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Hey guys, hope your weekend went well. Mine was fine and thanks soo much for support on this ff. Another thing..i post different titles and the moderator keeps messing them up. So here is the thing…
And so on…so to make these titles and story flow i am naming them books…Abhi was book 1, Rabul book 2 So today’s story will be BOOK2 (part 3)
So to story……

I have just arrived at Saraswati’s layer…by the way, she hates me, not hate may be as it is such a strong word but she definately doesn’t like me, but one thing is for sure she hates it when evil threatens good and as far as i am concerned there is nothing more evil than a demon!!
I saw Radha coming and i don’t like her, she doesn’t like either and we have not met in over 20,000 years. Now i sure don’t know what is going on but for her to journey here it must be serious. So i stand up and rush to meet her, we meet in my waiting rooms
Me: i don’t know how you are and i don’t care to know but if you are her then it must be gravely serious, what is it?
She gets a serious look on her face and says
Radha: its better i show you instead……

I wake up next morning and i am feeling sooo good. I am being held by a solid male and damn this feels good. I look up i immediately feel butterflies flutter around in my stomach because my eyes crash with Purab, he is staring at me..wait for how long?
Me: how long have you been staring at me?
Purab: a while.
Me: you mean you were staring at me sleeping?
Purab; (runs his fingers gently down my face) more like admiring, you look beautiful when you sleep.
Ok this is so so romantically weird and i cannot help blush. When he sees me blushing, he pinches my cheek and smiles at me, then lowers his face and kisses me, on my eyelids…first my left then my right…ok who does that? But i won’t lie it is soo s*xy and adoring, i feel too adored i could stay here forever! Any way he has now moved and he is kissing the bridge of my nose, then runs his tongue slowly down it, then he traces his mouth slowly to my ear and gently sucks my earlobe into his mouth. I AM IN SEVENTH HEAVEN!
After the shitty life of shitty boyfriends who don’t want nothing more than to use my body for s*x, this sis definitely a change for the better, Purab is still sucking gently on my earlobe, and he begins to run his hand slowly in a combing motion in my hair, his other hand cups my face and gently changes it to the side to make room for his wandering mouth….then i feel the soft light touch and no way is that a hand so i turn slowly on to see Purab caressing the side of my face with a rose. Ok where did he even get it? But its ticklish so i giggle and he gives me his sweet smile….uhhmmm i could stay here forever!

I need to stop this, i know i do because if i don’t she may get more than she is ready for, so i pull on all my control and release her earlobe which i had sucked in again from my mouth and then place a kiss on her fore head and lean away, i look at her and her eyes are closed and she has a look of longing on her face, that look is almost my undoing, but i reign in my urges and control them, we need to talk.
Me: Flamy, we need to talk?
Bul: (soft horse voice) about?
Me: the mating bond?
Bul: haa? (she looks totally confused)
Me: i raise my eyebrows at her in form of making her remember
Bul: gets a look of comprehension on her face and mouths a silent OHH
Me: so what exactly do you remember?
Bul (with a look of reminded terror, she even shivers and says in a very low voice) sadly and horribly all. (she hugs me tighter and says in a tormented voice) i remember it all Purab. All of it!!
Me; i hug her tighter and kiss the top of her head) relax its ok, you don’t need to be scared, i am here!
Bul: i got controlled by a demon, it was cold Purab and so lonely, i remember actually wanting to go with him, do all the things that he needs because i wanted to –please him, i ..(she stammers, her lower lip shakes with fear and her fingers too are shaking on her chest were she has curled them) i never..never want to feel like that again..the loneliness..it was soo empty Purab like a bottom less Abyss..
On hearing this i just hold her tighter, to make her feel she is not alone, not in the loneliness or the dark! But the more she describes what she felt the more anger i feel and i want to maul the damn demon for making my mate feel like this, but truth be told i don’t even know what is going on, how did a demon even manage to get into the den, that is not possible, this den was secured long ago with tons and tons of light magic that can never be penetrated by any Black magic, not any form of it! But a demon is the darkest magic there is so how come? I need answers and i need them fast. I need to talk to Abhi, but my mate comes first. She needs rest and comfort so i hold her and sway slowly in bed until she falls asleep again, i slowly get up from the bed and i tuck more pillows around her and pull more blankets on her, i slowly make my way out and search for Abhi, we need answers and we need them now! And i guess i will have the mating bond talk with her later…
I am out of bed and running around the den, the den is on estimate 500 acres of land. I woke up early and found Raj, and we went on patrol. I don’t need to do this as we have wolves assigned on Patrol, but a demon, a f**king demon in my den makes me very edgy, i need to know how the hell it got into my den. This den is protect by tons of thousand years old light Magic, dark magic, even the strongest from the goddess Kali herself is not supposed to be able to go through. The magic was created and spelled in search a way that it repels the dark magic but a demon getting in here without even being hurt, or even a scathe is of pure and utter hock to me Hell it almost took my mates sister and my best friends mate. Not cool. And not to mention i really like Bulbul she has fire in her a fire i would sooo much like to see when she turns to wolf!!
Raj is running besides me and we are trying to look for even the slightest clue of breach but nothing!! By the time we have gone 5 rounds around the den i am frustrated as nothing shows any abnomalities. CRAP!! Raj too is frustrated but we both silently agree to head back to the house. And we set off…i need to return to Pragya because with this imminent threat, need to be near her all the time and ensure she is safe….
I have literally searched every where for Abhi and i can’t find him. I am about to set out for the woods when i see him and Raj returning from the woods. I head in his direction and like two steps in, a tiny thing zooms past me and into Abhi’s arms. Honestly, that was too fast. Even for a wolf. I don’t know what’s going on but ever since Pragya turned to a wolf..A WHITE FREAKIN WOLF..i just have this nagging feeling that we really don’t know how deep she goes, everytime i am near her i feel like i am standing in deep well of pure strenght but i don’t know exactly what or where the strength is coming from, i just feel i need to look deeper. Amd the speed she has used to pass me by to got to Abhi is not normal, even for a wolf!!…
I ignore as i have things to do..serious things like a damn demon…so i head off towards Abhi…
I have been pacing up and down since Abhi left bright and early this morning to go on Patreo duty, fine he was with Raj but i still couldn’t control my fear. Since last night i just can’t shake this feeling of we are in real, real f**king danger and i probably caused it. A demon is one scary thing but i feel it is even the least of our worries and something keeps telling me shit is about to get bad…real bad!! So with this kind of feelings running through my head, imagine the agony when Abhi was not here, i was constantly wondering and obsessing whether he was safe! Hell i had just made up my mind to go after them when i saw them return. You cannot imagine the relief! Pure pure relief just by instinct i bolted off and i flung myself at him!!
He too seemed relieved to see me because he immediately wrapped his arms around me and carried me up, i wrapped my legs around him and buried my nose in his neck, he buried his in my hair and we both breathed each other in, hard and we let it out in sync and relaxed. He carried me like that into the house and Purab who i had just zoomed past followed us inside!!
If i didn’t love Abhi and Pragya very much, i would think this kind of thing is disgusting. Or maybe i could be just jelous as they look settled and in sync while i am still trying to protect my mate…speaking of which..
Me: guys we need to know ho the hell a damn demon got into the den.
Pragya; what do you mean
Raj; you see this den, actually all wolf dens i know are protected with light magic. Light magic sooo soo strong that not even the darkest magic of Kali can get through it. It is said that the magic was created by Mother Durga her self but now a demon got in her so howww??
Pr; how exactly does this magic work?
Abhi; (while moving his hands up and down Pragya’s back as she is sitting on his lap) Honey, it was created with a repelling factor to repel external darkness anyone with even the slightest of darkest of intensions just can’t get near the den, if they force their way to it, then it burns them to a crisp. We have seen it happen before, it not pretty.
Pr: (looks like she is thinking about something, also she is running her hands in the back hair on Abhi’s head then she says) how can someone get into the den, how does it work?
Me: you need to be pack, or invited in by a pack member? Why?
Pr: and you said the magic repels only external threats?
Me: yes. A pack is normally a close knit family. Wolves will lay down their lives to save one of their own, and also we detest any form of dark magic.
Pr: so technically what you are saying is that if i were a pack member and i turned dark i could still get in or invite someone in?
Raj: actually yeah since the magic was created to never ever ever harm a pack member no matter the reason, Pack is pack and what protects it shouldn’t hurt it?
Pr: so dark or not dark a pack member can get in or invite someone in?
Ab: Honey what are you saying?
Pr; don’t you see? If the Magic was created to repel even Kali, there is no way a demon could get in on its own, unless someone invited it in!!!
I am shocked, actually i want to repute her claims, I can see Abhi and Raj want the same thing too but sense wins over….i was raised on the value that pack can never hurt pack, so even the thought that a pack member, a family member since pack is family, can even think of bringing a demon into the den, let alone actually bring it.
Since childhood we are born to and raised and taught to protect each other, especially the children, the women and the old and to think a pack member brought a demon in a den with children is sooo hurting and the biggest form of betrayal everything within me is resisting. I see the looks of betrayal, hurt and disbelief play on Abhi and Raj’s faces and i know i have those too. I want to desperately say it’s impossible but i know it isn’t so i am left to deal with the hurt!!…..
Also thinking that this could be the work of a pack member makes me more worried and the next thing i know i am going up the stairs two at a time to my room, i need to see her, have her near me, ensure she is ok!!
I reach the room and Bulbul is still fast asleep. I let out a huge sigh of relief and climb in bed next to her…I hold her and from instinct she turns to me and burrows into me. I hold he tighter and soon fall asleep next to her…
I back at that place again, in the Bush, walking, being taken by a demon, this time Purab is not there to save me, i follow willingly, and soon we reach the demons layer…he walks and goes and sits on a throne looking chair and snaps his fingers, a wolf comes strutting in as if it owns the place and then it turns into a human, she comes to me slaps me in the face and tells the demon, all yours. He gets a wicked smile and comes to me, his eyes turn dark and he squats down at my level then says..
“you are mine now, we are going to have soo much fun together” he then lowers his lips and before they touch mine….i wake up screaming…..
Abhi thought he could leave me for that human piece of trash! Well she managed to disgrace me, let’s see how she will fare with a demon. I literally had to sell my should to that Kali demon goddess, well I know she will win, by the time Abhi even figures what’s going on alot of damage will be done, and there will e no turning back. Kanga has got control of Bulbul now, let’s see how they can fight against their own!
Abhi will pay, he will pay and the entire Mehra Claw pack will have to pay for their Alpha’s sins. And then lastly after have killed them all i will kill that human garbage that dared to stand against me!!!
Mean while…..
Well well Radha has really been busy. I am actually proud of her, but soon her babies as she likes to call them will be no more, if Kali is involved we need someone to intercede to Mata and who better than her very own incarnation so i turn to Radha and tell her..
“lets go”……..

Precap: Purab we need to do this, i can’t keep having these nightmares…..Srimatis Radha, Saraswati, Ganga and……meet.

Another thing, every time i write this story, it grows bigger in my head. Way bigger and the mysteries become deeper so i realise i cannot deliver the mystery and the hot romance at the same time to satisfaction. So i have a solution. I will deliver the mystery fully in every daily story but the romance upto a certain level, then every week, day depending on how free iam i will write a BY THE MOON spotlight story on a couple, now this week i will definitely write about Abhi. In this story there is no mystery just romance, and hot hot hot things going on with the couple amidst the mystery and disaster swirling around them. This story will be a weekly story and will always be a one shot! But delivered weekly, No
Precap no nothing. And also probably very long.
I really hope you buy this idea. Please let me know in comments if you buy the idea. Or have a suggestion then let me know

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      hey Cutie choti. thanks dear…kisses

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      thanks Dimple choti thanks soo much

  5. SavitaVidya

    about Goddes Kali, let me make some thing clear so that i don’t insult anyone or Her, I called her demon goddess because she slays the demons and said she has dark magic because she figts the demons and is associated with too much dark due to the fight, hence not allowed near the den because of the darkness….About Tanu selling her soul to Kali, lets see how that happened….soon

  6. Wow nice dear as always support u with love update as u wish. Love u n kiss u.

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks di soo much. thanks Alot. love you more and kisses to Di

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    1. SavitaVidya

      Nisha choti you have given me my daily dose of confidence, publish FF? wow!!! thanks for the compliment dear thanks sooo much…kisses

      1. SavitaVidya

        one shot dear is a one completed story, not hanging like these ones

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