KKB -My Love (Episode 10)

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A quick recap..
Abhishek Mehra and Pragya Arora loving each other but getting fear that whether their love will get succeed or not bcoz of the family fight.
Purab Arora is the younger brother of Pragya. And Abhi has two sisters Bulbul Mehra and Aliya Mehra.

Akash Mehra is Abhi’s cousin. Abhi’s dad and Akash’s dad are brothers.
The Mehra brothers have a sister named Divya Arora(Pragya’s mom) cum wife of Raghu Arora.

Raghu and Divya got divorced due to Mehra brothers. Divya is staying in Mehra mansion.
Raghu who was in US returned back now to Mumbai.

Will Raghu and Divya unite? Will Abhigya unite?
Stay tuned…

Moving to Episode 10

Bulbul was standing in the road as her car got punctured.
The driver was checking as to what happened to the car..

A car stopped near Bulbul’s car..
Purab got down from that car..
Bulbul didn’t gave any reaction.

Purab : Hello.. What happened to rockstar’s sister car?
Bulbul : Even if its someone also it would have failed.
Purab : Hmmm… Rockstar ki sister haina…. So your voice is expressing the attitude..
Bulbul : Whats your problem uh? I am bearing your bak bak bcoz you became my Bhabhi’s brother…
Purab : What?????????? How dare you can call my Dhi as Bhabhi?

Bulbul : Ah… Both are loving each other.. Us dare se…
Purab : Who said that my Dhi is also loving your brother?
Bulbul : My brother.
Purab : I am not ready to believe you all..
Bulbul : Tho Jao… Jaake ask your sister…

Purab stared at her and left in his car.
Bulbul laughed at him and turned back.
She was shocked to see Aliya and Akash..

Aliya and Akash interrogated Bulbul about Abhigya’s love..
She explained them everything…

Aliya : Oh no…. Itna bad fight between two families…
Akash : Hume Kuch Karna Padega!
Bulbul : Yeah we will

The three joined hands to unite Abhigya…

Precap :
Abhi and Pragya in a temple..

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