Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 19

The same morning
In Mehra Mansion
Everyone gather at the breakfast table. All were sitting quitely, then Rhea enters.
Rhea – Good morning everyone.
No one answers her, she says it again.
Rhea – I said good morning everyone.

Suddenly from back she hears a voice who wishes her good morning. Everyone get shocked to see him while Rhea rushes towards him and hugs him.

Rhea – Almost been a year dude, were you not missing me?
Suddenly Alia comes and gets happy to see him.
Alia (happily ) – Aryan… Where were you my son, it’s almost been a year..
Aryan – Sorry mom I went without informing anyone… Actually I just wanted to stay away from everything for few days…
Rhea interrupts him in between.
Rhea – Few days…. Aryan it’s been a year, by the way what we’re you doing in America for so long?
Aryan – Nothing just time pass.
Abhi – Alia and Rhea he came after so many days , you didn’t ask him even for a glass of water and straight away started questioning him.
Aryan – Right chucks… I am so tired but both of them… Ughh what to say .. Ohh breakfast I am so hungry let’s hv it.
They all get happy and have there breakfast together.
Aryan – Well, where are the Kohli’s
Rhea – Aryan, they are at Kohli mansion. Didn’t you meet Ranbir ?

Aryan’s POV
Ranbir…. I totally forgot about him after that fight . And now I think that it was not Ranbir’s fault, I hv seen love in his eyes for Prachi… He could never think of breaking her heart it must be a misunderstanding.. And because of my anger I misunderstood him, I shall meet him.

Aryan remembers his fight with Ranbir and decides to patch with him.
Aryan – Well no, I directly came here.

Suddenly Aryan’s phone rings , everyone starts looking at him he cuts the call…. His phone was continuously ringing and he cuts the call everytime.

Rhea (teasingly) – Buji I guess he found someone special in America.
Alia – Really Aryan, if there is someone you can tell me.
Aryan feels uneasy and gets up from there and leaves for his room.

In Aryan’s Room
His mind is full of Alia and Rhea’s talk , he tries to think of something else but us not able to which makes him annoyed and he starts breaking things in his room.
Suddenly his phone rings…this time he picks the call.

Aryan – Hello, did you get the photo which I asked for?
The man – Well, the photo was not in a good condition but still I managed to get it.
Aryan – Okay… You don’t come to my house, I will come myself to collect it. (He cuts the call)
Now I shall go to meet Ranbir.

Aryan leaves for Kohli Mansion. After some time he enters the Kohli Mansion. A girl looking backwards comes rushing towards him… Aryan doesn’t notice him as he was lost in his own world.. The girl collides with him and Aryan holds her in her arms preventing her from falling. They both look at each other and share an intense eye lock. Suddenly Pallavi enters and gets happy to see Aryan.

Pallavi – Aryan….
This breaks there eye lock and they both get into their normal position.
Pallavi – When did you come and first tell me where were you for a year?
Aryan – Hello aunty… Actually I was in America… Aunty who is this girl?
Pallavi – You forgot her! She is Mishti, don’t you remember that you always used to fight with her and then you both used …
Aryan feels embarrassed…
Pallavi stops seeing expression on Aryan’s face.
Pallavi – Mishti, he is Aryan, Ranbir’s best friend.
Mishti – Hey!
Aryan – Hello! If u don’t mind can I ask you something?
Mishti – Yes, ask
Aryan – Why were you running like this?
Mishti feels embarrassed…
Mishti – Woh… Actually
Pallavi – She won’t tell you the truth, let me tell you… Aryan I asked her to have a glass of milk upon which she started running.
Aryan laughs… Mishti gives an awkward smile . .
Mishti – Don’t laugh too much… I know that if I will give you a glass of milk you won’t drink…
Aryan – Ohh madam.. Nothing is impossible for Aryan Khanna..
Mishti – Then come with me and drink it….

Aryan feels caught (he hates milk and was just saying like that in front of mishti ) In order to divert topic he starts talking to Pallavi.

Aryan – Aunty where is Ranbir?
Pallavi gets tensed as she remembers her fight with Ranbir.

In the flashback
After everyone learns about Prachi and Shahana’s accident ..
In the Kohli Mansion
Ranbir was continuesly crying… Vikram and dida try to make him quite while Pallavi comes there.
Pallavi – Thank god.. That Prachi is finally out of our lives… You see becoz of her wrong deeds poor Shahana also died. What a disgusting girl! And Ranbir you don’t need to cry for that middle class cheap girl..
Ranbir gets very furious hearing this.
He gets up…
Ranbir – Shut up mom… Shut up! Don’t you dare to speak anything against Prachi..
Vikram and dida try to calm down him but they eventually failed as Ranbir was not ready to listen them.
Pallavi – Ranbir! … Vikram are you watching it , when that girl was alive then also she seperated me from my son and now she died but still her bad shadow is over my son….
Ranbir (angrily) – Mom….If u will now say anything against Prachi then u see what I’ll do.
Pallavi – What will you do?
Ranbir – I will break every tie with you.
Pallavi gets shocked on hearing this and badmouths Prachi very much which makes Ranbir very angry..
Ranbir – Enough mom… I warned you but didn’t listen me.. Now I am no one to you…. Your son is dead for you…
Saying this he leaves from there and from that day he did not talk to Pallavi…
Flashback Ends (Back to the Present)
Mishti notices Pallavi’s expression and understands that she won’t be able to say anything…
Mishti – Aryan.. Bro must be in his room..
Aryan leaves from there to Ranbir’s room while Mishti tries to console Pallavi.
Mishti – Mom, I don’t know what has happened between you and bro but pls try to make things right between both of you, I came here a year ago and I hv never seen you and bro talking…. Pls make things right.

Saying this she also leaves from there while Pallavi thinks to do something.

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