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Hellos guys, so my dear choti Saranya is asking for more romance and more romance is coming. It will be less here but totally packed in one shot!
Thanks for comments and love you guys….
To story

I am sleeping a very good sleep as i am holding my mate in my arms, wow she actually really fits perfectly!! Well i am enjoying my sleep when she wakes up in a start and starts screaming, a loud gut wrenching soul tearing scream. From her scream she sounds like she has been to the underworld its self. I sit up quickly and hold her tight. She is fighting, very strongly and repeating the words…..
I keep telling her it’s me and to relax but nothing, she is fighting, kicking and struggling, i turn her around to face me and try to make her see it is me, she turns her face away and screams…i hold her and turn her by force and when i finally see her face, the words die on my mouth, she is awake, but not her, her eyes are open but they look blank, and dark like she is looking into an abyss, i try to call her and shake her to focus, but nothing, whatever she saw in her dream, she is still seeing it now! And i just can’t get to her!!

I am still trying to shake her awake and get her to focus on me and i am miserably failing and thats when i vaguely register the people filing into my room, someone sits next to me on the bed and i know its Pragya but i really don’t care i just want Bulbul to come back.
Ab: Purab, this has to be the work of that damn demon, i thought the tears cleaned her up? So what is going on?
Abhi tells me this but truth is i don’t care who or where she is or who is controlling her, all I care about is i want her back. I just want her back, i pull her into my chest and hug her, i think if Abhi is right and the damn demon has her then i only have to do one thing and i bite her. However this is never the way i thought i would bond with my mate, i always had a different dream of how my bonding would go, i always thought my mating would….(imagines his bonding with Bulbul)

It is night, night of my bonding day, i spent the whole day with my mate doing romantic things. We laugh together, go running together, i hunted for her and then we went and skinny dipped in the river that runs through the den, we haven’t stopped touching, we sing to each other. She dances for me, and i sing for her, we attend the mates dances in the KrishnaRadha garden in the den and i also let her ride my wolf as a horse complete with the whole hooray boy gooooo after a day full of awesome activities done together we retire to my chambers..

Secretly i had Aaliya and Pragya decorate the room, and in the evening i bring Bulbul blind folded to the room. I have to say WAAH!! even i am shocked when i see it for the first time, it takes my breath away, garlands of red rose flowers are intrinsically curled and twisted around the bedposts, scented candles are lighting around the room, a group of candles has been placed around the bed in the shape of a heart and in between the candles, red petals fill up the space so the bed looks like it is floating on a red petals and candle garden! White and golden lilac petals have been scattered on the bed and in the corner is a huge mobile bathtub with warm water, and the bath tab has garlands of lilac flowers curved around it in an infinity sign and the scent of the room is very sensational, not piercing but the right amount of strong married with romance! The whole room is bathed in candle light giving it a dim romantic glow! Just the room its self is an aphrodisiac. I have to say, i am blown away!! I know she will love it! Shabach Aaliya and Pragya!!

In my imagination, I then lead Bulbul into the room on the red and white petal pathway created, it has a line of candles on the side to out line it and the space in between the candles is filled with Petals, creating a petal pathway. So i gently guide Bulbul on to the path and i see her toes play with the petals, i lead her to the centre of and room and we stand at the foot of the bed, she is standing on the pointed end of the heart that was decorated around the bed. I know she will like it, but that doesn’t help the tension i am feeling because, even if iam sure she will like it am not 100% sure, no one ever is! I am tense as i keep wondering if she will be pleased, i slowly remove the blind fold from her eyes and i wait for her reaction.

She is silent and goes stiff, she is facing away from me so i can’t read her expression, and i don’t what to ask. when she finally relaxes she moves slowly around but never really facing me so i still can’t see her full facial reaction. She squats down slowly, still without looking at me and plays with the path way Petals in her hand softly, i hear a giggle from her and i know she is enjoying this immensely, she only giggles when she is extremely happy. I relax!! She then stands and walks to the bath tub and runs her hands slowly in the water, she carries it in her palm and then slowly lets it pour back.

She stops and turns and looks softly at me, i am still in the spot where she left me. She gives me a soft smile and i also see that her eyes are shining, not only with the greatest happines and love but also with the glassy look of un shed tears. At that moment i feel humbled, love and grounded. I also feel like superman, like look at me that way always Bulbul and i will do all the things and more than SuperMan! Or Superwolf to be exact!!

The moment my teeth do so, i also release my seed into her at the same time and thats when i feel it, the connection, the very very deep connection, i see the essence around us….
Ok i normally don’t dream this part as i had never mated before and have no idea what really happens when the bite is given and the seed is also given since what exactly happens during a mating is a closely guarded secret that only mated pairs can know. It is said if pairs that were together with people who were not their true mates ever found out what really happens on a true mates mating then they would leave their partners to find true mates which would be wrong and create too much pain and havoc and loneliless and so a rule was made of never sharing what really happens, truly mated pairs were never to discuss what really happens which limited my dream on this part….

Anyway i am here and i am looking at the mate, the one true love for me with whom i was supposed to have the best mating of my life and now here she is probably in the control of a demon, i realise i have to do the one thing, bite her now and mate her to save her, we can do the mating a more romantic way but i cannot lose her…..


I don’t know what is wrong with Purab or why he won’t bite her to save her, i really don’t know. I would do anything to save my Pragya anything what so ever so i really don’t understand Purab. I know what seeing ones mate go through an ordeal can do to a person, i went through this not even a week ago. So yes i understand and i can’t judge him since to save Pragya Radha herself had to make me do it…..
I have been talking to him, telling him to just do the mating but he seemed to not even be hearing any of us. Pragya has her hand softly placed on his shoulder, and she is squeezing mine tightly. She has shed no tear whatsoever or gone through any hysterics. I have to say i admire her strength. She too is slowly telling Purab to do it and save his mate, she even never says save my sister, she just says save your mate, do it….


I thought i had woken up, i really did, but here i am fighting, fighting sooo hard. This demon and the dog b*t*h won’t let me go. The demon has his hands pressed firmly on my head keeping it in place looking at him. From what i understand he revived the control in me that was washed away he has to look in my eyes until i am mesmerised enough to lose my will and give in, thing is i cannot, though the mental fight is wearing me out! I have been going at this for soo long, very long, at first i refused to look. When i jolted awake and screaming, Kanga quickly held my head and dug his claws in my face which made me scream and loose my focus, this caused me to drift back, i also looked at him for a split second which gave him enough passage into my brain to control it. When i realised i closed my mind and started to scream, i got a hard slap from the b*t*h that made me open my eyes, hence Kanga looking in them hence more control. I am fighting i really am i am holding on to the little hope that Purab will gain his senses and bite me and pull me out of this. But until then i have been and i am still fighting. Mentally fighting a demon for control is hard and i can tell the b*t*h and the demon are getting frustrated. I guess they didn’t expect me to put up such a fight and bring too much trouble! Well take that demon and demon b*t*h!!
I actually really hate this b*t*h and if i ever get out of this, i am going to kill her, even if it’s the last thing i do. In the beginning when i closed my eyes, she slapped me and i opened them, and then i realised and closed them again, she slapped me harder and when i refused to open she slapped me even harder!! God i have never wanted to kill anyone so badly like i wanted to at that point!!

as if that wasn’t bad enough, when she realised i wasn’t opening my eyes no matter the slaps, she knelt down beside me, punched me in the nose, then held my eyelids with her fore finger and below my eye with her thumb and pulled them apart which made them open giving Kanga just enough access to my mind to control it whether i was looking or not looking. At this point i have made up my mind that when i get out of thyis i will turn into a damn wolf and kill this b*t*h!! When i realised what she had done, i wanted to give up, i wanted to cry and kick but i never give up and i am not a child, i figured i have things to look forward to when i got out of this and i pictured them, my sister, Abhi the children in the pack, Dadi and Dasi Aaliya, Akash and most of all Purab. I saw his face and let my mind concetrate on him.

I am thinking about Purab for like five minutes and that’s when i heard the demon grunt in frustration, and the b*t*h ask what? He said she is acting as if she is mated, her mind has a strong stronghold like that of mates. Was she mated, did you lie to me. The b*t*h says no and i realise, i have a weapon. Purab, all i have to do is think about him and my mind will be protected…with pleasure. I immediately let my mind drift off to Purab and stay there which is very easy as the connection i feel towards him is uncanny, i know he is my mate and for all he did that time i know i really love him already…..

Time passes, hours and hours or at least that’s how long i have spent with the demon! I am starting to feel pain, real pain in my head and blood is beginning to flow from my ears, i fell like my eyes are next but i hold on and think about Purab, and that’s when i feel it..the teeth sink into my flesh between the neck and shoulder and i hear the demon’s scream of sheer pain…..

I HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO Abhi and Pragya insist i bite Bulbul and i never wanted too but then i saw blood fall from her ears and her eyes turn real red, then i knew fear, i knew loss and i saw bleakness and i couldn’t take it or let such a fate become of me yet i can do something about it so i breath in hard and still my nerves, i elongate my fangs and sink then into Bulbul’s flesh between her neck and shoulder…however where i expected light and warmth, i taste and see only and only a pitch black darkness…shit!!!…
This is spiralling out of control real fast and it doesn’t look good. Not good at all….

I am at Ganga’s layer with Saraswati and we have told her and showed her what’s going on, she thinks if a demon has escaped Kali and it is causing havoc then we have to do something, problem is we can’t do it directly so we have to send as much help as possible. Only thing we can do is influence the outcomes with the earthly beings already there. She tells me that with the combination of power i have already existing in the pack, i need a third type of magic and only Pavatri can give us that one so we have to go to her. She also says for the good of every one, we should not tell Mata Durga unless we have too. She says she is confident with Pavatri’s help, by giving us the third form of magic then the three combined can kill the demon.
I am confused, we have all known magic as gods and goddesses and we all practice it to a certain level, but Ganga studied it, she knows its intricacies and if she says so then she is right.

But then something has occurred to me, i only know one form of external magic currently present in my pack, which is seer magic so what other magic is she talking about. I know my wolves are magic but it’s their home magic and normally to fight an evil based at home, magic gained externally is always best as the evil always winds its way and weaves its plan on the home magic making it practically useless and defenceless in a fight, and Ganga knows this so there is no way she is meaning my wolf magic, she means her seers magic and a second one i don’t know about so i ask
Me: Ganga what exactly are you talking about, i only have one external force of magic in my pack, and that’s the seers you gave me, which no offense against a demon all a seer is going to do is see, so what are you talking about?

Ganga: first of all i will forgive you for insulting my seers and being that ignorant, really Radha? For your information seers magic when fully manifested can destroy an entire nation, why do you think Rachna, Subadhara’s daughter has no magic whatsoever. She is my seer but has no magic, do you think am mad, do you think that is even possible?
Me; wait, you are saying she has magic?
Ganga: yes! Ten times stronger than her mothers, the day she was born, she turned all the nurses in her mother’s birth chamber into toads! Toads Radha, that has never happened so i blocked her magic, when she gets a mate…(Radha open her eyes wide)..oh don’t pretend. I know you whispered her name to one of your wolves!! But when she gets her mate and gets the roundedness being mated gives you, then i will release her power!!
I am shocked to say the least!! But i need to know the second one. So i ask again
Me: so what’s the second one?

Ganga: (with a very low wonderous voice) Aryan magic. Ancient of ancient Aryan Magic!
Me: WHAAATTTT!! Who has that kind of magic in my pack? Who??
Saraswati: whatttt? What are you even talking about, i thought all bearers of that magic died in the great massacre? How is it possible? I mean the bearers of Aryan magic are gone, and now you are talking of the most ancient of Aryan magic?
Ganga: i really don’t know who posses it, but i can feel it, i don’t know why you can’t but i felt it the moment i looked into your pack. And also very strong. extremely strong! And Saraswati, people die, magic bearers die, practitioners die but magic never dies.
I have no word what so ever. I just stand up, grab Saraswati’s arm who is totally dumb struck too and i turn to Ganga and say the only thing i am thinking
“lets go……”

Precap: look Purab i don’t care if you turn me, i will ask Pragya hell i will ask Abhi after all he is the ALPHA but i will turn into a wolf which ever way and that b*t*h will pay, SHE WILL PAY!!..b*t*h what b*t*h?

So i am going to be off for the next days i will be back Monday. I will try to write the episodes so on Monday i can post double epis of both BY THE MOON and HOW IT SHOULD BE!

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  1. Wow nice epi but u miss u lot n always waiting 4 u dear n pls give abhigya rom sce .. Happy week end n love u lot with lot of kiss

    1. SavitaVidya

      Aabhigya Romance scene coming in one shot di…kisses and lots and loads of love

  2. SavitaVidya

    I am going to be out of office because i have my cousin’s Mehendi to night and all following ceremonies tommorow and Friday and Shadi on Saturday. maning i wont be able to post…and also i am wearing Ugandan Traditional wear..YAY!! have a nice week and weekend. byeeee. i will try to reply comments on phone.

  3. Prathi

    Creating an entirely different version this is so awesome SV ! Let Bulbul kill Tanu! I want to read it that way! *Evil smirk*

  4. Nice di…

  5. Saranya24

    Awesome dii gonna mids u a lot love u dii muuuaahh?????

  6. Superb di just loved it rabul scenes and dream narration is awesome next update Monday va its ok take your own time di then double damaka of two ff na waiting for that love you

  7. Wow!! What a mind blowing epi…I am left dumbstuck…I am loving this a lot these days…di this is one of my favourite most ff …n u r my favourite writer…I think I always say this but this is really true!!! Rabaul scenes as well as imagination part was very nice…di u can surely be a writer of novels…everyone would love them…anyway enjoy your functions…I am eagerly n curiously waiting fr next epi.. Tc and love u sooooo muchhhhh..keep writing…

  8. Dhii where r u ??…miss u badly dii…
    Pls come back soon…
    Tc dii..love you???..

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