snatch her from us, Pragya???” Abhi starts crying. Pragya hugs him and cries.

The doctor comes and informs them “Both Ranbir and Prachi have gained consciousness, Prachi doesn’t have any external injury, just that you have to take care of her well!!! Ranbir has severe burns, but I think if he stays with his family, he will get well soon, so you can take both of them home today itself!!!”

Vikram and Purab come there and listen to the same. Purab signs at Pragya. Vikram says, “We can’t go to your house now after this ACCIDENT, shall we all go to our GUEST HOUSE!!” Abhi and Pragya look at each other. Purab looks on. Abhi says “Yes, you make all the arrangements, we shall shift there!!!” Vikram and Purab leave.

Abhi says to Pragya “This Ram-siya’s Jodi is incomplete even after becoming COMPLETE!! Take care of yourself and our Prachi.” Pragya says “And you too, take care of yourself and our Rhea too!!” They both leave in their separate ways with Rakhi being shown in their middle on the opposite side. Pragya and Abhi turn and constantly look at each other while leaving. Allah wariah plays……

At the guest house

Beeji is relieved to see Ranbir alright, while Meera, Dasi and Mitali ask about the other family members well-being. Abhi tells everyone to retire to their rooms and take rest, as everyone are tired after the great ACCIDENT of Diwali Party but soon should return to the NORMAL DAILY LIFE. He asks Ranbir to take extra care and also thanks him whole heartedly for saving Prachi. Rhea looks on.

In Ranbir’s Room

It’s raining heavily outside and Ranbir is lost in his thoughts on his bed. He thinks how he had saved Prachi risking his own life. Then, suddenly Abhi’s words of true love starts ringing in his mind, how Abhi had said “TRUE LOVE is not based on external BEAUTY, it is based on the emotions which come from inside, it happens when someone else matters for you more than yourself and someone else becomes your OWN LIFE”. He then recollects his each and every moment with Prachi and how she affects him every time. He then says, “That means, I LOVE….” He gets up, wimps and goes out into the rain. He gets drenched in the rain, looks into the sky and shouts “I LOVE YOU, PRACHI!!!”

To be continued


So, guys, you can see that Ranbir has realised his love for Prachi, while Pragya and Abhi have to keep the secret of Rhea-Prachi a secret for a while. There will slow reformation in Rhea’s character.

  1. Hi Aleyamma. This is a perfect and much needed turn in pranbir’s life. Thanks for this ff. Plz update more episodes as soon as possible. I am getting curious day by day about ur ffs❤️❤️?? you are an awesome writer. And don’t ever lose hope by any negative comments. Sometimes a little negativity gives u more strength. Take care and thanks ??

    1. Aleyamma

      Thank you Shanaya for those comforting words and I should say you are really sweet!!!
      But you need not, I have faced so many negative things in my LIFE, that these negative comments are nothing for me!!!
      And as you said, I have always believed negative critics are always necessary for a writer to improve upon what he/she is writng!!!

  2. I know you are really busy but can you please update more often.

    1. Aleyamma

      See I’m uploading 1 episode almost every day, and on some days last week i have uploaded 4 episodes or 3 episodes a day, which is the maximum I can give, so you should patient, my friend.
      And thanks for reading my ff with so much curiosity!!!

  3. I would love to see that scene on film of Pragya/miniPragya on one side and Abhi and miniAliyah on the other with Kiara coming down the centre of the temple stairs. that scene could be stupendous especially with a great director and the right lighting! Kudos on that scene!

    1. Aleyamma

      Hey, in my ff, there is not the exact scene which you described, but yeah there will be a similar scene with the 3 sisters like you described, much later, you’ll have to wait a lot for that!!!

  4. Jasminerahul

    ranbir waking up screaming prachi..pranbir eye lock was touchy.feeling sad for rakhi n her pregnancy. pragya rhea scene was so emotional.dialogues were so emotional. loved rhea confessing her mistakes to pragya n promising to not be bad again.rhea calling her mother was touchy.never thought that abhigya will decide to hide from their daughters that they are their real parents.but hope their intention will go right.pragya’s words to aliya were superb.ranbir realizing that he loves prachi was lovely

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