kkb- the play of destiny (part-1)

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hai guys i am back
here it is

pra:tanu how long its been.why didn’t you call me?
my phone got damegedso i lose your number
tan:just like me.my phone also get damaged.how are you?
pra:ya fine.do you know today is my marriage
tan: what?who is the guy?
pra: i don’t know about him
tanu: what?
pra: ya where are you?
sarala:pragya come fast
pra: no sorry i want to go i will call you later
tan:its ok happy married life love you
pra :love you bye

that marriage got happen.pragya didn’t want to marry because of
her mother pressure she accepted.she had secret one sided love.
in that marriage she was coverd her face and her husband too
ritual got happend

at night
pragya is waiting in room that time a servent named robincame there
and said:madam sir said to sleep he will be late
so pragya go to sleep

the next day morning
pragya waked up she want to ask permission for continue her job so she go near him
he was covering his face with bed sheet so she went to meet dadi
pragy: dadi
dad: yes tell
pra: dadi i want to continue my job.to appont another is really tough for them
today i want to go.he is still sleeping
dadi: you go daughter i will tell him when i wake up
pra: ok dadi
pragya went to colleage
at intervel she thought to call tanu
tanu: hello prags
pra: hai tans
tan: where are you ? now can you say to whom my prags belong to?
pra:no and what about you?you two were married
tan:no prags i will call you later
prag,what had happend to them
after her class she went to saw principal
at principal room
prin is talking to some one
pragya: may coming sir
that two look towards pragya
pragya,what he what he is doing here
prin: this is pragya .pragya meet him he is oh all new about him
guy: yes all new about me because i am rockstar
yes he is our rock star abhi
pri: pragya he want some help you should help him
pra:ok sir
out of principal room
abhi: hey ditto.strange you became lecture
pra:yes,what one minute what do you mean?
ab:what i mean nothing
pra: strange thing is that i didn’t even hear any song
from you during college days.but you became rockstar
ab: what do you think about me?
prag: nothing shall we move
ab: yes

will continue[in malayalam – tudarum]

thanks for every one. its one of my dream to write a story.
i though telly update reject my story so evening i started it newly in
my note when i opened i really shocked.i was in cloud nine.
give your comment about this episode once again thanks for every one
and i have so many gramerical mistake please forgive me for that
my name is ANEESA .

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  1. Reshma_Pradeep

    Niceeeeeee! Are U Malayali?

    1. Hanna

      yes,are you

      1. Reshma_Pradeep

        Yes,Im from Trivandrum….Where r u from?

    2. Hanna

      i am also from trivandram.

  2. Hanna

    tommarrow i can’t post sorry guys

  3. Saranya24

    Oh tat was too cute honey anees love u its ok we ll wait till u post????

    1. Hanna


  4. Sorry yaa i don’t know Malayalam what to do its okay don’t say sorry for not updating tomorrow.

  5. I hope that person who pragya married should be abhi

  6. superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr n interesting lot yaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Nice start

  8. Sethidisha002

    ya I also think it should abhi

  9. Superb dear

  10. Superb dear .. Post next episode soon.. Waiting.. And im also a malayali

  11. Superbbb one….

  12. Prathi

    Another Malayali!!! I am also a Malayali 🙂 Superb dear give longer ones ok? Fingers crossed let it be Abhi

  13. It was awesome dear????????????? and I am also a malayaleee

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