KKB…..Journey of Souls…. Episode 33

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The days passed and within these days, the engagement of Samka took place, abhi and pragya had consummated their marrige and were now behaving like crazy lovers, the change wasn’t noticed by anyone in them, it was the very fine day when all members of sharma and mehra mansion had gathered, that very evening Abhi kissed pragya at lips infront of everyone, pragya was feeling bit shy and was blushing hard but the situation normalised and everyone’s attention got diverted to Preet and Aadesh when Aadesh kissed preet at lips, it was shocking for everyone but Aadesh said: My wife, my life, my kiss, my miss.. Sam said: not miss but mrs…. aadesh said: oh yeah yeah….All of them laughed at that day! In these days one person was happy and sad at same time, yes he was ravi he was happy because the exhaliration he craved for was now around him but he was sad at same time because his mother didn’t even came to him for once, for any child his mother is the real support and when support is not with you, you feel defeated! You feel lost! Pragya and all other family members were trying their best to make ravi comfort with his truth of being HS, being HS doesn’t lowers down the respect in society instead they are part of society and share mutual feelings , before years when ravi’s parents were not ready to accept him, ravi started to live in NGO where most of the persons like him used to live, all of them were always concerned about eachother, ravi sometimes used to feel shame in being between them only because he thought he is something that is unacceptable to society but pragya was always there to prove him wrong in all ways, years passed and ravi used to feel no shame in being HS, ravi was best in art so he chose it as his proffession, he was awardes many times because of his art skills, this made him sure that being HS is not a mistake, but his surety was now turing into distrust, it was previous day that sanvri’s friends came to hom and some gossips were going on between them when the topic reached at Ravi at that time Ravi was passing by them when one friend of Sanvri said
Friend 1: Sanvri, my daughter in law told me that your son is HS.
Sanvri pretended to smiled: So?
Friend 2: No, its quite shameful right, Mr Suket the great business men son is HS.
Sanvri instead of shutting their mouth said: we are unlucky but what so ever God has decided must be for our own good.
Friend 1: I really feel bad for you.
Sanvri tried to divert everyone’s attention by saying: These snacks, oh ho eat them.
The friends started to have gossip at next topic but ravi after listening to sanvri’s words got heart broken, he went to his room and locked himself and started to cry bitterly, his own mother was not speaking for him infront of others instead she was saying him to be unlucky for the family, he was quite distressed due to this but managed a smile at his face and started to divert his mind by being with preet and aadesh. Today sam and alka’s date of marrige was going to be fixed, but before that Suket took Ravi to office with him and introduced him as new CEO of the company, the staff pretended to be happy but then when suket and sam went into their cabin for finishing pending works, some gossips were going on in between the staff, ravi was passing by when two of girls were talking:
Girl 1: I am leaving this office right now!
Girl 2 : Same, I am also just ready to give my resignation letter.
Girl 1: how can we work in a company, where our CEO is HS!
Girl 2: I am scared of these HS persons.
Girl 1: This is so rubbish, Ravi sharma as our CEO! What will I say to my parents? That i work in a company whose CEO is HS person!
Pragya comes there: So what’s wrong in being HS?
The girls got afraid
Girl 1: No mam, Nothing…
Pragya : No no tell me , you would give resignation letter right?
Girl 2: No mam, we were just….
Pragya: What just? Tell me!!!
Ravi was just silently looking at this.
Girl 1: Sorry mam
Pragya: What sorry? And guess what I have good news for you.
Girl 2 smiles: we both have been promoted?
Pragya: You both are fired!
The girls were shocked.
Girl 1: Mam please Mam, Mam….
Pragya leaves from there while Ravi gets tears in his eyes, he leaves from there and screen gets shifted to disha, she was standing in grave yard, and continuously looking at a grave, she smiled a bit anf said: so mister karan, Missed me? Well I didn’t missed you, my turkey’s tour was awesome and guess what I got my Muffin back, and you know nani has got married to pragya’s dadu , so intresting right? Their love story after so many hurdels got a perfect end, well their love story has just started, pragya has got married to abhi, nani to dadu and now samarth bhai is going to get married to Alka di….
Disha stopped talking , she closed eyes and sat near grave: I have to tell you one thing and that is You will stay in my mind, in my every memory, You are not here, you’ll never be but do you mind giving me my heart back that still belongs to you? How do I move on when you meet me in the middle of city, in every stranger’s face? You will be the madness in my eyes, the bliss in my sleep, the sun on my cheeks and smile at my face. You’ll gravestone will always be my favorite place to be where I still feel you, in every ounce of my existence. I will interwine our fingers , kiss on your forehead and sleep beside you but just in my dreams. You will stay in every little part of me my love, just not into my life.
Disha wipes her tears and says Waoh dishu, you should become a poetess.
Screen gets shifted to Mehra mansion where both the families amalgamated to decide the marrige date, the priest told them that it is second time that both these persons are getting married and due to this there are some hurdels they have to face, but do not worry the only thing is that if they want to get married then they have to wait for one month, the parents told priest that they have no objection and marrige shall take place after 1 month, while everyone was in mehra mansion, alka’s friends came to meet her, alka with them went to her room while rest of family were deciding things need to be done for marrige arrangements, time passed quickly , Ravi was asked to call Alka down for some reason, so ravi went to her room and was about to knock it but stopped as he listened to alka’s friends saying something
Friend 1: Alka, Reena told me that your brother in law is HS
Friend 2: This is so shameful that you are going to get married to the person whose brother is HS
Friend 3: Exact….
The limit of tolerance crossed and alka shouted: Enough
Ravi was hurt to depth
Friend 1: Alka?
Alka shouts: how the hell you dared to talk like this for my best friend
Friend 3: oh so that HS person is your best friend
Ravi was now holding on his tears and listening to all this
Alka: You know what he is better than you! So what he is HS! He is not like you , You mockers.
Friend 1: You are shouting on us?
Alka: no no I am praising you, Witches!
Friend 2: Alka ,is this a way to talk with your best friends?
Alka: Best friend my foot! Get out
Friend 1: This much Insult
Alka: Glad you realised it, Now get out you trio
Friend 2: We are going out , but keep one thing in mind
Alka: You keep one thing in mind that Get Out and don’t ever now show your face, I am not only sayinf to get out from my house but from my life too.
The friends left in rage, alka rolled her eyes in anger while Ravi with heavy heart went to alka and said: Everyone is calling you.
Alka smiled and then went down…….

It was evening, suket and saanvri left to house but sam preet dishu ravi and aadesh were still in mehra mansion as they thought dancing and singing should be the part of marrige as well, all of them kept busy themselves in finding some suitable songs for the dance but only one person was not participating in all these, he was ravi, he took an excuse and went to terrace , he was still upset at the series of events that took place….. let”s see what he is thinking while walking over boundry wall of terrace (wall is short enough)
Ravi: Today i realised that world and the society doesn’t need the persons like me, i don’t give a damn to society but what about my own mother (he stopped walking and calmly faced the ground floor , he was standing at 3rd floor of mehra mansion, he continued: I have realised that to be a HS person is a mistake, it is against the norms of society and going against society means stepping your feet in your own grave, let’s do what society wants, God… To take my life myself is something that you hate, punish me as much as you want because now I am coming to you, this world has became narrower for me , I can’t even breathe in this world, this world is not mine anymore….
Ravi closes his eyed and jumps,
Abhi while talking at phone comes out and looks at sky, he was lauging and then talking meanwhile ravi got all covered in blood, abhi ended the call and turned to go back into house when his sight fell on ravi, he shouted much: Raviiiiiiiiii, he hurriedly went to ravi meanwhile all members came out listening to his voice. Abhi kept ravi’s head(all covered in blood) at his lap .A song started to play in bg,
》》》Jaane nahin denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe denge nahin
《《We won’t let you go
We won’t let you go》》
The music continued and Without wasting a minute they called ambulance, all of them were worried, the ambulance came , abhi sat on his bike, pragya sam and alka went in ambulance with ravi, the doctor was wiping out his blood, ambulance was going in its max speed , abhi was driving his bike with max speed and was wiping his tears… while song continued in bg…
《《Chahe tujh ko rab bula le
Hum na rab se darne waale
Raahon mein dat ke khade hain hum》》
••••••• Even if God calls you
We won’t be scared of God
We are standing in his path•••••••••
They reached at hospital and quickly, ravi was placed at pram, doctor was going to quickly shift him in ICU as he had major blood loss, while the pram was being dragged by the nurse and doctor , abhi pragya sam and alka were also walking with the pram and were continuously looking at ravi who was unconsious, while the music played in bg…
《《Jaane nahin denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe denge nahin》》
((We won’t let you go
We won’t let you go))

The doctor stopped all of them outside of ICU, the operation was going on, suket and sanvri runningly came to them, pragya tightly hugged sanvri, both of them started crying bitterly, while sam and abhi who were in tears, their face turned red were looking into the ICU room through the glass, both of them remembered the sweet moments with ravi in the last days.
<<Yaaron se nazrein chura le
Chahe jitna dum laage le
Jaane na tujh ko aaise denge hum》》
《《To try to look away from your friends
No matter how much you try that
We won't let you go like this》》

Both sam and abhi looked at eachother and tightly hugeed eachother while music played in bg…
Jane nhi denge tujhe
Jane tujhe denge nhi…
<<we won't let you go
We won't let you go》》

The operation took place, the doctor came out and all the family members rushed to him…
Doctor: Mr Suket, your son is fine…. But…
Sam: But?
Doctor: He can not give you response,
Pragya: What do you mean?
Doctor: only 4 to 5 members should come with me so that I could explain.
Sam alka abhi pragya and sanvri went in, ravi was covered with plasters, his head, his legs and both of arms were covered with plasters,
Doctor: Look at this monitor (placed at side) This body is paralyzed due to shock but his mind is alert, he can sense us , he can hear us,he can see us, but can not response all you need is to (he looks at sanvri) Mam you shouldn't cry infront of him, talk with him normally, motivate him, make him happy, crack some jokes before him but please don't give him any tension, as the case is severe i can allow only 6 to 7 members to meet him!
Pragya rushed to ravi (he was in consious state at doctor said) abhi including all turned and looked at pragya while pragya said to ravi: There's a good news for you Ravi! You have been awarded with another prize for your art skills! Com'on get up , the ceremony is in few hours, if you won't get up what will I tell to everyone that ravi has already awarded himself with broken bones?
The family members smiled (while in tears) pragya continued: Com'on get up, you have made all HS persons proud by acheiving this award , get up and come with me in ceremony.
Ravi doesn't shows any posture in body but imagines himself getting the award and making all HS persons proud, he doesn't smiled but just kept himself in same position as statue. As the doctor asked some family members to stay there, so sam came with laptop and said; look ravi, papa wants to say you something
Suket: Ravi, Guess what I have got……… Brand new car for you! .
Ravi doesn't shows any response
Suket: Same car that you used to ask me to get you when you were 15 years old. Now get up beta, the car is all yours even sam won't touch it.
Sam showing excitement: Oh Ravi get up ravi yr, see your dream car is at out home… Get uppppp….
Suket: Com'on
Ravi shows no response….. suket gets sad and dissapointed, his eyes get wet…. while song played in bg:
《《Do kadam ka yeh safar hai
Umar choti si dagar hai
Ek kadam mein ladkhadaya kyun》》
《《This journey is of two steps
Life is a small hill
Why did you fall on the first step》》

While abhi was sitting near ravi, he was remembering the childhood moments between him ravi and alka, he had tears in his eyes but a smiled formed at his lips as soon as he flashbacked his moments with ravi…

《《Sun le yaaron ki yeh baatein
Beetengi sab gham ki raatein
Yaaron se rootha hai saale kyun》》
《《Listen to what your friends are saying
All the nights of sorrow will pass away
Why are you upset with your friends》》

The next day, hospital was decorated as birthday theme place, alka sam pragya and abhi went to ravi with cake, beer , candels and snacks:
《《Jaane nahin denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe denge nahin
Jaane nahin denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe denge nahin》》
《《We won't let you go
We won't let you go
We won't let you go
We won't let you go》》》
There was still no response from ravi's side, The next day Sanvri came to ravi, Sam said: See this Mom is here with your favorite saree, Remember? When you were child you used to insist ma for wearing a saree and she never wore! But today she is wearing see…
Sanvri twirls herself and says: See this ravi, see na.
There was still no response from Ravi's side,
This gave a heart ache to sanvri, she wasn't able to control her tears and went outside of ward, alka followed her while song continued:
《《Maa ne khat mein kya likha tha
Jiye tu jug jug yeh kaha tha
Chaar pal bhi jee na paaya tu》》
《《What did your mother write in the letter
She blessed you for a long life
And you weren't able to live for long》》
Sanvri burried her teary face in alka's chest and started crying bitterly….. sam got enough angry and started to scold ravi (it was all mute) while song continued:
《《Yaaron se nazrein mila le
Ek baar toh muskura de
Uth ja saale yun satata hai kyun》》
《《Look at your friends
For once do smile
Get up man, why are you tormenting us》》

Sam was much dissapointed, abhi rushed in with a frame of pic in his hand, he said to ravi: see this, The same HS person of NGO at whom you used have crush over, guess what that homos*xual loves you too…
The monitor started showing that ravi is responding, abhi got over excited and said: His parents kept condition that their HS child would only marry when their daughter get married and you know (abhi looks at sam) who has agreed to marry the sister of that HS person whom you love…..
Sam says to ravi: Guess, Guess…
Abhi; Guess the person…
Sam: Gues him
Abhi: you Didn't guess? Let me tell you he is non other than Sam…..
Sam: Exactly….(realised what abhi said) What are you mad abhi?
Abhi: Sam is the one who is going to get married to sister of HS person whom you love.
Sam in low voice; What are you doing? Just shut up!
Abhi: Yes he is Sam… Sam…..
Ravi moves his hand a bit and shows response.
Abhi to sam: hey, hey he is responding.
Sam looks at ravi: Ravi….
Abhi: Ravi….
Ravi smiles….
Abhi hugs sam while sam thinks: I am gone, listening to this he got up!!!
Abhi in excitement: it is fixed, sam will marry her, Fixed, okay? Fine? Done!!!!
Ravi in low voice: Abhi…..
Abhi bends towards him , ravi says: how much will you lie…
Abhi laughs and looks at sam: You are saved!

Pragya starts to distribute the sweet among pateints of hospital, while song plays in bg:
《《Jaane nahin denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe denge nahin》》
《《We won't let you go
We won't let you go》》
Ravi comes with wheel chair and smiles looking at her, pragya comes to him and feeds him the sweet, ravi hugs her , pragya caresses his hair, while Sam smiles and capture their pic…..

*Episode ends here*

Pre recap: Are you sure? Check once more……. who gave you this degree? I will file the case…..

Thank you and sorry souls for late update, had to leave with university for some morphology projects , I just reached home today! I hope its enough to compensate my mistake. Thank you, sorry for gramatical or spelling errors…

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