KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 12

Guys this is like a continuation to the events which has happened in today’s episode, hope all of you enjoy and continue reading them in the later episodes

At Abhi’s House

Priyanka asks Rhea “So did you talk to CHUCKS, about organising a DIWALI party at our house??” Rhea “Actually at first, dad was not really happy about the idea but then suddenly he was totally alright!!! You know what he said??? He said he will arrange a meeting with my MOTHER the same day!!” Priyanka asks, “So did you deny meeting her???” Rhea says “No since you had told me to put my complete focus on PRACHI!!! I did not, but I’m not really happy about meeting my MOM”. Priyanka tells her “It’s okay, Rhea, even if you meet your Mom, your dad might behave well because he still loves her but for you it is not necessary to do so, as you don’t really love her, so stay calm and focus on Prachi”. Rhea thinks “You are right” Priyanka asks “So shall we go meet those two guys, what were their names???” Rhea says “Sanju and Rohit!!!” Priyanka “Yeah, let’s go and meet them”. Rhea goes out while Priyanka smiles evilly and thinks “Now, you see Pragya, how I destroy your elder daughter’s self-respect, which will force you distance your younger daughter Shahana away from my Rishi”

At Sanju and Rohit’s house

Rohit tells to Sanju “Bhai how many days we have been waiting for BHABHI, when will we get a chance to take her to HOSHIAPUR??? I’m fed up of staying here in Delhi”; Sanju tells him “I don’t understand what fate I have that even GODESS LAKSHMI has stopped helping me!!! And it was useless trying to impress Prachi’s Nani in acts and words, all I have lost is my money!!!” he sobs; Just then Priyanka enters from outside and tells them, “Looks like you are going to be very lucky this DIWALI” Rohit and Sanju are surprised to see Priyanka at their home, they ask Rhea “Who is this Lakshmi ji???” Rhea tells it’s her sister Priyanka, Priyanka asks Sanju, “So you really love Prachi isn’t it???” Rohit tells her “Arrey just to meet her, I travelled all the way from my home in Hoshiapur to Delhi and stayed in this dirty place!!! Over the past one month I couldn’t meet her even once  and talk to her, Lakshmiji told that she would help me, but then recently even she started ignoring me” Priyanka “Well I have a plan which will help you to take Prachi to your home”, Sanju jumps in joy “Really, What is it???” Priyanka explains her plan to Sanju and Rohit. Rhea looks extremely tensed when Priyanka explains it to them. After she finishes explaining, Rohit asks her “But Madam ji isn’t this risky???” Priyanka tells him “You should take the risk if you want to take Prachi along with you back to Hoshiapur!!” Sanju tells her “Fine, I’ll do it, but when should I execute the plan???”. Priyanka “Tomorrow during the Diwali party held in the Mehra Mansion!!!” Sanju asks her “But how will we enter there??” Priyanka tells him “You don’t have to worry about that, I’ll arrange for that!!! So, are you ready??” Sanju nods and tells “Yes, madamji” Priyanka smirks and thinks “Pragya, this Diwali will be the best Diwali for you and your daughters!!!”

At Abhi’s Office

Abhi calls Pragya in her phone; Pragya thinks why is he calling her??? She picks up his calls; Abhi on the other side tells her “Look I have a brilliant plan so that we can meet our daughters together!!!” Pragya gets excited and asks him “What is it???” Abhi tells her that their daughter asked them to organise a party for Diwali, so there is going to be a Diwali Party tomorrow!!!” Pragya’s smile disappears. She gets reminded of Priyanka and how she had challenged Shahana!!! Abhi asks her “What happened??? Aren’t you happy??” Pragya tells him “Is it really necessary to organise a party for our meeting???” Abhi gets saddened, he explains to her “Pragya, for twenty years, since the day you left me, I have never celebrated DIWALI, because this RAM was always incomplete without his SITA, so how could I celebrate??? But, this Diwali when Ram and Sita are uniting, I want it to be a great moment for us and for our daughters!!!” Pragya says “Okay fine, I’ll come there with our daughter!!!” Abhishek replies “And I will be waiting for you with the other one”. Both get emotional. Allah Wariah plays in the background. Pragya says “Now please hang up the phone”. Abhi smiles and telss her “Bye”. Pragya is tensed as her intuitions tells her there may be some danger in Mehra Mansion.

In South Delhi, R.K. Puram

Rakhi comes to St. Thomas Church, she goes inside and kneels in front of the altar and prays “Lord, I’ve come here to seek justice, please show me a way so that I can find it”. As she is praying in tears, one of the nuns approach her, she asks her “What happened my child??” Rakhi who no one else to share her sorrows vent out all that happened with her; the nun is shocked is listen to her story. She feels pity for her and offers her to stay with them in the church convent. Rakhi feels glad at her support and thanks her whole heartedly. The nun asks her to come with her as she will her the convent and the room. Rakhi follows but while going “She looks back towards the crucifix placed and says, “Thank you Lord!!!”

In Abhi’s House

Ranbir keeps bouncing his ball to and fro over the wall of his room. Aryan comes inside and notices that he is worried and asks him “What happened bro???” Ranbir thinks of his friends remarks “That he is attracted to Prachi!!! About Rhea’s anger for giving his heart to Prachi and Prachi telling him that she hates him and there cannot any connection between them.” Ranbir asks “How do we know we are attracted to someone???” Aryan gets shocked, he gets reminded of the discussion of HEART BEATS, he made with Ranbir last time and how he has started getting attracted to Shahana. Aryan tells him “Will you stop that shit about heart beats, attraction and goddamn what else!!! You are involving me also into….” Aryan stops and realises that he is blurting out. Ranbir asks “I’m involving you into what??? Wait a minute!!! You are attracted to someone right!!!”, Aryan says “Just shut up, I’m not attracted to anyone!!!” Ranbir says “Don’t lie Aryan, I know the only GIRL whom you can’t be attracted to is SHAHANA, so who is it???” Aryan thinks “Oh God, now how to tell that you I’m getting weird sensations when I’m near that unbearable nuisance Shahana only”, Ranbir taps him and teases “OOOH!!! so you have started dreaming about her too!!! Now don’t hide and tell me, who is it???” Ranbir starts tickling Aryan. Aryan gets scared of letting out Shahana’s name and runs outside shouting “There is no one!!!” Ranbir shouts back “I know there is someone and I’ll find out who it is!!!” Ranbir gets back thinking “Now I have to talk to chief regarding this!!! But is it TRUE that I’m getting attracted to PRACHI ???”

  1. Hi,
    First of all, thank you for creating this ff???, In fact i did tell my co-commentators to read your ff???.
    The real tv series has become so illogical and irrititating??? that when i started reading your ff, I understood how something which is in “worst” condition can be made “better”???.
    You really have a good style to develop your plot???.
    And thanks a lot to introduce so many Aryan-Shahana aka Arhana scenes??? which is my favorite, I have been waiting to see them on-screen since last July???, but reading your ff gives me that comfort???
    Please keep your good work going ?????

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    Thank you guys for reading and appreciating my ff !!!

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    priyanka is unbearable. now she is poisoning rhea n making her worse.meeting sanju rohit ..oh no.hope like pragya is worried nothing bad will happen.but loved abhi inviting pragya to the Diwali party so that they can meet both daughters.I am glad that the nun gave shelter to Rakhi.ranbir Aryan conversation was damb funny.especially Aryan.waiting for Aryan to admit his feelings for shahana n ranbir to realize his feelings for prachi

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