KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 20


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In the previous episode you saw the fire accident in Mehra Mansion which was also my method as a writer to bring out the DANGERS BEHIND using FIRE CRACKERS with the help of the real-life incident of PUTHINGAL TEMPLE, it was an incident which really moved me a lot and which I wanted to show somewhere in my writing. However, I didn’t mean that we should not use crackers, only thing everyone should be CAREFUL enough not to harm themselves, the others and also the most important of all ENVIRONMENT. In any case, I’m not here to give lectures/ speeches boring all my readers out. This is my last episode regarding Diwali Party and there is a little disappointment for Arhana fans and one small surprise for all Pranbir fans to be developed from here in the following episode. And to Kiara/Sunny fans, please accept my apologies, there is a small segment of Kiara but not Sunny, because the scenes which I’m creating in this episode does not give any logical reasons to include his character into it.

The episode starts with Abhi and Pragya looking into each other’s eyes while unable to bear to truth that the girls with whom they are standing with are in fact their other daughters separated from them twenty years ago and look at them emotionally. Abhi reminisces the first day he had met Prachi when she came in front of his car, and how he felt a sudden emotional pull towards her. He recalls each and every moment with her after their first meeting, how he used to get aggrieved every time he saw Prachi in trouble or behind the bars, how he fought for her with Rhea and her other family members as if he was fighting for Rhea herself, how he used to support her whenever she needed help as if he was supporting Rhea herself, and why he felt a sense of belonging to Prachi in the same way he felt for Rhea. While Pragya gets reminded of the first time she met Rhea, when she underwent an accident caused by Rhea’s car and how at that very moment Pragya remarked the strange similarities she held with Abhi, how Rhea even after having an emotive hatred towards Prachi, always loved, cared, respected and got attracted to Pragya considering her like her own mother and how Pragya was able to understand each and every down feeling of Rhea like she could of Prachi. Both Abhi and Pragya’s eyes fill as they continue to stare emotionally at their once separated daughter.

But unfortunately, Prachi is not able to hold her strength and she passes out. Abhi holds her and shouts “Prachi!!!”. Both Rhea and Pragya get concerned. Pragya rushes forward. Abhi continues in tears “Prachi open your eyes!!! Prachi,,,,,PAPPA is calling you!!! Open your eyes!”. Rhea is in for a shock after hearing that, she loses her balance, her leg trips and she lands hanging downwards holding the metal spindles and base rails of the balustrade while her own body is balancing downwards into a large pool of fire. She shouts “Dad!!!!”, both Abhi and Pragya look at her and get the shock of their lives, Pragya turns back and runs towards her shouting “Rhea!!!”. Abhi too shouts “Rhea!!!”, takes Prachi into his arms and rushes to her, but a huge blaze of fire gushes onto his face and pushes him backwards. He holds Prachi tightly and protectively from the fire.

Pragya reaches Rhea and tries to catch her. Rhea tells her “Auntie, I’m not able to hold longer these metal spindles, it is getting heated due to the fire, and slowly leaves her one hand down shouting “Auntie!!!!”, Pragya too gets scared and shouts “Rhea!!!”, then she gets and idea and forwards her saree pallu down to Rhea, asking her to hold it.  Rhea holds it but her weight pulls both Pragya and her downwards. She screams in fear. Pragya tells her “Rhea, don’t worry beta!!! MAMMA WILL GIVE HER LIFE BUT WILL NOT LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO YOU!!!” Rhea becomes emotional and gets looking into her eyes. She calls out to Pragya “Mamma!!!” Pragya cries, she takes out her complete strength to keep holding Rhea, but the hot metal spindles hurt her too, she cries in pain. Rhea too cries seeing her. Pragya slowly starts losing her strength, but she still tries to hold Rhea, then Pragya starts getting dragged downwards, both of them cry. At that moment, Abhi comes and holds Pragya from behind with his other hand still holding unconscious Prachi safely. Abhi and Pragya use their strengths together and lift Rhea upwards. (Ram ram jai raja ram, ram ram jai sita ram plays). They lift her upwards and the four of them share an emotional hug together.

Aryan and Mishti come out each holding Ranbir around their shoulders. Pallavi, Vikram and Beeji are are shocked to see Ranbir’s condition. They ask agitatedly to Mishti “Where the hell she had been, what happened to her brother???” Mishti narrates to them everything that happened. Beeji and Pallavi ask Vikram to call ambulance as Ranbir is critical. Just then, the firemen come and inform them, “The fire has spread intensely all around the house, if there is anyone left inside, it is impossible to save them!!!”, Vikram and Abhi’s family members get worried for Abhi and Rhea while Rishi, Shahana and Sarita behen pray for Pragya and Prachi. Then, suddenly they see out of the fire Pragya and Abhi coming out heroically with their children. Vikram and Sarita behen’s family are glad see them safe while Abhi’s whole family is amazed to see Pragya and Abhi together and Dasi cries out happily in her mind “Finally my Ram and Sita have united this DIWALI!!!” (Ram ram jai raja ram, ram ram jai sita ram plays).

In the hospital

Rakhi had come to the hospital with the Superior nun who had given her shelter as she had been feeling unwell for the past few days. The doctor does her check-up and asks her to wait for the results of the tests. Pragya and Abhi arrive in the same hospital with Prachi who is unconscious and Ranbir who has burnt himself critically. They take them towards the Intensive Care Unit on a stretcher. Prachi and Abhi both hold Prachi’s hands, Rakhi notices them going inside with Prachi, she asks the nurse standing nearby who they are. The nurse tells her that it is Abhi the Rockstar i.e. Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra with his family. Soon, “Abhi the Rockstar” starts resonating in her mind, she starts feeling uncomfortable and dizzy. She thinks “Why do I feel I have heard this name before!!!!”, the nun comes and helps from losing balance and asks her “What happened my child???” She replies “Nothing” and keeps looking at the doorway through which Abhi and Pragya passed. Tears fill her eyes thinking “I wished I too had parents like them, who loved their daughter just like they love!!!”

Pragya and Abhi rush Prachi and Ranbir to the ICU ward and wait outside in tears. Shahana comes and cries hugging Pragya “Maasi, nothing will happen to our Prachi, right??” Pragya cries along with her trying to stay as courageous as possible and consoling her. Aryan feels bad seeing Shahana in a devastated state and gets even more dejected on seeing her bruised hands. He comes forward to console her but then Rishi comes in front him and asks Shahana to calm down. He tells Pragya that he will take Shahana along with him for some time. Aryan looks worriedly at Shahana. He thinks to follow her when Mishti calls him. She comes and tells him “Thank you!!” He asks her “For what???” She replies, “For saving me from that molester!!!”, Aryan tells her “It was my responsibility!! I’ll save you always whenever you are in trouble!!!” He goes after saying that towards Shahana, while Mishti keeps staring at him smilingly.

At Sarita Behen’s House

Sarita behen, Dasi, Ranbir’s beeji, Meera and Mitali are sitting and waiting anxiously for a phone call from the hospital. Beeji cries saying “On such an auspicious day, look what has happened with our family!!! I ‘m so worried about my Ranbir!!! I hope he is alright!!! Vikram and Pallavi are not taking their phones, neither has Mishti taken her phone along with her.” Sarita behen tells her she will call Rishi and ask him.

In the hospital

Rishi asks Shahana “Please stop crying Shahana, nothing will happen to Prachi!! Look at your bruises they are getting swollen!!! The nurse gave me this cream to apply on them, you’ll feel better, Show me your hands!!!” Shahana denies doing so as she is still worried about Prachi. Rishi gets an idea; he tells her mockingly “I did not know that the most dangerous girl from Hoshiarpur cries so much.” That brings a slight smile onto Shahana’s face. Rishi gets mesmerized and thinks “Your smile is really sweet Shahana!!!” Shahana shows her hands to him, and when he is about apply the cream, he gets the call of Sarita behen; he motions her that he will come back. She nods. As Rishi leaves, Aryan comes to her and starts applying the cream onto her hands, Shahana is shocked, he questions her angrily “Who asked you get your hands burnt for me???” Shahana asks him “Would you have not done the same thing if I was in your position and you in mine.” He replies her “YES, but look at your hands, you have hurt yourself so badly!!!” At that moment, Shahana winces in pain, after getting hurt in the position where Aryan had been applying the cream. Aryan gets concerned and blows over her wounds. Tears falls from eyes onto her hands. Shahana asks him “I have got bruised, but it seems to me that you are in pain!!!”, he tells her “I feel pain within me when I see YOU in pain.” They get lost looking into each other’s eyes.

Rakhi and the nun come to the doctor to ask for the results; The nun asks if there is any problem, the doctor replies “No” smilingly and adds “In fact there is GOOD news!!! SHE IS PREGNANT!!!” Both are shocked.


So, in this episode, you are seeing that Arhana are in love with each other but yet to realize it. However, there is a love triangle formed on both sides for them. Rishi has fallen for Shahana, while Mishti for Aryan. For Pranbir fans, you will get see the surprise when they gain consciousness in the next episode. So just wait and hope I didn’t make this episode too filmy with emotions.

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  1. Please don’t separate my sweethearts ❤️💕 😘 at least in your ff 😭😭 😭, I fell in love with them more 😍😍😍 after reading your ff as I had been waiting endlessly for so much time to see them ❤️💙💗 share screen space together. Please!!!🙏🙏🙏

    1. I meant Aryan-shahana 😍😍😍not Prachi-Ranbir coz I hate Prachi now 😠😠😠.

      1. Hey I kinda agree with u. Prachi sounds irritating nowadays in the real show. She should at least hear Ranbir out before yelling at him 😟😟

      2. Yes Shanaya👍👍👍, Prachi is behaving like a real a*sh*le🤬🤬🤬, and I don’t like Rhea too👿👿👿, both don’t deserve Ranbir😒😒😒, I wished even if the cast for Prachi-Rhea are horrible🤮🤮🤮 atleast the characters should have been somewhat craved well out by the writers😞😞😞, but in the real original the cast of Prachi-Rhea look older than him, while the characters is even worse😜😜😜, one just using him for revenge, while other just keep blaming him of everything🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

        Abhi-Pragya pair was nothing like Ranbir-Prachi🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️, they did have fights but those were genuine🙄🙄🙄 and it did have some of element of love💖💖💖, but for the former pair, Prachi is getting on my nerves day by day😡😡😡.

        That is why, from the beginning I always LOVED Aryan-shahana😘😘😘 , and after reading this ff, I started loving them even more🥰🥰🥰,
        this episode of this ff reminds me Purab-Bulbul (Arjit-Mrunal) pair in Aryan-Shahana😌😌😌, I used to loved Purab-Bulbul in the beginning, same way I love Aryan-Shahana😍😍😍, but the real series hardly shows them on screen😢😢😢.

      3. Hey Lisa, prachi is 32 years old and Rhea is 29 while Ranbir is only 25 or 26 in real life…😂😂 U guessed right. And right, even I like arhana but they are hardly shown together in the real show. That’s why I love these ffs🙂🙂

      4. Aleyamma

        Hey Shanaya and Lisa, Thanks for reading my ff and leaving your comments, well a good news for you. Since in my ff, Arhana’s story is interwined with Rishi-Priyanka and Sunny-Purab-Disha, there will be more focus on Arhana in a little later episodes,
        hope you guys will be reading till then

      5. Of course. I’ll be reading ur ffs till the very end coz I am a huge fan of yours and your ffs. Thanks a lot. 😄😄

  2. Hi plz don’t ever stop writing Kkm ff bcoz I love your stories. Appreciated just plz keep more of pranbir and arhana in the show😄😄

  3. Hi plz don’t ever stop writing these kkm ff bcoz I totally love ur stories. Plz try to send these stories to the kumkum bhagya productions so that they also get such nice ideas for the real show. Just plz keep more of pranbir and arhana in the show as I love their chemistry 😄😄 thanks for this fan fiction

  4. Hi. Plz upload ur stories everyday coz I think you missed 2november…😋😋

  5. Yeah I love ur stories I am waiting for more of pranbir
    Plz upload everyday

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million Shanaya and I would be delighted to see my stores on screen but unfortunately i do not have any link with any production team of kkb, nor am i anyways related to the televison industry.

      And Sorry Shanaya and SSF, I didn’t miss 2nd November, I just took a day off from writing, I thought it wouldn’t affect much, because i did upload enough episodes in the previous week, good to hear there are people who like my stories.

      I always my ff is not great as other ffs because I do not write cheesy stories like them.
      Thank you!

  6. Jasminerahul

    you described abhigya emotions very well.abhi prachi n pragya rhea scene…abhigya saving rhea. .family hug were emotional. Rakhi is wishing for parents like abhigya.hope her dream gets fulfilled soon n she will remember them.omg.rishi is attracted towards shahana n mishti is attracted towards aryan.I wish another girl had come for rishi.Aryan applying ointment for shahana was lovely.aryana conversation was so beautiful n emotional.

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